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Anyone want to predict what China and South Korea will say. Not enough! Not sincere enough! Same BS remarks again and again. Japan has done enough. No more apologies!!!

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Why only China and South Korea are crying on this issue all this time? What happen to the rest of Asia countries ? Hmm! Just curious!

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****People of SEA. Time to wake up. This is how you win in a conflict and territory. Who started all this. Let's concentrate now and the future. Not the past. If not, you will find the Chinese war ships park at your shore one day. This is what the Chinese government wants. Make you all SEA blame on Japan's past doing. Who is going to defend you??? Wake up guys!!!

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****The Citizens of Japan. 51.6% against this legislation is saying that the other 50% is saying "Yes". This is not a overwhelming majority vote. Half & Half! My parents gone through WW2. Both of them understood the importance of Japanese Government support in SEA Region. There are no other can or willing or capable to defence this region. US has their own agenda and their resources are restricted. Who is funding US economy? Anybody want to make a guess? So, Citizen of Japan, please think wisely , for our future generations , please support your Prime Minister Abe, before it's too late !

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