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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

Up at 4:45 to shower, walk my dogs and make a quick breaky... Thank you BS1 for showing the game... Sorry to my doggies for making them think I was yelling at them from time to time during the game!! :D Yeah Canada! Woo Hoo!!

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Posted in: IOC to look into celebrations by women hockey team See in context

at least there were no phatties being smoked! Or were those Philly Blunts not cigars...? :P

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Posted in: Obama, Republicans clash at heated health summit See in context

Let me tell you a story... Briefly as possible!

I was working the first day at a job. NightClub. I was newly married, in a new town and unemployed. Married to a JP Woman who was waiting for her work visa to be approved.

So, I had to take whatever came. I was working security. Strange night of work and decided it was the last at this particular club. Close to the end of the evening I was asked to check the sidewalk for beer bottles and ask anyone being loud to be quiet. A bit later I was approached by 3 young men. None of whom looked threatening (mistake). After a brief conversation about the club's hours and when we were open again I was, without provication (honestly), hit in the side of my head with a hammer. I was hit a few more times in different parts of my body. I did fight back and managed to take the hammer from that particular individual. I was knocked to the ground from behind and my hand holding the hammer was repeated stomped on, but I would not give up the hammer knowing it had prints on it. I then had a beer bottle broken over my head and then my forehead "Carved" up with the broken beer bottle. Say what you will for me being in a situation, alone, to let this happen...

I had to go to emergency. I had to go to a different hospital because the damage from the hammer to my head was too extensive for the nearest hospital to deal with. I was bleeding profusely from my left eye, nose and felt like I was drowning in blood. My left hand was a big mashed mess and too many bruises on my body to count. I had to have reconstruction surgery on my left eye socket, my left hand needed a fair mount of work and was put into traction and was expected to have an uncertain amount (at the time) of brain damage. It was the day before my first wedding anniversary... I was in the hospital for about a week, suffering from PTSD and more jumpy than a Tokyo Street Cat caught in a dog park! :P

I was out of work for 18 months, had to have more surgery to remove 3 plates from my face, a tube inserted into my left tear duct and a certain amount of councilling for my PTSD. I should point out that I was in the waiting period for unemployment bennifits and took an "under the table job" to help pay the rent.

If I was in the U.S., what do you think would have happened to me? (I should point out that nobody ever got charged as I have a lot blank spots about faces, etc...) Fortunately I was in Canada and was covered by a National Health Insurance Policy that I paid a small amount of cash for every month...

What is my point? If I gotta explain that, then you got more brain damage than I do... Cheers and keep you stick on the ICE!! (^_-)v-~

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Posted in: Unpaid overtime is killing McDonald's managers See in context

Ever noticed that at any given McDs there are more managers working than staff? The "Managers" are doing the job we normally expect workers to be doing. There is no way a McDs needs 5 managers working and only 3 "Employees" working in a shift. I see the "Employees" doing less work than the "Managers". tkoind2 is correct. It is about reclassification of job title so overtime is not required to be paid. Just like some companies classify their employees as sales staff to also avoid overtime pay. I can understand that companies need to tighten their belts, but at what cost? The health of their employees? Why don't you chew on that the next time your having your Big Mac...?

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Posted in: Over 70 dogs perish in Nara pet shop fire See in context

This is terrible and how pets are treated by the pet industry in Japan is terrible, but to say "Liberated"? Please just keep your comments to yourself please... Sick. And yes, to suggest something like making soup out of their remains is a bit demented... Probably the kind of person to pick a live dog from a market in some country to be made up for their dinner... Ugh.

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