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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

Maybe in this life I will see the family name matter changed in Japan but same sex, impossible.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

There is someone who is still listening him ? He lives in another world as many of his species.

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Posted in: Gov't to open women's support office for abuse, poverty sufferers See in context

Only 10 people? What a big help for so many women raising in poverty kids and victims....this administration is doomed and disconnected from real world since decades...

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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

What about to raise taxes on super rich and to cut salary of dinosaur politicians especially those sleeping in local and national assemblies ?!?!

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Posted in: Baby, teen mom among 6 killed in shooting at California home See in context

How can you shot a baby????!!!! This country is doomed in everything.

Even in number one Mexican City of drug I felt safer than the US.

Glad my teenage girl is not dreaming anymore of the US, she realized she was completely blind by media and friends.

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Posted in: Prison terms to be finalized for couple in Abe cronyism scandal See in context

Nobody from the minister administration and of course nothing for Akie, and they call that justice...

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Posted in: Father arrested for inflicting brain damage on 5-month-old son See in context

Child abuse is definitely too much high here. Instead to pay people for nothing in many administrations or for the dinosaures politicians, use this money for social assistants, there is so much to do to protect kids.

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Posted in: Prices set to rise in Japan for over 7,000 food items on cost hike See in context

I am always wondering how the same product (yogurt o frozen tsukuje) can be almost double price between two different stores.

Many produts have no clue with Ukrania war but prices are rising a lot. Instead of to increase taxes for jieitai, je government should take care of its population.

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Posted in: Argentina beats France on penalties to win World Cup See in context

A PK of Thuram without VAR check is simply what can change à complete match. Fonally Fifa got what they wanted.

Until minute 75 was bad but then they were much better and deserved this cup.

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Posted in: Messi ready for fitting World Cup farewell See in context

Japanese media as many others only have a word : Messi and Argentina. Dirty plays in almost all manches and with Netherland, its the best example.

Last world cup he said it was the last time he will appear on national team and look!?

He will fail again as in front of him, there is a better and clean team!

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Posted in: France ends Morocco World Cup dream to set up Argentina final See in context

It was a great match between two good teams respecting each other, no trash talking or fakes....

BTW what's wrong with so many down votes on honest congralutation comentaries? Referees and team were good, France didn't steal its victory last night.

Allez les bleus pour une troisième étoile!

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Posted in: France beats England 2-1 to advance to semifinals See in context

Great and stressful match, both team were really good and a third star for French needs "only" two further steps...

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Posted in: Missing French woman's brother in Japan to continue search for sister See in context


You dont know anything about it and since years, brother and Sister are looking for her, wrote book, hired to private detective, and pointed all the fails of police who never considered kidnapping.

Hope they finally found her!

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Posted in: Trial of English-speaking test for Tokyo high schools face opposition from some parents See in context

First they should just ban katakana to avoid bad prononciation purizu and increase levek of teacher. As my ex co-worker said, coming back to Japan at her 12 years old, she pointed so many mistakes of English teacher he got mad and kicked her out of his class for the year...

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Posted in: Djokovic to get visa for 2023 Australian Open: reports See in context

Situation changed a lot and what people do not understand the importance to avoid any kind of risk on his body. A lot of sportmen say they can not breath like before after injection,soon getting tired etc..djoko body is his entire job, just taking care of it.

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Posted in: Japan aims to revive inbound tourism to pre-pandemic levels by 2025 See in context

Again a panel of "non experts" trying to convince themself and forgetting the importante of chinese tourists and geopolitic matters such as Taiwan, Russie etc...basic example, direct flight ticket for europe before covid 120 000 yens, after 300 000yens!

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context

Loosing your child is the worst thing it can in your life as a parent. Since many years abroad, schools and government took measure to avoid tragedy but again Japan failed in that and as ghosn said, nonjustice system goes on with zero time jail decisión.

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID vaccination for children aged 6 months to 4 years See in context

Bigpharma again, children do not need that and we all know that.

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Posted in: Father arrested for leaving 4-year-old daughter in car parking lot to discipline her See in context

Since years I think people should get a parenting licence or at least a lesson before to procreate. It might avoid tragic death of angels

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Posted in: Slain teen parents hope U.S. gun control fight will continue, 30 years on See in context

Such a sad and tragic story repeating since decades and for sure, next century situation will be the same in this archaic country....I cant understand those who put so many negative clics to tokyoliving comment, we should all care our kids and human lives.

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Posted in: Body found in Chiba river may be that of missing 7-year-old girl See in context

RiP little angel and my prays for parents in such terrible loss. Japan is more safe than many countries but risk exist everywhere.

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Posted in: Father swung 2-year-old daughter upside down, hitting her head against table See in context

Should be in jail with Child welfare incompetence as well police and justice not taking care of precious kids. Always late in everything.

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Posted in: Is a completely cashless society desirable? See in context

The perfect way to be dependent of banks and government manipulations, to track every single coin you have to charge you of taxes when you just sell something etc...

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

No word to quality such insanity! My taxes used to pay for the worst ever PM make me vomit!

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Posted in: Gov't starts consultation service for people having trouble with Unification Church See in context

Instead of consultation for everything, simply ban union church, scientology, happy science etc..all cults but it would mean akaji in LPD political campaign!

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Posted in: Kishida wants to increase number of foreigners studying in Japan See in context

The best example of how Japanese politicians have a selected memory, forgetting how they treat during two years foreigners...what a Joke!!

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

Not a surprise at all, feeling over other asian nations is still in minds of many Japanese dinosaurs as Aso etc...for sure he will just leave to escape of being dismissed....but not without a golden bonus.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't spokesman calls for officials to review ties with Unification Church See in context

Politicians wont cut such financial support and for sure new cult with just a new name will be created. That's Japan corrupted politicians....

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Posted in: COVID-19: Are you an anti-vaxxer? See in context

I am not anti-vaxxer for the vaccine perfectly safe, all the certifications got after 10 years etc...

According to Cambrigde dictionnary, vaccine is "a specialsubstance that you take into yourbody to prevent a disease, and that often contains a weakened or deadform of the disease-causing organism."

Pfizer substance etc... fit with this definition ?

Up to you to decide yes or not, I call that respect and freedom.

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Posted in: Opposition demands extra Diet session to probe Unification Church ties See in context

And what about the others?! All cults should be prohibited but this means cutting huge financial support for corrupted Japanese politiciens.

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