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Posted in: Do you think manga and anime are good language study tools for children? See in context

Definitely yes!!! Now manga and anime are respected but in past century, it was wrongly badly considerated.

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Posted in: What's your favorite convenience store brand in Japan? See in context

7-Eleven, much better in almost everything (food choice, service etc.) compared to the other. Lawson just for ticket concert or Ghibli...

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Posted in: Japan hospital denies LGBT woman support for IVF pregnancy See in context

Hospital is wrong so just go to another but this time keep your mouth shut about your private life. There is no obligation to say who is the father and how you got pregnant.

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Posted in: Israeli forces cut off north Gaza to isolate Hamas as Palestinian deaths surpass 10,000 See in context

Another genocide and israel will stay in gaza to steal more territories and nobody will do anything excepted complaining as UN, useless since decades.

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Posted in: 92-year-old driver ordered to pay ¥140 mil over fatal Tokyo crash See in context

Clearly remember this tragic murder, as people driving drunk or with drugs or too much old, it is for me.

Rip to Ms Matsunaga And Riko Angel, hope father can get a little bit of rest....

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Posted in: Do you think there will be many functioning democracies around the world in, say, 20 years from now? See in context

The word democracy comes from the Greek words "demos", meaning people, and "kratos" meaning power; so democracy can be thought of as "power of the people"....where do you see that people has any power regarding what government do?

Few countries like Switzerland people vote directly through a referendum for some laws, this is democracy!

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

No JR pass and now additional fees for local people, another proof of stupidity and disconnected government !!!

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Posted in: After blast kills at least 500 at Gaza hospital, Hamas and Israel trade blame as rage spreads in region See in context

A mass murder, schools and now hospital! As Colombian president said, gaza is what aushwitz was. At least, some countries see clear on this genocide that started decades ago...ONU is definitely useless.

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Posted in: Israel says it won't allow aid to flow to Gaza Strip until Hamas releases hostages See in context

As the famous Koweit fake testimony, medias lie about babees death.

Since decades, sionists treat palestinians as animals in a prison and extend invasion, ignoring ONU etc..., what do you expect as consequences? People starved and ready to fight. Civilians are the victim, its sad but who vote for netanyaou and its politic?

And again, Hammas group creation was thanks to israel help in the 80's.

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Posted in: 'Every Hamas member is a dead man,' Netanyahu says as strikes devastate Gaza See in context

Israel participated in hammas creation in the 80's to make weak arafat...it doesnt remember another story (hint: Afghanistan)?

Cutting water, electricity etc...in gaza "prison" will just justify even more the attacks.

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Posted in: Is buying a house in Japan a good financial investment? See in context

As commented, investment in what? Expecting a higher value or a place that is your and fit you stopping to pay rent, renewal fees etc.

Paid millions in rental forpoor quality Apartment with horrible neighbors, now I am glad with my house as well as family.

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

Government still use tricky word "choose" nationality for kids with dual ones. Lawers and constitution are perfectly clear, you do NOT have to choose, simply inform you have a preference. It is completely legal to have dual nationality!

Now as this country is full of extreme right nationalists, nothing will change until decades or centuries....

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Posted in: Japan's defense ministry requests nearly 12% budget increase See in context

More weapons = more debrs instead of to take care of your population...Japanese government is definitely crazy and not for peace.

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Posted in: Do you think mega-sports events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup are good for the host country's economy and infrastructure in the long run? See in context

No, no, absolutely no! A huge cost for life and environnent!

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel proposes introducing joint custody after divorce See in context

Finally a step for children and for fathers crushed by non-justice and fake claims of DM.

I've met so many desperate parents and in depression...in 2010, 2 commited suicide.

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Posted in: Over 7,200 Japan firms employing foreign trainees broke law, gov't says See in context

Nothing will change excepting an extension of period to stay in order to abuse of desperate humans in this slave program...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s 'Kingdom Hearts' video game figure See in context

What a great use of my taxes for an horrible crime...definitely pathetic

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Posted in: Prosecutors to pursue retrial of man who spent decades on death row See in context

Hakamada oops.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to pursue retrial of man who spent decades on death row See in context

Another proof that prosecutors are still living in another century with old methods and btw wasting our taxes money. Halagada deserves public excuses and million yens for a life stolen.

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Posted in: This summer, will you be traveling abroad or within Japan? See in context

With such crazy prices for flight abroad, within Japan.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics operations executive admits to bid-rigging charges See in context

Suspended sentence and keep the money...

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Posted in: Court finds consultant guilty of taking bribes over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Again suspended sentence and they dare to call that justice...

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend arrested after leaving her 1-year-old son in car while they played pachinko See in context

Glad the baby coud be found before a tragedy.

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Posted in: France braced for fifth night of riots as family buries teenager See in context

200% agree with Grilledham&cheese.

Many policemen and innocent child were killed by people not respecting law (car, motorbike etc.) like this stupid kid!! Deserve death? No but he crossed the line many times.

Maybe more tragic accidents are avoid now.

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Posted in: Does passive smoking on streets bother you? See in context

Definitely bother me and even more when I am walking with my children!

You want to kill yourself, do it at home!!

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Posted in: Djokovic wins his 23rd Grand Slam title by beating Ruud in French Open final See in context

Congratulations! Health is the most important and nobody knows it better than yourself!

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Posted in: Campaigners see hope in Japan same-sex union court rulings See in context

All local courts of Japan can ruled unconstitutional, the appeal court or supreme court will make opposition.

Better to move to another country instead of to wait 50 (100years?) for a possible change....

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Posted in: At least 130,000 bank accounts affected by latest My Number ID card issue See in context

Opening a bank account for children is a mess (stupid hanko for babies) so parents suffering from inflation are simply right to use a fail of the system.

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Posted in: Japan to offer permanent residency for 4th-generation descendants See in context

In other words, just the way to attract "slaves" from third countries with the argument "they have Japanese roots, we are not opening frontiers to immigration."

As pointed above, many foreigners work hard in Japan, are integrated, speak Japanese, respect everything but are not allowed to get PR juste because stupid oyaji of administration are still living in past century.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 2-month-old daughter in car to play pachinko See in context

Glad baby is alive! Just worried about a possible way for the woman to get back to her/him....what s going on in your head?!

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