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Posted in: China executes British man convicted of drug smuggling See in context

The facts are :

Akmal Shaikh was caught red handed with 4 KG of drugs.

He was caught in 2007. Now it is end of 2009 - he AND british had full TWO YEARS to show proof that if he was mentally ill that cloud his judgement in commiting this crime. There is nothing to show for this defence since he was never mentally ill.

China isn't some backward country with no CSI lab. His finger prints were ALL OVER the packaged drug. He IS GUILTY of the crime. (If someone had slip this into his bag - his finger prints should not be on it)

The so called defence - He is "Bipolar". This is the most ludicrious aspect of the defence. I am working in mental health research, and NOWHERE in ANY ACADEMIC CITATION shows Bipolar disorder affects MORAL JUDGEMENT.

It is common knowledge you LOOK AFTER your own luggage - you lock it and you don't open it for NO ONE in countries that have death penalties against drug traffikers. If you are caught with it in your luggage - it is your fault. There are countless cases like this happening EVERY YEAR in Indonesia (Australia's own Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine) and Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia.. etc etc.

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