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Japan people should stick to Sido or Buddhism.

Traditional Churches don't fail easily!

Sects are a disease all over officiall churches!

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If there were many infections in Japan, Japan would be like Italy by now. So, keep calm. Take precautions.

About Olympics is true and logical for government to go on as planned, but athletes will not be properly prepared... There is no time, and also preolympics tournaments not running...

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As a foreigner living in Japan for 26 years I feel safer here than going back to Canada as the Japanese are taking this virus really serious and have from the start. The government still clearly has not wrapped their brain around this, however, the Japanese on a whole have and really do take great care.

I am not in Japan, never been. But I love this country. My opinion is that government is not a fool! It would be very risky if infections rise and in two weeks the country with so elderly population, would be like Italy and worst. So that will not happen. Japan is the first country that pulled out citizens from China! If there wasn't the Princess story, Japan would have very very little infections. So stay calm! Take precautions and everything will be just fine!

For the ones already ill, I have to say that : all illnesses are not Covid-19! Doctors know better when they examine.

If they do not test you for Covid-19 you don't have it, you have something else like all years before. Take your medication. Stay calm!

Stay healthy! Be happy!

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I don't know if you all who commented here are Japanese. I'm not. But you must understand the "Japanese way" of solving issues before you commend in such a case. No way this is a murder. It's a classic group suicide case. Kids are not kids after 10 in Japan, they are individuals. So they are free to choose their lives. For westerners is difficult to understand. Japanese society is very different. Let's just pray for them to rest in peace. For the surviver panishment is to be alive. If they give him the chance he would kill himself. That is what you learn studying history of Japan.

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