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Transgender women are transgender women. They aren’t the same as women, nor are they men.

So you don't believe that transgender women are women. Sure. Then we agree about that. But that's the whole point. If you and I don't accept that transgender women are women, we are said to be transphobic by the LGBT community and its allies! And transgender women are not a third sex. There are only two sexes. Men and women. You can call transgender women transgender women, but they are still men. They are men who identify as women, who believe they are women, who want to live as women, but they can't change their sex, because nobody can change their sex. If you are born a man, you are always a man. You may look a lot like a woman through surgery and hormones, but that doesn't fundamentally change your sex.

My father was an adoptee. 

Your father had a biological mother and father, like every child. I think that's not too hard to understand, is it? We exist because of heterosexuality.

a stable loving home is more important than any sexuality.

It matters that children are as much as possible connected with their biological parents. The ideal home for a child is to live with its biological mother and father in a stable, loving relationship. First of all there's the responsibility of a man and a woman towards their own biological children and secondly children desire to know, to love and be loved by their own biological parents. Marriage helps protect this bond and responsibility. Aside from that, you can give a (temporary) home to children in any way you want according to the situation. You don't need to be married for that. Two sisters can do that, five cohabiting friends can do that, a single person can do that ...

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Encountering alien species should give enough opportunity for creativity. No need to copy real life 'diversity' to show how woke you are. But if they would add some crew members who identify as aliens and claim to be born in the wrong (human) body and demand the use of specific pronouns, that would be quite interesting.

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Should we give such support also for siblings living together in a long term (platonic) relationship? Why or why not? And what about polyamorous relationships?

When people are supporting each other they can get some form of recognition for that. But when you are explicitly supporting certain sexual relationships, you are also supporting a certain view about sexual morality.

The reason that homosexuality became more acceptable nowadays is mostly because of the unproven myth that people are born that way and have no other choice than to find happiness in a homosexual romance.

As for the marriage question, I recommend looking up this article and its following pages: "Redefining Marriage, Part 1: Who’s to Blame?" Quote: "Marriage has been redefined for decades in our society, and it isn’t homosexuals or politicians who have done it. It’s our culture as a whole. (...) The fact that same-sex “marriage” is even thinkable, that it is increasingly defined to be a “right,” is both a symptom of our culture’s worsening marriage problem and an obstacle toward recovering a healthy marriage culture."

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