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I'm simply saying if you are like the majority of westerners and totally familiar and accepting of the tardy services that our countries continually serve up to us with their train, bus and plane services, then Jetstar Australia is the airline for you. Very cheap, yes, but..... I prefer to pay more and demand professional, polished service and hence use Japanese or Korean airlines. In saying that, I'd bet money that the Japanese wouldn't be stupid enough to let the Aussies stick their noses in, or else it would be chapter 11 time! Jetstar Japan should be a winner if run and serviced by the Japanese.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan sells 10,000 one-way tickets for 1 yen each See in context

Hope Jetstar's service is better than the crap they serve up in Australia! Rarely on time. One of the worst ( as I've written before ) airlines for punctuality in the world. Being on time is the NORM, cheap fares or NOT!! I know the Japanese have this concept down, but will the know it all Aussies want to put their uncapable noses into it?

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I just got off the phone with a friend of a friend of Ichiro's manager and it looks certain that Ichiro will return to Japan next year and play with a team called Nagoya Dragons..... Anybody heard of this team?

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Posted in: Man steals Y1 million from Chiba love hotel See in context

Christ $10,000 is a round of beers these days........Love hotels must be in a slump, with horny couples hesitant to hump.... Perhaps the cashier has another sneaky cranny where all the mad loot is cached away.**

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