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Posted in: How long do you think it will be until the TV streaming service bubble bursts? See in context

I can see the market getting oversaturated and some kind of 'subscription fatigue' settling in amongst consumers eventually. Companies will start (continue) to fail to reach their growth/profit targets and their stock prices might take a hit as a result. I'm not envisioning a 'bubble bursting' as such, but I do think the growth will stop somewhere soon and of course not every service will survive.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo Metro line to be called Toranomon Hills See in context

I guess MORI does own like half the office buildings in that area (not just Hills, but the whole district), it's 'fitting' for them want to build a new station and for them to name it.

But I wish they'd quit with the charade over the station being at all relevant to the Olympics. And no, I also don't believe his name was the 'will of the people' at all.

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Posted in: Diet panel OKs bill to ban ticket scalping ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

It sounds consumer-friendly.

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Posted in: Halloween's impact not as big as some media make it out to be See in context

The results of the survey are basically meaningless without a clear geographic context. Halloween remains relatively 'new' to Japan and celebration of it started, and remains localised in, built up areas with western/US connections. It's not so hard to avoid Halloween completely once you're away from such places.

if this is a nationwide survey, the conclusion being drawn is very misleading.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used for product, brand or company names that you have seen in Japan? See in context

"The Pungency" was a short-lived bottled tea product that was available for a time 5 years ago. The funny thing was, it was actually a very appropriate name given the use of the word 'pungent' amongst professional tea tasters. But I can't see a brand in the UK naming a mass-market product in that way.

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Posted in: Japan gov't launches 1st survey on 'overtourism' See in context

Yeah, I have to question Kyodo's slant on this article. It's not specifically stated anywhere that the survey will focus only on foreign tourists, but the repeated editorial references to the increasing number of foreign tourists certainly make it sound like that will be the case.

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Posted in: Tokyo's new Toyosu fish market opens doors to public See in context

The real victim in all of this is Shijomae Station on the Yurikamome Line. It used to have the honour of being the least used station in Tokyo's 23 wards. Between this and the IHI Stage Around Tokyo that opened last year, it's going to lose that position for sure.

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Posted in: Tokyo's new Toyosu fish market opens; public tours to begin Saturday See in context

'Character' is both largely meaningless and a biased comparison. Do you think tsukiji had 'character' when it first opened? Maybe in 83 years, this new place will have 'character' too.

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Posted in: 88-year-old woman in coma after being hit by cyclist See in context

The sidewalk 'rule' doesn't apply to children 14 and below.

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Posted in: Relocation of Tokyo fish market to Toyosu begins See in context

One-time event? The move has been in the works for over a decade and would've been completed years ago if not for the contamination/political issues. The Olympics being around the corner just forced them to 'hurry' things up.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 organizers say transport plan proceeding despite fish market issues See in context


Isn't the ban on bikes on the rainbow bridge for the riders' (and other pedestrians') safety? It gets super windy up there. Easily enough for a cyclist to be blown off-course.

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Posted in: Ad asks why new graduates in Japan are forced to look the same when job hunting See in context

Pantene needs to release some photos of their own new grad starters if they want to make real waves with this.

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Posted in: Disney goes back to drawing board after 'whitewashing' complaint See in context


I take it you have no awareness of the wider issue if you would say that.

Here is a quick primer:

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Posted in: 2 drivers arrested over hit-and run death of British man See in context


"I agree on the whole. I'd be interested to know if the priority rule is the same as in the UK. At Zebra Crossings there drivers MUST stop when someone has moved onto the crossing. Here I've seen one lane stop whilst cars in the other lane keep whizzing through."

The 'rule' in Japan is actually stricter. Drivers are obligated to stop if a pedestrian simply looks like they intend to cross.

And speaking of the UK, they recently introduced harsher penalties for drivers who cause death by dangerous/careless driving. Up to life (25 years) in prison for the worst offenders.

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Posted in: The old and enduring mutual dislike between people of Kansai and Kanto See in context


I think this kind of 'rivalry' is mostly nonsense driven simply by the fact that Tokyo is Japan's preeminent city/region, just as the article describes.

You see the same kind of nonsense in reference to London vs. Manchester or the South vs. the North in England. It's little more than a manifestation of an inferiority complex (or the love of the supposed underdog). 'London/The South/Tokyo/Kanto may have the money/opportunity, but Manchester/The North/Osaka/Kansai has all the heart'. If Osaka was the economic capital of the country, what people currently describe as endearing directness and 'honesty' would start to be considered as rudeness and disrespect. Tokyo's supposed aloofness/coldness would be spoke of as 'consideration for others'.

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Posted in: Japanese ad showing mom doing all the housework and childcare has people steamed at dad See in context

Yeah, the ads tend to reflect the target market of the product and it's the client that sets that target. Most producers of household goods continue intentionally target women/housewives specifically as their core consumers. They expect other groups (men, single women, working mothers, etc.) to accept the same messages/pick up whatever is cheap or popular, but they're somehow not 'worth' targeting directly.

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Posted in: Too much 'Star Wars'? Disney CEO says it will slow down releases See in context

The negative fan reaction to The Last Jedi combined with the 'early' release of Solo: A Star Wars Story was probably more at fault than any kind of meaningful 'franchise fatigue'. Solo probably should've been released in December, like all the other Disney-era films. They would've had more time to build anticipation while fan's emotions towards The Last Jedi were not as raw. Solo's proximity to other big sci-fi films such as Avengers and Deadpool 2 probably didn't help its case either.

I'm sure that if the core Star Wars fans had behaved in the same way they normally do (i.e. watching the film multiple times and dragging their friends/family along with them), then the box office performance would've at least been 'acceptable', if not amazing.

This article is a little worrying because it sounds like Disney is drawing the wrong conclusions from Solo's 'poor' performance, effectively blaming the market instead of admitting to the missteps they've made.

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Posted in: Five reasons there’s no tipping at restaurants in Japan See in context

macv, that's generally the 'otooshi' that the article refers to. It's still true that American-style tipping is uncommon, but as the article notes, the 500JPY service charge can easily be as much as 25-33% of your food/drink cost if you're just having a simple meal at an izakaya.

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Posted in: Japan driver's license to start showing expiration with Western date See in context

I hope the article is not accurate. 'Because there are more foreigners' is a ridiculous reason for the change and smells like a way for them to avoid admitting that they can't be bothered to reinvent everything for the upcoming new era.

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Posted in: Man arrested for raping woman in Tokyo; admits to similar crimes from 4 years ago See in context

I had ladies at my place without ever being aggressive to them... for sure you pick up the sign when they are interested in something more than a glass of wine...

Yeah but that's the actual strange thing about this piece and is why the discussion about a woman's 'obligations' are not necessarily relevant here.

From the article, it sounds like she didn't even get the opportunity to say yes or no. The man was just set on raping her from the beginning. The fact that she went to his apartment in the first place, suggesting she 'may' have been up for it anyway, just makes the man's deviance even more worrying.

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Howaito-san, football may be the greatest game and the World Cup may be the greatest stage, but none of that robs me of my freedom of opinion and expression. If you enjoyed the Japan team's performance and conduct, congratulations, but you have 0 right to tell me or anyone else how to feel about it. Yeah, their achievement was 'great', but it still amounts to nothing more than playing a game and being good at it. I'll save my unconditional praise for people actually striving to make a positive difference in the world, not glory-chasing footballers that this country will go back to forgetting about in two weeks time.

And this thread has anyway been 90% positive towards Japan and you're still coming in to whine about the few of us that had something negative to say. Just enjoy your party and don't worry about us.

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Posted in: Japan stunned by manner of defeat, admits coach Nishino See in context

What is even with this guy and this team? 'Oh no, we might have conceded another goal' was the exact reason given for the ridiculous gamble in the last round. Now the team actually earns a defensible position but decide to keep attacking?

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Posted in: Belgium beats Japan 3-2 in injury time to reach World Cup quarterfinals See in context

jcapan, so of everything in life, football is the one area where a person is not allowed to hold their own opinions and must simply toe some kind of nationalistic line?

And what happened in the previous match absolutely was the fault of the team itself. All the media was actually guilty of was of whitewashing the event and basically saying 'the ends justify the means' in a million different ways.

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Posted in: For governments and local residents in some countries, including Japan, Airbnb and other short-term rental companies are being blamed for pricing out long-term renters and side-stepping the regulations and taxes imposed on hotels and registered apartments. What are your views on this? See in context

I believe AirBNB was originally intended to let homeowners make a little bit of extra cash in two main situations: 1.) hosting guests in your spare rooms and 2.) allowing people to stay in your home whilst you are temporarily absent or whatever. If usage of the platform actually stayed in line with that, there would probably be no problems (as long as hosts paid applicable taxes). If hosts are going to use it as an easy way to run full-time lodging facilities, the law should treat them as such.

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Posted in: Japan's home-share listings grow ten-fold on month to 1,000 ahead of new law See in context

I take your point about formal classifications and maybe that's an argument for doing away with it or at least revising it. I still don't see any reason why some company should be left to simply ignore everything just tonline their own pockets.

Regarding the rules, what's this about restaurants? I've heard about the front desk rule and I actually do think that Airbnbs should be subject to something similar, both for safety and accountability reasons. Kyoto's local rules state that a property manager of some sort must be within a short distance of the property at certain times (in case any issues arise). It's not quite as onerous as requiring an actual front desk but it does mean that, same as hotels, 'hosts' actually have to take some care (and some responsibility) for their 'guests' during their stays.

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Posted in: Japan's home-share listings grow ten-fold on month to 1,000 ahead of new law See in context

180 days is a perfectly reasonable and even generous limit. It would make no sense to allow it all year round whilst still prentending the property can be classed as residential. The 180 limit is basically just saying 'this is a residential property and so should be used as a residence for the majority of the year'. There's really no reason why Airbnbs shouldn't be subject to all of the same restrictions and regulations as normal hotels/lodgings if they're being run as full-time commercial operations.

'It's better for me and my two small kids' doesn't matter. I fully agree that apartments are more suitable and much more economical for many families and groups, but it's not relevant when discussing the law.

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Posted in: Colorful park outing See in context

The puddle would need to be on raised ground to create a reflection like that.

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Posted in: Long-haul fight: Farmers battle Narita airport See in context

How is it a 'classic' case of that? It seems the hammer keeps missing if anything.

I mean, he is physically causing an obstruction and actually is being allowed to get away with it. In many other countries, including the UK, he would have been kicked off the land a long time ago.

The Japanese government and public have been remarkably tolerant.

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Posted in: 22 of Japan's most famous festivals: A travel calendar See in context

Number 10:

"There is no massive fireworks display"

Photo shows a massive fireworks display

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Posted in: Japanese train company issues official apology for 25-second early departure See in context

Fox Sora Winters

Many trains in Britain leave early. It just doesn't get reported at all since it doesn't fit the 'British trains are always late' narrative that constantly gets pushed.

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