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Disillusioned comments

Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

Which came first? The mountain or the convenience store? Get rid of the convenience store and create a viewing platform for an excellent view of Mt. Fuji.

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

Yey, there are still those in the community who believe Covid is a scam and refuse to get vaccinations.

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested for arson after argument with mother over breakfast See in context

So, now this unemployed brat doesn't have anywhere to live as well. 46 years old and carries on like a spoiuled teenager.

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Posted in: New families sought for children with disabilities via adoption See in context

Each year in Japan there are over 200,000 abortions. Every two weeks, a newborn infant dies of abandonment. And each year, more than 50 children lose their lives to physical abuse at the hands of their parents.

Some pretty disturbing statistics there.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to submit bill to introduce joint custody after divorce See in context

It's only taken 50 years for Japan to start to catch up with the modern world. Hopefully, they will structure child support as well. Currently, there is no structure. It's only what the ex says (usually the mother). My ex-wife demanded I pay her ¥200,000 per month and she would let me see my kids to take them out to lunch once a month. I told her I couldn't afford to pay it and wanted to negotiate to an affordable amount. I also told he I wanted to see my kids every second weekend. She refused to negotiate and cut me off completely. I haven't seen my kids for ten years and there is nothing I can do about it. I approached the family court and was told that was no way of getting to see my kids unless she agreed to it. I went to the apartment to beg her to let me see my kids through the intercom and she called the cops. I waited outside my kids' school so I could see them. I saw them, they told their mother and she put a restraining order on me. I did nothing to this woman to make her act like this. The only reason she did it is, because she could. Hopefully, this new structure will stop these unruly tyrants making their kids become estranged from their fathers.

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Posted in: Parents arrested over fatal poisoning, drugging of 4-year-old daughter in Tokyo See in context

Articles like this evoke a lot of emotion. Anger, sadness, sorrow, confusion and resentment. As much as it sounds very callous, this poor child is in a better place now.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning body of newborn infant in trash can See in context

More fuel for the move to make all international trainees use contraception.

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Posted in: Foreign firefighters stifled by Japanese gov't bureaucratic restrictions See in context

The guidelines, issued in 1953 by the Cabinet Legislation Bureau

That one statement explains the system very well. Japan doesn't want those pesky foreigners telling Japanese people what tp do.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 Japanese university students do not want children: survey See in context

"There is a possibility that economic concerns are impacting their views on life," 

A possibility? Considering their fathers are likely earning less or the same as they were twenty years ago makes these kids pretty smart. Hopefully, these kids will follow through with their views and use appropriate contraception.

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Posted in: China overtook Japan as world's top vehicle exporter in 2023 See in context

Wow! That must hurt the Japanese car manufacturers, both financially and their pride. Perhaps all the scandals involving Japanese car manufacturers falsifying data are starting to catch up with them.

There are many Chinese and Korean brands of cars in Australia. The Korean cars are (KIA & Hyundai) excellent!

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Posted in: Thousands protest Australia Day holiday with 'Invasion Day' rallies See in context

Protester James Cummings, a Sydney local, said it was "not the right day to be celebrating a national day".

Sadly, this article is quite sensationalistic with many untruths. The date of Australia is not the actual date Australia became a nation. It was January 18. This 'Invasion Day' banner is also sensationalistic. It's true the first Australians were persicuted in the first 150 years of settlement and many resoration efforts have been made. These protest rallies are organised by troublemakers who are intent on disrupting any and all negotiations of resorations. It wouldn't matter what date it was, they would still protest. Many were complaining that Australia should not have a public holiday to celebrate its national day. There was some joker on the news this evening exclaiming everybody should move out of Sydney and give it back to the first Australians. This article does not mention anything about what has been for the first Australian people. They have been given a lot of land and landmarks. All their culturally significant areas have been recognised, most of which have been protected by law. They are given free housing, which is abused. They are given interest free loans for vehicles that never get paid back.

By the way, these people are not indigenous to Australia. They are indigenous to Africa and came to Australia some 40,000 years ago.

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Posted in: 33-year-old woman arrested over deaths of sons aged 4 and 2 at home in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

Just kill yourself! The kids don't deserve to die;

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Posted in: Tokyo bus operator banks on foreign drivers as shortage looms See in context

Japanese employers just don't get it. This labor shortage they keep going on about is for low paying jobs with long hours. It's not a shortage of labor. It's a shortage of people who want to work long hours for a pittance. Now, they believe people will come from overseas to work for next to nothing and still have to contribute the pension scam. If they were serious they would make all foreigners exempt from the scam, which would give them more money in their pockets and make the jobs more appealing.

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Posted in: Kishida put into corner as secret slush funds scandal falls on him See in context

The whole LDP are as crooked as the day is long. They have been scamming Japanese people for over 70 years. The only reasons they stay in power are vote buying, grafting, the 50-60% of people who vote are brainwashed and the opposition party are useless. TIJ! You can't help people who won't help themselves.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting woman, trying to steal her underwear See in context

No words! Just shaking my head in disbelief.

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Posted in: Man arrested for violating child prostitution and pornography law See in context

Japan is really dropping the ball on these creeps. Using the internet tp groom minors is a serious offense and carries mandatory jail time where I come from.

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Posted in: Uniqlo sues Shein over alleged copy of its popular 'Mary Poppins bag' See in context

How much did Uni Qlo pay Disney for the rights to produce a bag using their character?

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Posted in: All trains running in the metropolitan area are equipped with emergency call devices and SOS buttons that allow passengers to speak with the crew. We encourage those who have been victimized or witnessed groping to utilize these tools. See in context

Good luck getting to an SOS button on a packed peak hour train. You are lucky if you can scratch your nose on the subway trains in peak hour.

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Posted in: Japan bankruptcies surge in 2023, topping 8,000 See in context

Yubaru - And the stock market ended the year in record territory. The gap between the "haves" and "have nots" is growing.

Totally agree! Japan is going back to as it was 200 years ago. There is a ruling class and then there are the minions. The middle class is disappearing in Japan. No wage growth for over twenty years, 60% of the workforce on low paying short-term or part time contracts, an ever-increasing cost of living nd a shortage of labor all add up to increased poverty for the masses. Meanwhile, large corporations get huge tax breaks o fill their coffers. TIJ!

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Posted in: Prosecutors unlikely to build case against bigwigs of scandal-hit LDP faction See in context

Cue Judge Dread, "I am the law!"

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Posted in: ‘Volunteer’ worker arrested for stealing fruit from damaged home in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

Remember what happened after hurricane Katrina in Florida? "Looters will be shot!"

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Posted in: Man arrested over possession of ‘magic mushrooms’ See in context

obladi - A victimless crime, but thems the rules

Yeah, it's a victimless crime until he gets behind the wheel of a car and kills somebody. It's beyond me why people risk cooking their brains with these kinds of drugs. They must really hate themselves and their lives.

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Posted in: 2023 marks Japan's hottest year on record; 1.29 C higher than average See in context

Records have only been kept for 150 years or so. That is a very short time in global climate time. Yes, it was very hot, but that does not necessarily mean the end of the world.

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Posted in: Are you optimistic about Japan's economy this year? See in context

A new year will not change the fact that Japan's economy has been in a downward spiral for over twenty years. Zero salary growth and an ever increasing cost of living only means the same struggle for 90% of the population. It's impossible to remain optimistic under these circumstances.

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

Although the teacher was probably correct in his observation he shouldn't ridicule the students for any reason. "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all."

I taught in private high schools and colleges for nearly twenty years. I saw just about everything in that time. I saw a teacher knock a student out. I saw a group of boys attack a teacher. I saw a lady teacher have a nervous breakdown and had to be taken away by ambulance. The thing is though, this guy got nailed for ridiculing the student. However, ridicule and belittling are at the top of the list of Japanese teachers disciplinary arsenal. They do it all day every day. I've seen kids belittled so badly by teachers they contemplated suicide. It's ok for Japanese teachers to do it, but not foreign English teachers. There are two sets of rules in Japan and any leaniency afforded to japanese teachers does not apply to foreign teachers. Keep your opinions to yourself and you'll have great success.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up 14-year-old girl’s skirt See in context

Another loser! He would have ended up in hospital if I caught filming up my daughter's dress.

The guy that grabbed him must have been Japanese. I grabbed an upskirt photographer taking photos up the bum of one of my high school students at the train station a few years ago. The goon that took the photos was interviewed and released within half an hour. I was held for two hours having my visa and employer checked. They called the school I worked for, the agency I worked for and my wife. At the end of it a Japanese detective said to me in English, "Stay out of Japan business." They didn't really care about the creep taking upskirt videos. They were more concerned about giving me a hard time. I've witnessed many upskirt creeps in action since and I just ignore it.

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Posted in: Authorities urge elderly people to be careful when eating mochi See in context

The warnings must be working. There have been far fewer deaths in recent years.

Newgirlintown - There’s the classic story of someone sticking the vacuum cleaner hose down granny’s throat to suck the mochi out that was choking her.

It's not a story. They make an attachment for the vacuum to perform this task.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for assaulting girlfriend says he thought she was cheating on him See in context

Cheating on some one is not an excuse to beat on a woman. There is never an excuse to beat on a woman. The offense is assault causing serious injury. He should be given jail time for this offense although, it's unlikely he will.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

The best thing was winning $87 in the $90 million lotto jackpot draw.

The worst thing was winning $87 in the $90 million lotto jackpot draw.

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Posted in: Man beaten, robbed on street in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Gangs of thugs roaming the streets of Kashiwa looking for victims to mug. It sounds unusual but not improbable. However, I'm more inclined to believe the victim knew his attackers.

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