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And yes, refusing to acknowledge a transperson's gender IS bigotry.

Refusing to acknowledge someone’s religious beliefs is ALSO bigotry.

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Lots and lots of nations are dying to step in and assume China's market share in the US. China is the only loser in such a scenario.

Agree wholeheartedly. I started reducing the purchase of Chinese products this year and frankly it wasn’t that hard. You do sometimes have to pay a bit more and I personally think it’s worth it. With internet shopping and all it shouldn’t be hard to completely boycott Chinese products, I’m working towards there now.

Enough of empowering the monster.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 76th A-bomb anniversary as virus, Olympics roll on See in context

People sure don’t like that I am repeating what other posters say every time South Korea or China mentions Japan’s rape of Asia. Weird.

That’s because the main difference between Japan and South Korea/China is that when Japan talks about the atomic bomb it doesn’t attack one particular nation. How often have we heard japan say “America is the main culprit for inventing and dropping the atomic bomb, it should be punished and shamed and asked to apologize millions of times “? The focus of japan is on how bad atomic bomb is for humanity and therefore we should shy away from it, whereas the focus of South Korea and China is always to shame Japan.

That is why these two countries don’t deserve respect when they bring up the matter over and over again. If they had said something more like “war is bad and rape and ravage is bad let’s not do it again” people won’t be telling them to rest it.

I’m not European so I won’t know for sure but I’ve hardly seen news on how, say, Poland, shames Germany and Italy and makes them apologize for their war atrocities over and over and over again. The inability to forgive and move on is why South Korea and China will never command respect nor gain sympathy for their Japan trashing, even if the Japanese did horrible things back then. (Of course, plenty of countries did terrible things back then.)

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Posted in: Gov't policy to only hospitalize critical COVID patients draws flak See in context

Is there a single thing that this government did right?

When people were short on masks they took an absurd amount of time to deliver masks so that by the time the masks arrived nobody needed them anymore.

All the apps they’ve created, especially the laughable Cocoa failed miserably. (The other tracking ones were also buggy as reported on news.) And they didn’t even know Cocoa wasn’t working till months after. A friend of mine recently recovered from Covid and his Cocoa still says “haven’t been in contact with anyone positive in past 14 days.”

When hospitals and 保健所 were overwhelmed during peaks they weren’t ever ready. News of people dying a sudden death at home without an oximeter to track their health condition (this was months ago) was just indicative of how incompetent they were. Back in January 2020, a New York Times article that was translated into Japanese already highlighted the importance of oximeters, yet they couldn’t bring themselves to prepare in advance.

Just when I thought they finally did something right by passing the baton to private corporations to take over parts of the vaccination drive, the vaccine supply problem came up.

Then they held the Olympics and helped people to take their minds off Covid and gather and spread the virus. And now this. If it were a private company they would have been fired and sued ten times and if this were a more riotous country people would have stormed in the parliament etc and hung them.


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