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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

TIJ! Wait until the crime trail starts after the Osaka Expo.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of 94-year-old father at home See in context

Mr Kipling-Sounds like another "lived all their life" with parents cases. Who is to blame? Let's start with the parents.

> borsch - No word in the article about whether the 64-year-old son was ‘unemployed’ or retired and had a pension, too.

Both of these posts have jumped to the wrong conclusion. He was living with his father as a carer. He was not unemployed, retired or a live at home with his parents.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house approves ¥13.2 tril FY2023 extra budget See in context

Every year they approve extra budget spending to fight inflation but it has no effect and people are still struggling with low salaries and an ever increasing cost of living. It's not difficult to conclude that the J-Gov is not addressing the issues behind the inflation and just throwing money at it in a hope it will fix itself.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested for hitting wife after suspecting she allowed man in her nursing home room See in context

Asiaman7 - According to the Asahi Shimbun, “The Kyushu region has something of a reputation for having particularly domineering or patriarchal men, often stereotyped by the term ‘Kyushu danji’ (Kyushu boys).”

That pretty much describes all of Japan. I've been married for seven years and my father-in-law still gives me lectures on how I should look after my wife and how I should treat her. This comes from a man who has slept in a seperate room to his wife for 30 years and the only time he speaks to her is to tell her to get him food or more ice for his shochu. TIJ!

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Posted in: Elementary school janitor arrested for using camera to spy on girls in toilet See in context

Yet another creep getting his jollies watching kids go to the toilet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver in Aichi Prefecture See in context

Police quoted Nagasawa as saying he can’t remember what happened.

As soon as I read the headline I knew this line would be in the article.

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Posted in: Japan survey shows 60% wrongly believe antibiotics can treat a cold See in context

It is true that antibiotics can not treat a cold. However, they can treat the associated chest and ear infections and prevent complications like pneumonia.

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested for shoplifting from supermarket says he was hungry See in context

If he was hungry he would have stolen something more substantial than snacks and no alcahol beer. Just an old fella exercising his entitlement.

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Posted in: Okinawa pub posts 'Japanese only' admission sign based on some shaky logic See in context

I remember being part of a group of ALTs that were refused entry to a bar in Chiba for 'nomihodai' because foreigners drink too much. TIJ!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating up girlfriend in parked car See in context

Man arrested for beating up girlfriend in parked car

He is not a man. He is a cowardly thug.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-year-old daughter See in context

It seems many Japanese parents do not know the difference between discipline and abuse.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting in police officer’s face See in context

Isn't that assaulting a police officer?

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Posted in: Japanese woman on Malaysia death row to appeal for leniency under new law See in context

Speed - Lucky for her that this new law was passed. I hope she catches a break and is handed down a much lighter sentence.

As stated in the article, the alternative is 30-40 years in prison. She is 49 years old. She will likely die in prison either way.

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Posted in: Japanese woman on Malaysia death row to appeal for leniency under new law See in context

If her story is true she made a very stupid decisioin to carry the bag without knowing its contents. It is very well known that a few countries throughout Asia give the death penalty for drug smuggling. Whether she knew what was in the bag or not is irrelevant. It is still her responsibility to know what is in the bag. She was a seasoned traveller and should have known better, which makes it difficult for me to believe she wasn't aware of the consequences or the contents of the bag.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver, stealing taxi after refusing to pay fare See in context

The charges should include assault, theft, theft of a motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated. Sadly, the way Japanese law works, he will only be charged with one offense and not necessarily the most severe offense..

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Posted in: Tigers win 1st Central League title in 18 years as police mobilize for crowd control See in context

Seeing all those people on the bridge brings memories of the many footbridges that have collapsed around the world during sporting events and concerts.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

What a kill joy! The more he protests the more people will come. Instead of attempting to ban it he should be updating the infrastructure to accommodate and make it safe for so many people. This is a major event in Tokyo. Get your finger out of your bottom and get it organised baka jiji. Kawasaki has even more people for their halloween event but it is organised and works very well. This event is a major boost for the local shop keepers. I think Shibuya needs a new mayor.

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Posted in: Some municipal governments in Japan are experimenting with a four-day workweek, in which employees work extra hours on workdays and take a day off in addition to the weekend. Is this a good idea? See in context

It's a great idea on paper. Working ten hours a day four days to make up 40 hours makes good sense. However, I don't know of any Japanese salary earner who only works 40 hours a week. I fear it will be abused to get more working hours out of staff. Who remembers Premium Friday? ..... Exactly!

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Posted in: Kishida speaks about Fukushima water release with G20 leaders See in context

the impact it would have on people and the environment was "negligible."

This is a very subjective comment. There will be some impact but the impact is determined to be small by their standards. Let's wait six months and how bad the impact actually is.

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Posted in: What can be done to deal with the problem of overtourism in cities like Kyoto, for example? See in context

Who is complaining? I'm sure the merchants aren't complaining about their sales.

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Posted in: Japanese educators want to allow students to use robot substitutes to attend school See in context

This seems quite logical because the want human students to be robots anyway.

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Posted in: At Fukushima, decommissioning nuclear plant far more challenging than water release See in context

About 880 tons of fatally radioactive melted nuclear fuel remain inside the reactors. Robotic probes have provided some information but the status of the melted debris remains largely unknown.

And they still have no idea how or where to store the melted fuel rods after they figure out how to remove them. The real disaster may be still yet to come. One slip up when removing these melted fuel rods could very easily create a real China Syndrome event. And, to think, this all could have been avoided if they didn't disregard the advice they were given in 2001 to get the back up generators off the ground on to the roofs of the housings and to waterproof all the back up electrical systems.

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Posted in: Japan to require day nurseries, schools to block sex offenders from jobs See in context

They give jobs in nursery schools to sex offenders? Seriously?

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Posted in: Half of bus drivers in Japan greet each other via hand wave, defying rules See in context

The bus driver involved in the case told an inquiry that he nodded at the driver of another bus and briefly looked at it for "a few seconds."

Nodding or waving to another driver for a second ot two does not cause fatal crashes. Being a bad driver causes fatal crashes. No doubt it was more than a few seconds that he was distracted causing the crash. It sounds like a made up excuse. He was more likely looking at his phone.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving newborn son in toilet bowl where he drowned See in context

"Woman drowns newborn baby in toilet bowl" There you go. I fixed the headline.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi town OKs survey for interim spent nuclear fuel storage facility See in context

"no intention for the town to become a final disposal site" 

Yeah, but, they also haven't given any indication of how long 'interem' actually is. It could be six months or it could be two-hundred years. They are talking about recycling spent nuclear fuel, but the technology has not been perfected yet nor has a plant been built to accomplish it. They are just splashing money around on hollow promises to store their spent nuclear fuel. Japan has had nulcear power since the 60's and they are still playing catch up. They have no proactive plans on how to deal with spent nuclear fuel. All their plans are reactive. After they have it they desperately try to find somewhere to put it.

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Posted in: Over 7,200 Japan firms employing foreign trainees broke law, gov't says See in context

So, what are they going to do about it? Are they going to penalise the companies and compensate the trainees? Or, are they just going to sweep it under the carpet with urges and pledges to fix the program? The same urges and pledges they were spouting in the mid-2000's when the mistreatment of these trainess first came to light? Move along people. There's nothing new to see here. It'll still be same in another twenty years. You can bet the J-Gov got their pension payments from these trainees. Even the ones that didn't get paid would still have had their pension payments deducted.

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Posted in: Female detainee dies after being found unconscious in cell See in context

Another death in custody in Japan. It'll be interesting to see what the cause of death was although, it will likely not be released to the media.

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Posted in: Woman charged with murder of infant she left in vacant lot in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

Life is cheap in Japan, especially for infants.

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Posted in: Tritium at 13 China monitoring points above Fukushima water level See in context

Two wrongs don't make a right!

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