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@inkochi - People expect leaders to fix these problems. But that is not the point: things change and people need to adapt and change - as always they did, eventually - at local, national and now international levels.

It juts sucks that leaders like Trump and his ilk do what they can to thwart adaptation. Like the Liberal-national coalition in Australia bringing back coal power when everyone locally is getting solar. Solar powered airconditioning is, like, a no-brainer on a sun-baked day, with a battery to take it into the sultry night. If Aussies as a nation want to stay hot and pay for it, be my guest. Or do something about it.

No sympathy for such when they get thrown out or just knocked on the head, just grandstanding in the way as they do.

Why would you even mention Trump? I don't even understand that last statement.

Here are a few facts for you: Australia does a have a large carbon footprint per capita. However Australia's energy use is also 50% renewables. One-third of the electricity for south-east Australia is hydro-electric power. Solar power makes up most of the rest of the 50% of renewables. The reason Australia uses coal is because the country is covered in coal.

As for the excessive heat: Yes, January may well have been the hottest on record, but records have only been kept for a little over 100 years. The weather in Australia is cyclic and extreme temperatures have been happening on and off since records have been kept. It is nothing unusual. Furthermore, there is nothing to connect Australia's use of coal to the extreme temperatures. Japan also had the hottest August for 100 years last year.

The government has blamed the fish die-off on the drought, which is only half true. The Darling river system has been dammed just over the Queensland boarder for the huge cotton farms. The dams cover an area of nearly 30 square kilometers. The Darling river is the only river system in the world that runs inland. It is fed by the monsoon runoff from the mountains in Queensland. However, this runoff has been stopped by the cotton farm dams. Usually, there are rains in the lower reach catchment areas that have kept the Darling flowing. but the rains did not come this year causing the river to stop flowing, which depleted it of oxygen and killed all the fish. There is ample water in the cotton dams to restore the flow to the Darling river system, but the Queensland government will not let it go because the problem is in New South Wales. This stalemate has been going on for over 50 years since the dams were first constructed.

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Child abuse is a worldwide problem although, it seems to have a special callousness in Japan. In the years I've lived hear I've read about too many seriously callous cases of abuse to recall them all. Kids suffocating after being put into garbage bins, kids with frostbite from being locked in bathrooms or on balconies in mid-winter, kids with multiple cigarette burns, kids being scolded with boiling water or, in this case, being thrown into a cold shower in mid-winter. These are just a few I remember. Add to this the many case I have witnessed at train stations and on trains. I saw a ten year old boy get nocked to the grown by his mother for asking for a drink on a hot summers day. I saw a mother on a train grab a large pinch of skin on her kindergarten aged daughter and twist it until she screamed because her leg touched my pants. I saw another father smack his young teenage son so hard on the head in nearly nocked him out in a family restaurant. I've also seen a high school teacher smack a kid on the head for forgetting his textbook. All this was done in the name of discipline. There are some seriously delusional ideas of what constitutes discipline in Japan. I've always said, there is just not enough love and/or respect in Japan. People do not respect themselves, which makes it impossible for them to respect others. And, due to the social issue of being a notion of 126 million strangers nobody does anything about it.

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The release of the stored water would not be such a bad thing if it was only tritium in the water. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The water has not been sufficiently filtered and still contains many other isotopes. Tritium is not a heavy isotope. It is irradiated hydrogen and will be quickly dispersed and diluted in the ocean with very little (if any) environmental impact. However, it was revealed a few months ago that the stored water is not properly filtered. it still contains cesium, which is probably the most dangerous of all the isotopes. Sadly, we cannot trust anything these criminals (TEPCO and the J-Gov) say about the situation in Fukushima. They have been proven to be lying about many aspects of this clean up many times.

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Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy

The words 'Japan' and 'democracy' should not be used in the same sentence unless 'not' is also used in the sentence. What they call democracy in Japan is a totally bastardised form that more closely resembles fascism. It is a country run by bureaucrats who are above the law. That is not democracy. It is a fascist state.

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I've been through a Japanese divorce and have been banned from seeing my kids for no reason than 'she' says I can't see them. My kids have also suffered duress from her brainwashing against me. I went to the house to see my kids and she called the police and told them I threatened her with violence, which was a total untruth. All I did was ring the bell. I was detained and interrogated by the cops. I was released without a charge. Then, due to her constant denial of letting me see my kids, I waited for them outside their elementary school, picked them up and took them home after a brief visit to McDonalds. She got home from work around 7pm and the kids told her they had seen me. She called the cops and told them I was stalking my kids. They arrived at my place around 8:30pm and told me to stay away from my kids or I would be arrested. That was nearly four years ago and I have not seen my kids since. Let me make this very clear! I have done nothing to this woman! No violence! No threats! Nothing! The only thing I have done is requested to see my kids, which she ignores. She told me to stop emailing her or she would have me charged with stalking. I have left Christmas and birthday presents with the doorman at the apartment block and the kids never received them.

This is where the Japanese joint custody laws (or lack there of) totally fail. It is whatever the woman says. When we got divorced she said I had to pay ¥3,000 per hour, per child for visitation and the court supported it. She eventually agreed to a lump sum monthly payment 6 months and 3 court visits later, but told me I could only see my kids one day per month. They were not allowed to come to my house and I had to submit a plan in advance of what I intended to do with the children, which again was supported by the courts. I've tried to fight this BS through the city courts and every time she just says, "I fear violence" and that is the end of it. As a result, I have just given up and resigned myself to the fact that, I will never see my kids again. They live 5 kilometers away from me. My daughter will be 16 in a little over a year and 'she' will not be able to stop me seeing her. However, due to the brainwashing against me, my daughter doesn't want to see me. It is far beyond a joke!

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So, let me get this straight! This fraud involved over 20 million people being underpaid and as a result, produced fake statistics which the government used to promote its success in both economics and unemployment. And now, those who received recognition for the fraudulent success have decided against any punishment for those responsible for the fraud. You have to be pooping me! I think Japan is very lucky to have the Yakuza. They take the focus off the criminals running this country.

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Damn! I hate being right! When this incident was first reported a week or so ago I hoped it was not yet another internet meeting ending in the death of a young girl. Here's the really weird thing, these young girls get into these internet meetings because all the men they know personally are creeps, but they fail to realise that, these recluses posting in these dating sites are not just creeps, many of them are predators. RIP young lady. I hope this serves as a warning for other foolish young lasses following in her footsteps.

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@PeepingTom - Assimilation should mean you, as the foreigner, assimilating to the nationals, not the other way around.

Bwahahahaha! Tell that to people who arrived in Japan last week from central Vietnam and Cambodia and have to go to city hall to get a certificate of residency for their employer. Or, do you expect them to be fully assimilated and fluent in both spoken and written Japanese within a week of being here? I cannot believe you would make such a naive and prejudiced statement. These people are coming to Japan by invitation to pull the Japanese workforce out of the poop, but Japan is doing very little to accommodate them, except complaining, of course. And, the real kicker is, the majority of these workers will be sent to rural areas. Yes, you 'might' find some multilingual services in the cities although, it's usually only really bad English, but in the countryside there is nothing! Japan needs to open the immigration door for these people to save the economy, but they also need to open their minds and stop being so selfish and brain lazy! I come from Australia and can help in ten different languages at any government office. I can even get my driving licence test in Hindi if I was so inclined. Assimilate? It is japan that needs to assimilate to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Japan's 10-day Golden Week holiday stirs concern among investors See in context

Oh, good grief! What kind of drugs are these paranoid jokers taking? It's actually only two extra days and the stock market is not going to shut down completely over that time. I guess they are afraid that millions of workers are not going to do their unpaid overtime, which will destroy the bottom line of these slave drivers.

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Posted in: Apple opens new chapter amid weakening iPhone demand See in context

@Hiro- This is top level of being shameless and arrogant. Even their normal prices was already high enough. Apple isn't even better than any other companies. It wasn't even about better quality, having any great features or anything, but just because of the brand name it is so expensive. 

Never used an apple computer, iPad or iPhone, have you?

The reasons for a decline in sales are clear. It's because people are not buying a new phone every year. Plus, there are more competitors. However, the iPhone still holds 90% of the market, so I guess there must be something in it.

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Posted in: U.S. approves sale of 2 Aegis Ashore systems to Japan for $2.15 bil See in context

Could improve a lot of aged care and kindergartens with 2 billion bucks. They are so paranoid about attacks from other countries, but Japan is set to implode if something is not done about the deterioration of the welfare and education system.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

@ksteer - Japan isn't any stricter on foreigners than it is on Japanese people. Its strict for everyone.

A total untruth! The Japanese legal system and police are much more strict on foreigners than on Japanese. I know of many cases involving foreigners being unfairly detained and treated as criminals for no reason. I also have a personal experience of unfair treatment. About 8 years ago, I caught a creep taking a video up the skirt of a high school girl on an escalator at a train station. I grabbed him at the top of the escalator and told the girls to get the station staff. They were actually my students at the private high school I was working in at the time. This pathetic creep started screaming like a little girl, all the while trying to delete the video from his phone. The girls came back very quickly with the station staff and I was sure he had not deleted the video. We both went to the station office and awaited the police. The cops came about 15 minutes later and put us in separate rooms. They asked me what happened and walked out. I could here them interrogating the creep in the next room. He was screaming like a little girl again and claiming his innocence. He also made a lot of anti-foreigner comments and stated that I had punched him, which was total BS. After about 20 minutes they let him go. To my knowledge, they didn't even look at his phone. Then, they came back to me. They checked my ID, called the school I was working for, called my wife and requested a copy of my passport, even though they had my gaijin card. They detained me for two hours at the train station. Then at the end of it one of the cops came up to me and said to me in English, "Stay out of Japan business." Please tell me how that is not treating foreigners different to Japanese.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Totally unfair treatment.

I've been living here nearly twenty years and never heard about these gangs claiming to be police and trying to steal your identity. Sounds like a bit of a paranoid delusion to me.

And, a note to any of you young travellers who want to make trouble by not having your passport. Just carry a photocopy of it. Once the police prove your identity they cannot detain you without a charge.

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Posted in: 34-year-old man arrested for killing pregnant ex-girlfriend in 2011 See in context

Is this considered a double murder in japan?

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The Darling river has been slowly dying for 50 odd years since they started cotton farming just over the Queensland boarder. It has been dammed and huge water storage areas covering 30 square kilometers have been created for the cotton. The Darling river system is the only river system in the world that flows inland. All the water comes from run off in the Queensland mountains during the monsoon and can take up to six months to get to the lower reaches of the Murray-Darling river basin. However, this run off has been stopped by huge dams and has killed the river. In recent years there has been some rain in the catchment areas, which have saved the river. However, the rains did not come this year. There is ample water stored in the cotton dams to restart the flow of the Darling river but the Queensland and NSW governments have been spatting over this for decades with no solution.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested for killing wife See in context

Today's family murder is a pretty tragic one. Another victim of the 'full-time carer' scenario.

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Notice how the incentive only effect a few people? Tax cuts for buying a new car or house? New car and house sales are at their lowest in decades. Food vouchers for low income earners is a farce and will only help very few. The criteria to be eligible for them is ridiculously strict and you have to be pretty well totally destitute to get them.


Aso promised to work toward improving Japan's battered fiscal health by cutting unnecessary spending and reducing government debt, which is more than twice the size of the nation's gross domestic product.

Then this:

A primary balance surplus means that tax revenue is more than sufficient to cover government spending on everything but interest payments on public debt.

First he states he will cut government spending to reduce the public debt and then he states there are ample funds from tax revenue. Remember Abe stating the first sales tax increase was to pay off the national debt? And, he has three times borrowed more money from the BOJ since then. Abe and Aso are just a pair of lying crooks.

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Posted in: 'Fear' and 'favor' chill newsroom at Japan Times after 'forced WWII laborer,' 'comfort women' changes See in context

So, when is a sex slave not a sex slave? When it is described in the Japanese media, of course. Also, when is a slave laborer not a slave laborer? (See above)

The really cruel thing about this is, they are only concerned about how they will be perceived by Japanese readers. They do not give a fat rat's about how it effects the victims or international relations. Shame on you Japan! SHAME!

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally abusing 10-year-old daughter See in context

he was angry at his daughter’s attitude toward life.

Um, she was 10. Do ten year olds have any kind of attitude towards life? Just another delusional thug that beat his own kid to death. It seems to happen every day in Japan with the same excuse.

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Posted in: 'Invasion Day' protests draw thousands on Australia's national day See in context

It is true that European settlement did have disastrous effects on the aboriginals. However, the greatest injustice was done a little over 50 years ago with 'the stolen generation', which was instigated by the British government and carried out by the Australian government. It was pretty much cultural genocide. In the last 20-30 years the Australian government has taken great efforts to atone for this atrocity although, some things can never be forgiven or repaired. Perhaps one day, the aboriginal people will accept what has happened and Australia can be one nation.

At present though, Australia faces more grief and turmoil from the influx of immigrants over the last 20 odd years under the open immigration policy.

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Posted in: No. of foreign workers in Japan triples in decade to record 1.46 million See in context

That's a little under 1.5% of the population. That number percentage will have to increase to around 10% for it to have an affect on Japan's prosperity. At present, Japan is only importing blue collar workers to do low paying jobs. Japan is going to have to expend this to allow skilled and white collar workers into the country. However, they are going to have to offer more than a basic salary and strict visa conditions to attract white collar workers. The education and motivation levels of the current generation of graduates is going to put Japan in dire need of skilled and educated white collar workers in the very near future.

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I love hearing all these zealots screaming, "Climate change! Climate change!" I guess they missed the point that Melbourne had the same temps a decade ago. In fact, most of Australia experiences 'cyclic' extreme heat and has done since records start a little over 100 years ago. There is no evidence to support these extreme temps are the result of any kind of climate change.

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Funny thing, I read the headline and said to myself, "I bet this is some middle-aged unemployed loser living with his parents." - For a country that brags about low unemployment there seems to be a lot of these middle-aged NEET parasites sponging off their parents.

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@since1981 - That is easy to say but what do you do when the student won't get out of your face? Follows you, screams profanity in your face and just won't leave?

What do you do? You act like an adult and ignore it. Then, if it persists you get assistance. You do not get aggressive and start swinging punches. I'm totally amazed by how many people are defending the teacher and making up excuses to support his actions. For all those who feel the teacher was right, I want you to ask yourself this question: How would you react if that was your son laying there on the hallway floor half unconscious after being punched in the face by his teacher? Would you be supporting the teacher? Somehow, I think not!

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

This is 100% on the teacher and he should be facing criminal charges of assault causing bodily harm. He is a professional educator (supposedly) with around 20 years teaching experience and he should have the skills and knowledge to discipline students without punching them in the face. Yes, boys in their mid-teens can be unruly and disrespectful, but that is no excuse for the teacher's actions.

And, just to settle the bickering, I've watched the video several times and although the boy was being very cheeky, he did not instigate the violence. It was the teacher who first pushed the boy wi9th his arms crossed against his cheat and then punched the kid in the face with a right hook. It was a punch, not a slap.

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blaming the couple's "immaturity". They are both 27.

27 and immature? TIJ!

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This article has been filled with recycled news to fill it up. however, has anybody else noticed there is no reference as to why his bail was refused this time? Previous requests were denied due to him being a flight risk and the possibility of him destroying evidence. However, he has stated he will wear a locator anklet and have security, which 'should' put the judge's fears at bay. If these are the only reasons the judge has denied his bail it is obviously a case of bias and unfair treatment. This man is not guilty of anything (yet), but he has been cut off from his family, being held in a small solitary cell, interrogated for hours daily, being fed a diet based on rice alone, has no access to the internet or newspapers and they intend to hold him like this for at least six months. This man is not convicted of anything and this how he is being treated? A convicted murderer gets treated better. It's absolutely disgusting how he is being treated, guilty or not.

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Posted in: Convenience stores to stop selling adult magazines by end of August See in context

I'll believe when I see it. They'll take them off the shelves while the Olympics are and they'll be back within of the games finishing.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested over online romance scam See in context

"A fool and his/her money are easily parted."

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Posted in: Ex-gangster fatally shot in karaoke bar in Tokyo's Kabukicho district See in context

Actually I don't think much would change in Japan if firearms were allowed

Oh, yes! It's obviously working well in the US. (roll eyes) In the last 50 years since 1968 when they started to keep records, more people have been killed in domestic gun violence then were killed in all of the wars the US participated in over the last century. At present, there are around 35,000 people killed every year in the US through gun violence, 60% of which are suicides, 10% accidental (mostly children) and the other 30% are gun related crime. I think Japan would change drastically for the worse if gun ownership restrictions were lifted. Personally, I see no reason why anybody needs to own a gun. Yeah, I've heard the daft argument of, "I need a gun to protect myself from other people with guns." What a completely ridiculous statement! It makes as much sense as, "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?"

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