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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sand on woman who rejected his advances at beach See in context

Pathetic replies to my comment above.

Everything becomes a crime by now leading to police intervention, demonstrations and suing...grow up.

In the case mentioned in the article, there is no indication she was hurt and neither was he harassing (nuisance is not harassment).

I just commented the level of what is just bad childish behavior where in my country anyother adult would have stand up beside the young woman and educate the silly fireman.

By the way, some commenters apparently sleep with their eyes open on the beach asking to become blind...LOL

Some have never lived.

Regardless whether you think it's nuisance or harassment, no one asks to have sand intentionally flung into their faces when they're out enjoying themselves. It's unwarranted. You get sand in your eye, it hurts. You continue to bestow a childlike connotation to the action, downplaying its severity and main motive..vengeance.

When you're a kid and screw up, you get a pass. When you screw up as an adult, you get educated the hard way.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sand on woman who rejected his advances at beach See in context

Don’t go too hard on the guy without the story. Maybe he had been rejected a lot recently and this was the last straw. Also, maybe she rejected him in a way that made him feel small.

What did I just read..

Never justification for acts of this nature. I recall being taught, if someone rejects you, you move on until you find "the one". It's worked out pretty well so far.

Also noted..your sympathy is one sided here. Girl in this case could have used a little sympathy as well.

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Posted in: Leaders, gov'ts around world react to Abe's resignation See in context

I personally think his medical condition really has nothing to do with the virus judging by his very quick departure, I think it's worse and unrelated.

Abe's departure has nothing to do with the fact that he was vomiting blood, by chance?

Everyone can say what they will about Abe's policies..but good luck finding someone as balanced and somewhat reasonable as him as his successor. Maybe an extreme nationalistic and regressive policy under Aso will make everyone happy.

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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context

I firmly stand behind Ito on this. It's more than just a click, it's from a fellow lawmaker showing no respect to someone's trauma.

Ito claims the tweets that Sugita liked included a post that says Ito should stop pretending to be a rape victim.

For Sugita to do this is lower than low. I would expect more professionalism and deference to the law from someone in Sugita's position. Then again Sugita has a history of discrediting many, such as the LGBT as "unproductive" when it comes to increasing the country's fertility rate.


It's more than just a click. Anyone who chooses to like a comment that is racist, misogynist, or filled with hate, chooses to exercise behavior far from the norms of freedom of speech. Especially from a person in power who is supposedly representing a higher moral standard.

There are groups on the internet that share these posts, with strong, silent support in the form of likes. These groups have the power to wreak serious damage on the vulnerable in society. They feed on likes.

If you think discrediting a victim is okay, then I have serious doubts where society is headed.

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

Commanteer ...

And no where does Maria state that ALL men should be locked up?

She's attempting a correlation with regards to a possible motive. She's free to ponder whatever direction it could head in, starting with the seemingly innocent enough act of throwing urine. It could escalate into other violent acts in the future.

Obviously acid flinging and throwing piss are going to be judged separately in reference to the severity of the crime.

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

I'm sure everyone has a story or two about near hit and runs here..

Not too far off from where this took place, I was on my way to where my parent's Airbnb was at (old place with an archaic bath water heating system, and the occasional slug..thanks Airbnb). This was out in Hikifune.

I'm walking out in my sundress and taking in the neighborhood when I spot a bicycle coming at me at moderate speed from down the empty sidewalk. Figure they're going to move eventually, so I hold my ground and keep walking because there's ample room for him to pass.

Guy in his late forties/fifties stares me down and and gets real close, within a meter before he decides to swerve past, all the while staring at me. Either he's blind or out looking for cheap thrills, who seriously knows.

Being 9 weeks pregnant at the time I naturally glared him down as best as I could while maintaining composure. Never like to let these guys think their scare tactics actually work.

That being said I wished there could've been a way to identify him..such as a bike license plate at the very least to promote basic accountability in cyclists.

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Posted in: Veteran Japanese action movie star, singer Watari dies See in context

That's unfortunate..

Could his situation have been more accurately assessed as COVID-19 pneumonia by chance?

Who knows, I guess..

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Posted in: Giving birth in Japan: A lengthy yet salubrious hospital stay See in context


Vince Black has no idea what they're on about.

They would never understand the pain, the various procedures and all that could go right or wrong. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep continuing to heal.

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Posted in: Giving birth in Japan: A lengthy yet salubrious hospital stay See in context

I chose a cheaper local hospital in the city, as paying for a private room was the equivalent to paying for a costlier than average hotel.

Staying in a room of 4, it's pretty rough when it comes to getting rest. You can imagine how each patient encounters issues during/after pregnancy, and you have a curtain separating you and offering a small semblance of privacy.

I had a C section at a hospital that specialized in natural birth, with no English-speaking staff, because I though I could get by on my conversational Japanese. Make sure your hospital has the epidural shot available. The treatment by most was really kind and the breastfeeding tips were very good, but after the C section I couldn't move quickly, and a problematic few of the nurses would get real snappy whenever I needed assistance.

The girl next to me from Nepal looked like she had it worse as she couldn't speak Japanese (her sister could though, when available), but they would aggravatingly try to ask her questions in Japanese anyway.

Mixed experience, but I'd recommend a hospital with access to an epidural and English services, only because you're going to need comfort and security of something doesn't go according to plan.

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler rebuked for eating out during coronavirus crisis See in context

And everyone who attends these tournaments is free to go and eat out wherever they choose? What stops THEM from passing Covid onto the team during these events? Very little if you're in an event that now holds 2500 spectators.

If having one meal out made him feel normal, why give him hell. Treated like children while the bosses are the ones risking everyone's health to begin with.

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Posted in: Asian shares fall as investors mull Chinese growth data See in context

This isn't the same world anymore. China's role in the global economy was always a given, but now we are all in an unofficial state of war against Beijing. Beijing declared war on the modern world by erasing human rights, rewriting the history books in their favor, and pursuing expansionist policies that have no place in a globally run economy. They dont understand intellectual property and have banned Winnie the Pooh for God's Sakes..and anyone who tries to do business with them is spied on the moment they and their smartphone set foot in China. The rest of the world remains hostage to them. We dont grow unless China grows? Get over this insanity.

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Posted in: Japan to allow 1st-time patients to receive medical services online See in context

Finally. Long overdue..

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