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Posted in: Japanese police file charges against illegal anime girl huggy pillow cover seller See in context

All jokes aside here, PLEASE don't refer to this as "trafficking". Human trafficking is a deadly serious problem throughout the world and making light of it in this manner is wrong!

The term "trafficking" isn't exclusive to just "human trafficking". Hence the inclusion of the word "human".

How about "drug trafficking"?

Or "arms trafficking"?

Or "trafficking of stolen goods"?

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Posted in: Toyota to replace Akio Toyoda as president and CEO See in context

Nepotism, and to claim youth at 66 . Oh my god.

If you knew anything about Akio Toyoda, you would not say "nepotism". In the auto world, they guy is a legend.

Akio is one of the most knowledgable, focused, car-loving people around who didn't just climb the ranks like anyone else, but did so by personally creating their renowned Gazoo Racing Team as a race driver himself, and he developed the team from zero up to now being top-ranked performers despite his father (and the rest of Toyota) shunning his efforts.

Actually, at first he had team work in secret so as not to get shut down by the head office, using discontinued models nobody cared about, creating the name "Gazoo" to fly under the radar, and driving in races himself (including the 24hr Nurgurgring) under a fake name so he wouldn't get caught.

But Toyota eventually realized how important and effective the race engineering was for innovation, and they now uses Gazoo racing team as the main testing platform for their standard vehicle development.

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Posted in: Dystopian Japan doomed to impotent stagnation if not ultimate extinction, says magazine See in context

The problem is love.

Seriously, there's not enough heartfelt love in Japan.

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Posted in: China suspends visa issuance to Japanese travelers, industry sources say See in context

China "firmly opposes the discriminatory entry restrictions in disregard of scientific facts"

"Discrimination"... or hypocrisy?

China currently still requires all entrants from all countries to have a negative Covid test before entering. And this assumes you even get a visa, because they are essentially not giving them out to tourists yet anyway (its mainly just business, family, and student visas).

But why why why does no article regarding China's "re-opening" (and the "discrimination" people there supposedly have) ever mention this?

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Posted in: China halts short-term visas in South Korea in first response to COVID curbs See in context

As of this evening, Japan is now suspended too.

Ironic considering that in order for anyone from any country to currently enter China, you need to have a PCR test (but somehow these articles about China never mention this).

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Posted in: Japan reports 201,106 new coronavirus cases See in context

since means having to self-isolate, take a week off school/work.

So @tora you mean that even though you are sick and unwilling to confirm to find out if its Covid, you are still going around spreading your illness?

As if, its only Covid if you "bother" to test?

I'm sure the families of today's 296 appreciate your willful ignorance.

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Posted in: Twitter exodus begins after Musk 'hardcore' ultimatum See in context

Who does he think he is ? He thinks that being rich means that you can treat other people like s... !

Though nobody has mentioned it anywhere, I can pretty much guarantee that whoever shows up on Monday morning for work will be getting a huge raise and/or some other reward.

Musk is smart, and he values loyalty.

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Posted in: Japan's economy shrinks as consumers hold back on spending See in context

Agreed @Yubaru

For years (decades) during the deflation times, the line of "analysis" from the economists was "Deflation is bad because consumers put off purchases in hopes that prices go down. So people spend less."

Now, with inflation instead, they say the same thing.

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Posted in: Russian hackers say Japanese hospital paid $30,000 in ransomware attack See in context

The group originally demanded $60,000

"Oh no, we won't pay such a huge amount of money to hackers to get our data back!! How expensive!!

Instead, let's do this, its much better..."

The town paid 70 million yen ($472,000) to an IT firm in Tokyo to probe the attack and attempt to restore the encrypted data.

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Posted in: Ye dropped by talent agency; documentary on him scrapped See in context

Ye with Lex.

Ye speaks his mind, but gets well received pushback, even takes notes.

Amazing what civil conversation can achieve.


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Posted in: Economic revitalization minister resigns after Unification Church scrutiny See in context

The first sentence is misleading:

A Japanese minister resigned on Monday


A Japanese minister resigned on Monday from his position as Economic Revitalization Minister but still maintains his elected position as a member of the National House of Representatives for Kanagawa.

Daishiro Yamagiwa, minister for economic revitalization, said he did not want the allegations to "affect the parliamentary debate", without naming the church.

As someone still in the House of Representatives, he will still "affect the parliamentary debate".

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Posted in: Yen in 147 zone against dollar in Tokyo after hitting 32-year low See in context


You obviously have no idea what you're talking about in all respects.

3%? Ha ha, yeah right.

Have you been to a store in Japan in the past 6 months?

Year-on-year practically every food item (except rice) is up 10+%, with a wave of additional increases just 2 weeks ago on Oct 1. Clothes, housewares, electric, raw materials are all also up way way more that 3% (lumber is about 80%+ higher than a year ago).

For what its worth, measuring inflation is often idiotic in its calculation methods (doesn't include fuel, and usually not food either) but it does factor in housing costs.

Actually, , real estate (land, rent, commercial space, new homes, etc) is by far the single largest segment in calculating inflation since it represents such a huge part of any economy. Japan's real estate market has been stagnant for decades which is why inflation numbers like that "3%" can technically exist. That huge segment of 0% growth (or more often negative growth) weighs down any other inflation from being evident in the overall calculation.

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Posted in: Yen in 147 zone against dollar in Tokyo after hitting 32-year low See in context

The yen continued to face pressure after briefly sliding to 147.66 versus the dollar


As I type this, the yen has now hit an even lower low of 147.71... and still sinking

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Posted in: New hordes of inbound visitors to be welcomed by sleazy opportunists See in context

An article full of complaints about wretched Chinese tourists... who haven't been in Japan for nearly 3 years and will not be coming again anytime soon.

Is this a reprint from 2019 or something?

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Posted in: 78% of business professionals are ready for the metaverse See in context

Globally, 87% of respondents confirmed they would feel comfortable conducting HR meetings in a virtual space. At a country level, this was as high as 97% in India and 94% in the Philippines...

oh, wait a minute, there are no fax machines in the metaverse...

and as low as 57% in Japan.

Yep, forward thinking as usual

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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

What’s really disgusting is there was only one bidder for organizing the event so the contract automatically went to them. It just happens to be the same company Abe used for his infamous cherry blossom party.

More on this subject from other reputable sources:

Yeah, but some sources are more reputable than others.

Here's an article from the supposedly reputable BBC called "Shinzo Abe: Why a state funeral for slain ex-PM is controversial"


In it, there is zero mention of the Unification Church or any suggestion of the assassination motive, nor any mention of his from his bribe-filled hanami parties or the illegal school scandal with his wife.

No, the article just paints a rosy picture of Abe and the "stability" he single-handedly created.

Actually, to answer the "why is it controversial" the writer (who is otherwise respectable in his other stuff on Japan) says that the reason for protest is because such a funeral for a former PM is not "normal" and that some people are opposed to his stance on changing the pacifist constitution (but the writer also says that China is dangerous, so Abe was wise to do so despite the opposition of the apparently naive public).

Abe propaganda has no border.

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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

Controversial? Majority of people oppose that just like Tokyo Olympics that just being ignored.

And just like the previous couple elections which were after the strongly opposed Olympics, in the next election a year or two from now you can expect another LDP landslide victory.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

Wonder how many protestors voted LDP in the most recent election, or anytime during Abe's reign.

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Posted in: Japan to launch domestic travel subsidy program on Oct 11 See in context

The move came as Kishida also said the government plans to abolish its cap on daily arrivals on Oct 11, currently set at 50,000, as well as resume individual visa-free arrivals to the country.

I thought the entire purpose of the Go To discounts was to increase domestic tourism due to the absence of foreign tourists.

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Posted in: Is it OK to order pizza delivery during a typhoon? We ask Japan’s big three pizza chains See in context

"Our first priority is telling anyone who asks that our first priority is worker safety."

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Posted in: How the strong U.S. dollar can affect everyone See in context


Because the U.S. economy is doing better than others.

Either this writer has absolutely no idea what they are talking about, or they are trying to make people believe something that is not true in order to help prop up the current administration.

The Yen-carry trade has been going on for decades whenever interest rates move, and now its extended to most other currencies.

Foreign entities want dollars since the US is crazily jacking up interest rates in an effort to pop its massively over-inflated bubble economy. The US economy is far from stable right now and all the signs of its getting really bad really soon are plain as day.

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Posted in: 'Japan’s Got Talent' coming to screens in 2023 with Japanese comedian as judge See in context

Japan already has talent. Kasou Taishou has been around for 40 years.

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Posted in: Japan warns of intervention; BOJ conducts 'rate check' over yen's fall See in context

Japan's problem is that it can't raise interest rates because Japan can't afford to service its own debt.

Japan's debt to GDP is by far the highest in the world, and grows higher every day with its new cash handouts to the poor, Covid relief, universal Covid treatment and vaccination coverage, the new "limit-less" defense budget, and idiotic non-producing costs like state funerals... and this is all on top of decades of budgets that were far from ever being balanced.

Increasing the interest rate means increasing its own debt payments, which at 0% are already too much to afford.

And despite the high hopes of tourists flooding Japan with money, the amount this represents just is a tiny fraction of the GDP. (in 2019, tourist added 4.8 trillion yen to the economy, the highest ever. This is less than 1% of Japan's 540 trillion yen GDP... and in 2019 a third of tourists were from China, who loved to spend). And don't forget, tourists are exempt from consumption tax of all the stuff the bring back home.

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Posted in: People who have focused on one thing in their lives tend to tackle their jobs faithfully. See in context

In ancient Greece, a person who knew how to do only one thing was what they called a slave.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils inflation-relief package See in context

For a decade the Japanese LDP-led government has been openly stating their desire for sustained inflation.

The entire time, nobody in the public questioned the logic of this..

Be careful what you wish for.

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Posted in: The Japanese government needs to have people feel the merits of the My Number social security and taxation identification card. See in context

@JeffLee and @Cricky

You can't "refuse" or not simply give them your name. ALL people working/living in Japan currently have a" My Number" number. This system was fully implemented a few years ago, and every foreign resident has this number.

The issue at hand (maybe you even got something in the mail about it) is creating a My Number CARD with a photo and IC chip. You already have the number, and it was originally printed on a crummy paper card. The government wants people to have a special IC card so that they can... well, do both good and potentially dystopian things.

But the incentive points system to get the card is utterly convoluted and ridiculous (I won't go into it, anyone applying knows...)

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

But they really should drop the rules regarding guided tours, it's beyond redundant. I'd like to know the real reason that they are holding on to this.

Requiring a travel agency serves few functions:

if a tourist gets Covid, the agency is then responsible for assisting and arranging hospital and/or quarantine. They would do this probably via phone or email, and need to do any translation too.

booking via an agent would prevent foreigner tourists from getting the Go To Travel discounts when they finally start the campaign again.

booking via an agent means only "approved" hotels can be booked, so not ones that don't have "proper" Covid guidelines.

and with bookings via an agency, if a hotel prefers to not have foreigners staying there, they can discreetly opt out of allowing such bookings without the Twitter Army calling them out for racism.

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

With the country lagging behind other major economies in opening its doors to inbound tourism, foreign tourists will no longer need to travel on tours with a guide, Kishida said.

Before people get too excited, to clarify, tourists will still need to come via a pre-booked tour, just not with a guide the whole time (so not independent tourists).

And the tour company still needs to provide ERFS papers so that tourists can get a tourist visa before coming at a J-embassy.

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