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None of these require an invasive medical procedure whereby a sharp metal object pierces the skin and chemicals are injected directly into the body of an unwilling and non-consenting subject.

Neither does wearing a mask, which is the "freedom violation" this tourist was complaining about.

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People followed Big Pharma's promises but the virus is still here and so are the masks.

Don't worry. Since its showing that the vaccines are losing their effect over time, Big Pharma is already promising to dole out booster shots.

And then, after that, we will return to normal.....

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Juan Truque, a tourist from Miami, said he wasn't vaccinated but took a test so he could travel to France via Spain with his mother.

“Now they are forcing you to wear masks and to do similar kind of things that are impositions to you. To me, they are violations to your freedom.” he said.

Would he complain the same way about his mother being "forced" to cover her head if visiting the Middle East?

How about being "forced" to remove his shoes if visiting a Japanese Temple?

Or back at home in Miami, does he create an uproar for being "forced" to wear clothes in public?

Such violations of freedom...

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Posted in: Efficiency and satisfaction with remote work has deteriorated, and 'telework fatigue' is emerging. See in context

a survey that showed the proportion of people who worked fully remotely in a recent week in Japan fell from that in April.

Be cautious with any "telework survey".

Here's a pretty shocking report from a couple months ago during the previous SOE which didn't make it onto Japan Today.

The whole thing was swept under the rug:

"...it has emerged that the number of people coming to work in Tokyo's Kasumigaseki bureaucratic district fell only on the day when foot traffic was surveyed...

*A May 19 government fact-finding survey on remote work practices among bureaucrats went ahead after ministry and agency employees were notified in advance of the date...*

The bureau made May 19 its survey "base date," and informed ministries and agencies of it beforehand."

Whole article here:


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July and August in Japan are notoriously hot and humid. Japan has faced criticism for not accurately describing the severity and instead, during the bidding process, calling it mild and ideal.

"not accurately describing" = lied

But by the time organizers started realizing 2 or 3 yers ago how oppressive the heat was and how this would dangerously effect the athletes, the schedule was already set in stone and impossible to change.

I remember how before they moved the marathon to Sapporo, there was a plan to have all shops and offices along the route to open all their window and doors and blast their air-con to max. Seriously, that was actually being considered.

But with these fixed mid-summer dates, it would have taken some sort of major world disruption to ever have the opportunity to re-schedule the Games for a different date when the weather was better...

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Next time I'm in the US I'm gonna take a Delta Airlines flight and order a Corona Beer.

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then a more authoritarian and high-tech China or Singapore would probably be able to control COVID

Well, I guess we'll see what China does 6 months from now at the Winter Games. It'll be interesting to see the difference.

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Tell all the foreign athletes isolated in quarantine here in Japan with Covid, who have lost their chance to compete after years of training and a further year of waiting for these Games, how smoothly its going.

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I saw elsewhere that this athlete arrived in Japan on Saturday July 17.

So there's a good chance she caught the virus while inside Japan, or while traveling to Japan.

May be another "first" (but probably not the last)

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Dear sir or madam @snowymountainhell

Much compassion goes out to your struggles with developing your JSL/ESL literacy, however we do not need to be scolded or repeatedly informed about it. You expect people on Japan Today to be held account for not understanding the name meanings in Chinese??

You initiated this deliberation with your indignant and ignorant comment towards the JMA naming system, which could have been easily solved by utilizing the very same internet you are reading this upon and/or searching the JMA website your referred to.

The same holds true for the Chinese Macau name of "In-fa" which mean "fireworks". I found this on the JMA website itself in English here:


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I've never been a fan of these Olympics and the "gluttonous spending" that is attached to it.

That said, what people do quickly fail to realize or just simply ignore is that all this money (or a very huge percentage at least) is spent in Japan on Japanese companies with Japanese workers.

Is it the best utilization of public money is indeed very debatable. But the same could be said of any government spending program in any country, from the Go To Travel campaign, to the multi-thousand dollar checks the US Government gave out to its residents (even non-citizens got them).

Should there be audits on the Olympic spending, yes. Should the ones giving out the money be thrifty and careful, yes. Should there be set cost limits with realistic budgets, yes. Should those who inflate costs for personal gain be taken to account, yes.

But again, this money, as with any other Olympic Games, is being be dispersed to the nation, proving income to a large segment of society from construction workers, to printing companies, to all sorts of material fabricators. It is not simply burned up and thrown away. It goes into pockets, and is then spent further down the line with these people buying Sony TVs, Toyotas, and Going To Travel.

I will agree with anyone that such huge sums may be better spent on day-care facilities, job training, and/or infrastructure that benefits a wider portion of the public, but at least its not being dolled out to foreign companies or given away to foreign nations.

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I would trust you to also clarify the origin & meaning of the Macau name “In-fa” .

Origin: Macau.

Meaning: Its Chinese. This is JAPAN Today.

Perhaps you should try to proactive in allaying your own illiteracy by using this thing called Google, instead of depending on others.

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Why did the Jaoanese MeteorologicalAssociation (JMA) change this typhoon name from “Fabian” to “In-fa”?

The JMA uses a set of names collected from the 14 East Asian countries which would be mainly affected by the typhoons.

But the Philippines also uses names of their own for storms that affect them (often they don't name storms that don't enter Philippine waters).

"Fabian" is the Philippine name, "In-fa" is the official JMA name (its from Macau).

Incidentally, due to being on the front line, the JMA is the official agency for dealing with typhoon warnings in the western pacific for all countries in the region. Even North Korea officially relies on the JMA.

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Yep, as predicted.

There was a lot of "discussion" about the sultry summer heat in 2018-2019, yet even though they somehow only then realized how bad it was gonna be, by that point rescheduling the Games to maybe September was impossible.

But by unimaginable chance, the opportunity did come about to reschedule.

And yet they chose the same exact dates.

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Posted in: South Korean TV network apologizes for offensive Olympic broadcast See in context

sushi for Japan

I'm impressed they were so kind to Japan, and didn't picture a comfort woman or Fukushima Dai-ichi.

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Posted in: Japan can no longer leave things unattended with global developments over digital currencies moving so rapidly. See in context

This statement could have ended at the word "unattended".

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Posted in: As Tokyo Games open, can Olympic flame burn away the funk? See in context

Well, good news!

They Tokyo Olympic Committee announced plans to re-instate the disgraced sexist Mr. Mori as an "Honorary Supreme Advisor".

You just can't make this stuff up. Are these idiots intentionally trying to sabotage themselves???

Read about it here:


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Posted in: Do vaccinated people need to go back to masking? See in context

The latest data (taken from up to July 17 and released yesterday) from Israel, says that the Pfizer vaccine (double dose) has an efficacy of just 39% against Delta transmission.

Israel was one of the earliest and most widespread vaccinated countries, and Pfizer made up most vaccinations.

Though they also note that its 91% effective in preventing hospitalizations.

However this Israel data contradicts results from the US and UK, where results against Delta are way better (85-90+%).

There are several factors possible for the Israel results, one of which being that since they vaccinated earlier it could be that the vaccine is already wearing off.

Pfizer already intends to offer booster shots, though here I sit in Japan still unable to get my first shot (though in the mail the other day I got a letter saying it'd be possible in either October or November.)

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

For those wondering on what's happening and or attempting to argue in his favor:

-the Simon Wiesenthal Center (look it up if you don't know) spoke out against him in the past day, and unlike other Japanese Olympic staff mired in their own controversy, he was not given the chance to "apologize" and "move forward.

Because when the SWC steps in, its best to disassociate from the controversy as fast as possible. Any argument with them is futile.

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will land in Tokyo on Thursday afternoon after stopping in Alaska and will have dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and his wife Mariko Suga.

So Ms Biden and her presumably large entourage of support staff and security will not need any quarantine??

Even Bach had to do it for 3 days.

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3 million yen per night. Sickening.

No that money is spent to support the athletes.

The IOC never abandons the athletes... we did it for the athletes.

Did what, spend US$ 26 Billion for the athletes?? (and expected to be several billion higher when all the Tokyo Olympic costs are counted)

Just think about this a second. There are only 11,000 athletes. That's over $2.5 million per athlete!! And yet, none of these athletes are paid (and at best, may win a medal worth a max of $800).

And this doesn't include the untold billions that go directly from sponsors and TV rights directly to the IOC.

I bet the vast majority of athletes would quit their sport in a second if offered 2.5 million instead.

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

Japan has begun surveying overseas arrivals about their COVID-19 vaccination status 

Being that the vast majority of foreign entrants are currently Olympic related (who should be 80%+ vaccinated), and the only other foreigners allowed to enter Japan are residents (most of whom, if vaccinated, probably did so abroad), then these vaccination stats for arrivals may be just a little unreliable of reality.

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Posted in: Bach admits 'sleepless nights' over troubled Tokyo Olympics See in context

we did it for the athletes.

As with "support the troops", it's a way of shifting focus away from unpopular policy and blatantly corrupt leadership.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,387 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,758 See in context

@Aly Rustom 

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the highest number ever for Tokyo? I believe the second highest was 1337 on December 31 2020

Tokyo had several days over 1500 this past January, with an all one-day time high of 2520 on Jan 7th.

See the stats here:


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Posted in: Olympic Village safe place to stay, Games organizers insist See in context

ok, put your money where your mouth is and bunk there for the duration of the games

No, the IOC officials, staff, and media want to stay in the uncontrolled hotels, where the "rules" during their 14 day quarantine are given to these people and state in English (and I am not making this up):

"Rules for going outside your hotel -Tokyo 2020

During your 14 day quarantine please write down your room number and the time of going out on the Access Control Form before going outside your hotel and fill in the time of returning when you are back. Please make sure to be back within 15 minutes."

I haven't seen any English story about this (too scandalous?), but its all over Japanese media



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Oh, and a US gymnast has tested positive, but that is at their training camp outside Tokyo.

See here:


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Two South African soccer players and a video analyst tested positive for the coronavirus at the Village,


Now THREE athletes have tested positive. The newest is a volleyballer from Latvia.

The story about it is on JT, but its off the headline mix since it was posted at 4:55am

Read it here:

3rd athlete at Olympic village tests positive


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They are supposed to get daily tests already.

Can somebody explain to me why this is needed then? Are they going to get 2 tests? One "self-administered" in the morning, and a real one later in the day?

This is the real answer.

Because the daily tests on athletes and IOC staff are not PCR.

They do saliva tests daily, which are not as accurate as PCR, but cheaper and quicker.

So if the saliva test is positive, or (as in this case) there is a close contact to a positive, then they do the more accurate PCR test.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,410 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,886 See in context

Of note, 15 people arriving into Japan tested positive at the airports today as well.

Wonder how many were Olympic related?

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Question: if it is perfectly safe for "young people", then why is no country on earth allowing kids under 12 to get it (but its magically OK if the kid is 13)?

Answer: Because they don't know if it is actually safe for kids.

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