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But the increased use of breast implants has nothing to do with it....

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NASA isn't top secret ... the last STS DoD classified mission was in 1990.

So you mean NASA missions were top secret... until the stopped. And now all their operations are unclassified??!!

The places you listed are indeed further south, but the logistics for operating in such a remote location negated any cost benefit for being closer to the equator (in the beginning the Mashall Islands were seriously considered since they were only a few degrees from the equator).

When Cape Canaveral was first chosen NASA missions were very classified, not to mention that it was logistically connected by road and rail, it was already a military site, coral atolls make for pretty crummy ICBM launch pads, it was in a US State with political clout (unlike, Samoa, Puerto Rico, the Marshalls, or even at the time Hawaii)... AND it was the furthest south point in the CONUS to cover all those factors (among others).

But if as you say latitude is not a factor in choosing a launch site, then why did Russia choose south Kazakhstan instead of Kachatka? Why do the French use Guiana and not Provence? Why did the Indians put their site in Kerela instead of Punjab? Why is JAXA off the south coast of Kyushu and not in Hokkaido like Mr. Horie? Or why has China just built their newest launch site, intended for their biggest yet payloads, on Hainan Island?

Sure, keep believing latitude has nothing to do with it

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Posted in: Start-up firm's rocket crashes into sea shortly after liftoff See in context

In regard to rotational speed:

Kushiro, Hokkaido: latitude 43 degrees, earth rotational speed 1220km/h

Tanegashima, Kyushu (JAXA launch site) : 30 degrees latitude, earth rotation speed 1450km/h

So by launching in southern Japan instead of northern Japan, on liftoff a rocket is already moving 230km/h faster.

(though, as @theFu stated, if seeking a polar orbit, then being near the equator is unnecessary).


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Posted in: Start-up firm's rocket crashes into sea shortly after liftoff See in context


If it was REALLY important, the USA would be launching from Panama or Columbia, right?

You realize that those places are different countries, and it'd be pretty assinine to base a highly top secret, multi-billion dollar agency on foreign soil.


LOL Really? I guess you don't know that the Russian launch site (Baikonur Cosmodrome) is in

Kazakhstan. BOY I didn't know Kazakhstan was near the equator.


Umm, yes I did know that the Russian launch site is in Kazakhstan... I literally stated that in my previous comment.

But then where in the old Soviet Union was the closest point to the equator, as well as in a remote, flat, and unpopulated location? Oh, yeah, and a very quick check confirms this:

-taken from Baikonur Cosmodrome Wikipedia Entry (under "History" in regards to choice of location):

"Also, it is advantageous to place space launch sites closer to the equator, as the surface of the Earth has higher rotational speed in such areas."

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Posted in: Start-up firm's rocket crashes into sea shortly after liftoff See in context

While their entreprenurial efforts are applauded, their choice of launch location is kinda dumb.

The closer a rocket launches to the equator the more initial velocity it has due to earth's rotation.

This is basic physics.

Its why JAXA launches from an island off southern Kyushu, its why NASA uses Florida (and Texas), and why Russia still uses its former Soviet launch pads in Kazakhstan.

Yes, its possible to launch from anywhere, but being in Hokkaido (instead of somewhere in south Japan) greatly reduces efficiency. They are climbing an unnecessary mountain.

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Posted in: Moving to Japan? Here are 10+ tips to help women prepare for expat life See in context

Somehow no mention of learning to separate your garbage...

doomed to fail......

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Where would you park? You can't just stop at the side of a road and set up camp. Where would you go to the lavatory? Wash?

Aside from highway rest areas, the Michi-no-Eki system is pretty extensive. Well over a thousand locations in Japan, including on many smaller islands.

All have 24hr free parking and toilets, with sleeping in car OK. Most have restaurants, and lots have other things like local product markets, museums, and even onsen.

I've car-camped across the country at these places, for free. If you haven't yet discovered the world of Michi-no-Eki, then you are missing out!


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So "one-third of my suitcase was school supplies," she says. Once there, she gave them away

The result of this seemingly kind gesture are the inevitable hordes of adamant kids that swarm any future tourist screaming, demanding, "School pen! School pen!".

I've experienced this from Cambodia to Guatemala, in far off villages in Nepal, on the streets of Mumbai, upon remote islands in Indonesia, and in the alleys of Marakesh. So now it can be expected in the deepest reaches of the Amazon. Great.

If looking to give something, give to a local charity. Don't propagate a system that will only encourage begging.


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Posted in: 77% of Japanese firms say foreign workers not discriminated in pay See in context

Better headline:

"23% of Japanese Firms Discriminate in Pay Against Foreign Workers"

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Posted in: Gay Taiwanese man granted special permission to remain in Japan See in context

...been together since 2011 ... To live with her Japanese partner, Kristina Baumann, 32, has had to continuously enroll in schools to obtain student visas...

One would imagine that after 7 or so years of attending school, Ms Baumann would be sufficiently proficient in Japanese to get a job, obtain a work visa, and properly "live" in the country.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines’ ZIPAIR low-cost carrier to start flights next year See in context

A trans-Pacific LCC? Would be the first I heard of. I'm curious how cheap they can set the lowest viable price.

And will it include all the "features" of a true LCC, like tight seats, no entertainment, and paying separately for meals and drinks on such a 9-12 hour flight?

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Posted in: A dozen things to do deep in the mountains of Shikoku See in context

This is a really helpful article. I'm planning to visit the Iya Valley and Shikoku this spring and I'm really looking forward to it.

be sure to check the super helpful and informative "IyaTime" travel website

That Iyatime website is great! Here's the link:


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Posted in: Banner showing 3/11 tsunami height hung at Shibuya’s scramble crossing See in context

Up to 40.5 metres (133 ft) in Miyako in Tōhoku's Iwate Prefecture

Yeah, I just checked about the heights of the 2011 tsunami, and it was about 40m in places, or about 2.5 times the height shown here.

And isn't that the Magnet Building at Shibuya crossing? I don't think this building is even that tall!

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Posted in: Banner showing 3/11 tsunami height hung at Shibuya’s scramble crossing See in context

This really puts things into perspective, and to imagine how deep Shibuya would be flooded would seem unreal.

Does anyone know if this is the highest wave height ever recorded in Japan for a tsunami?

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Posted in: Yokohama ranks as most desirable city for living in Kanto for 2nd year in a row See in context

Yokohama certainly has a nice feel about it, and lots of great restaurants and bars, with many ji-biru brew pubs as well. I heard about the lifesized Gundam, and it sound pretty cool (too bad it won't be ready for the Rugby World Cup).

Here's some info on the Gundam


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Posted in: Mount Osore: A bewitching natural underworld, hidden at the tip of Aomori See in context

This is a really neat place. I visited last year and it felt like a different world!

In 1970s they filmed interesting avant garde movie here called Denen ni Shisu 田園に死す by Shuji Terayama. It is good to watch if you want to understand how life was changing during Showa Period and difference between city and rural life.

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