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Posted in: 'Bring it on' - U.S. women relish facing Japan in World Cup final See in context

Aust Victoria TAB odds for the winner, US 3/10, Japan 2/1. Given the knowledgeable soccer comments here, sounds like Japan is a big over.

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices up 0.1% in May; jobless rate 3.3% See in context

@Gary Raynor,

4.8% increase in spending shows that the tax increase may be a temporary abberation or that the economy is improving enough to "loosen the purse" or both; its still a positive sign albeit being only a single month understand your take on the unemployment figures but is the definition of unemployment without ambiguity? Are housewives not looking for employment considered unemployed? Are the financially independent considered unemployed? Is the newly graduate not looking for employment considered unemployed? Other countries must also find it difficult to have an absolute definition of unemployed; I doubt the criteria by the Japanese is intended to be deliberately misleading. how much the working poor are paid is irrelevant and is a separate matter.

**Engineering and Australian! enough said. Cute.

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Posted in: Japan consumer prices up 0.1% in May; jobless rate 3.3% See in context

Why doesn't the headline highlight the, as important, fig showing a rise in household spending by 4.8%? The article doesn't mention the figure realeased today regarding the increase in jobs to applicants ratio of 1.19 Japan's stats bureau unemployment/employment defintions are based on the ILO global standards. I never got a critical thinking class in my electrical engineering course in Australia. Is that a Edward DeBono class?

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No difference to the Nissan manufacturing facilities in Dandenong, Victoria, in Australia decades ago when I was a student. Manufacturing is an obsolete process within developed countries due to increasing labour costs. Welcome global manufacturing logistics.

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Posted in: Nissan paid CEO Ghosn Y1.035 bil last year See in context


He made ¥1000 million. I made ¥12 Million.

"please sir I want some more..."

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Posted in: Japan posts Y216 billion trade deficit in May See in context

The financial markets are very efficient yet many here say otherwise. Global markets don't wait for the man on the street views of economics. Are you honestly smarter and more knowledgeable than the credit default swap; long term interest rate and international bond rating markets?

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Posted in: Universities asked to raise flag, sing national anthem at ceremonies See in context

I know most posters here are not native english speaking people and are "out of the box" thinkers but try to make an effort to understand what the article actually says.

Shimomura added that his request does not impinge on a university’s freedom and that it is up to each institution to make an appropriate decision.

Interpreted as "forced patriotism"?

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Posted in: Which martial arts would you recommend to someone wanting to learn a means of self-defense? See in context

Martial arts during times when every day was a life or death situation is a very different discipline to what it is today. Shioda Gozo stated this perfectly when he said that the martial aspects of Aikido will die with him.

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Posted in: China beats Japan in Asian university rankings See in context

The headline to this article draw the ugly "vultures". Its simply astounding the applause heard by gaijin here whenever articles make a negative view of Japan. Any good news about Japan and its either a manipulation of the statistics or questioning of the sources.

Looking objectively at the collective 1970's stereotype negative opinions here about Japan I am more concerned about the education levels and standards of my fellow gaijin..

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Posted in: South Korea says its deadly MERS outbreak may have peaked See in context

Instead of making optimistic predictions, get it under control like any non-third world country ,for your countries' sake.

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Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

Many subjective factors so its like arguing over the better colour blue vs orange. I have an Oz mate who loves asian chicks. He had a blue eyed stunning blonde model at his feet yet he ignored her for a, let's just say a not very attractive asian bird. BTW its interesting to get the same comment by many Japanese, "gaijin have a preference for our ugly woman"...

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Posted in: 1,196 hospitalized for heat exhaustion May 25-31 See in context

The number of deaths by heat stroke in Japan over the last decade averages less than 30 per annum whereas the US has over 400 and the UK over 200. Adjust for population and adjust for the views of those biased ignoramuses adamant about statistical manipulation; its still bloody low!

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Posted in: Bad behavior by teachers a growing problem See in context

Ah all the patronizing criticism,

Remember all the sexual deviance involving teachers at your own high school Remember the violence your teachers dished out at your own high school Try to remember a single teacher at your high school who even remotely resembled someone like John Keating Open your eyes at whats happening at your own eikaiwa school; the envy of those Japanese deviants

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Posted in: Taiwan enforces stricter controls on Japanese food imports See in context

If there is belief in labeling BS and radioactive cover up then those who advocate this and still remain in Japan are the biggest clowns.

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Posted in: Sharp announces Y222 bil loss; plans thousands of job cuts See in context

Since 2012 the Nikkei225 is up 130% vs Sharp -70% yet Takahashi CEO and his clowns on the board are still around making embarassing decisions like decreasing capital to receive tax incentives for small to mid cap corporations. I would be seriously pssd off if my decades of "for the company" was flushed down the toilet.

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus surges in March See in context

Bad figures, I told you so; good figures, it ain't gonna last; better figures again, Gov are manipulating the figures..

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Posted in: 5 things to know about trade as U.S. Senate debate begins See in context

Random choice of 2 x US senators = Beavis and Butt-Head

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Posted in: Mourners pray for kamikaze pilots ahead of WWII anniversary See in context

For the Japanese, the Kamikaze pilots epitomizes the ultimate consequences of war; death of the young for a cause that may not have been a common view but enforced from a motive created from early 20th century Japanese imperialism. For foreigners to criticize Japanese respect towards such historical consequences opens up multiple cans of worms in each and every "gaijin" country.

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Posted in: From now on I don't think we'll merely have a top-down male society -- but one wherein women will branch out horizontally. Women have the power to embrace a society worn out by the top-down model. See in context

This probably lost something in the translation. She is advocating more Japanese women entering the workforce without any intent to rise through the ranks of the traditional Japanese hierarchical structure; a move towards western type work attitude which balances private life with work.

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Posted in: A shrinking population not all bad news See in context

There is a global problem which is a symptom of capitalism favouring unit productivity at the expense of headcount; global supply chains at the expense of local investment and extreme inequality of wealth distribution at the expense of average and less income earners. The result is a growing demand for higher skilled people rather than sheer numbers of workers. Japan has simply reached the problem threshold earlier than the other leading economic nations.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation rate up 2.2% in March as BOJ keeps policy unchanged See in context

Bank of Japan, listed Jasdaq stock, code 8301; 55% owned by the Ministry of Finance. Don't like it put up a take over bid..

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Posted in: Abe says he wants Japan to learn from Silicon Valley See in context

The US SAT score is not the same as IQ. Japan has a very similiar system as SAT called "hensachi". There is no empirical evidence for technical innovation being a linear function of IQ (or SAT or "hensachi"). Most of the "best minds" in the world are either chess players or have a social problem.

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Posted in: Man keeps father's dead body at home for 3 years to keep collecting pension See in context

Norman Bates

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Posted in: What is your definition of freedom of speech? See in context

To be able to post freely on JT without the censorship

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Posted in: What are some tips for keeping motivated if you're in a repetitive job, doing the same thing all day every day? See in context

A passion for an extra curricular interest or activity renders all such dull moments bearable. Profuse posting in the comments section of news sites is a fine example.

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Posted in: Fitch downgrades Japan citing economic concerns See in context

Some posters here must have "superior foresight" giving them an advantage over those "stupid" international institutions buying all that JGB "toilet paper" that has surged in demand recently because of widespread zero interest rates.

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Posted in: Give us a hug See in context

A photo capturing a wonderful moment yet some people are able to make this into a negative rant says it all.

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Posted in: Must be good ramen See in context

So lining up to get into a restaurant or even a popular bakery is a pure Japanese thing. That's right never ever happens in New York.

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