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Posted in: Japan logs 1st trade surplus in nearly 3 years on cheap oil See in context

Please give me all that "toilet paper" that you have.

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@luca brasi Put it this way, it's cruel for parents not to maximize the prevention of bigotry towards their children at the expense of their own well being or especially for the sole purpose of making a subjective socially moral point.

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Every gay couple has the right to marry but for any kid with gay parents, is it the same as having heterosexual parents? With all the hate and division in the world due to differences in race, culture, colour, religion, physical differences, adding another factor of "you are different" is a tremendous handicap on any child especially when kids are often very cruel. Reality versus idealism.

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At least Yamanaka won but for the US Masters golfing tournament, the evening Japanese TV covered only Matsuyama and didn't bother to mention, not once, Jordan Speith's phenomenal win. In disbelief I asked my Japanese wife the reason and she said Japanese are not interested in any other player than Matsuyama and valuable TV seconds can't be wasted; I nearly choked to death on my beer.

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Any hike in wages is good news despite all the "experts" forecasting doom and gloom. I recall the grafitti on the walls of a toilet cubicle at my Uni library; "get your economics degree here" with a big arrow pointed to the toilet roll.

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She has had relationships with Orlando Bloom and the richest guy in Australia, James Packer along with rumours that Justin Bieber scored a couple so she's somebody and not a Japanese one time fad as many old codgers here would like to believe.

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Oh! mango, the pleasure to the taste buds they provide..

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There is no logic for so much effort to sustain and financially support the Japanese whale industry considering that many Japanese people have never had any interest in consuming whale meat. Also a deliberate dearth of information and news by Japanese media about whale hunting? One of those "hush hush" topics.

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Posted in: 25-year-old 'shut-in' running for Chiba city council seat See in context

He definitely got the attention here by using a very radical approach. Yet if that is the only singular criteria to gain the confidence of enough voters to be politically instated, it simply provides a new door to the already low entry criteria to Japanese politics.

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Which is the "true"path of the profit conscious capitalistic company? Establish a manufacturing plant at home for the charitable benefit of their own country or choose a geographical location that maximizes logistics efficiency?

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Posted in: Journalist's new passport bans him from going to Iraq, Syria See in context

This is along the lines of preemptive medicine, avoid serious national controversy by preventing an idiot from the likelihood of getting himself decapitated and inducing Japan to take further direct participation in the ISIS conflict.

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A bubble market is never obvious and as long as the average JT "John Smith" rants about the bubble of any market the logical conclusion is that it is everything but a bubble.

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Why she was drunk or whether or not she was depressed to induce excessive drinking doesn't matter. She was drunk and caused the loss of a life which is criminal.

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Again a lot of verbose blah blah blah along with all the psuedo economic experts. The only thing that matters is what is happening today. Japanese are not as gloomy as every gaijin think and in fact its far far better than what the situation was five years ago (remember you negative posters how you were even more adamant about the demise of Japan back then). The positive account surplus was one of the measurements that was touted as a short lived measurement of the "sinking J economy", well it continues. How many of your countries of origin run an account surplus?

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So many long drawn out verbose opinions about the economy. I love economics because its such a subjective BS topic where even air heads can look intelligent. A couple of personal experiences; My Uni graduate son has multiple job offers; my friend had an organ transplant at no charge provided compliments of J health insurance; I just completed an M&A worth USD430; my stock portfolio is up 120 percent and my Mercedez sales chick is gonna get a hefty bonus. Oh the dieing J economy.......

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Frightening that so many people here come to some sort of conclusion regarding bullying; irresponsible parents; irresponsible school authorities from an article that purely states the facts of a young man's suicide precluding any suggestion of the reason. Power of the media or mass ignorance?

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"Japan loves Disney too much"...is that some sort of criticism which Japanese should amend?

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