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Posted in: Japan to raise prices of imported wheat by 19% See in context

Japanese govt should order a ramp up of all grain production at all farms over the next 5 years. Japan should aim to be at least 50% food production sufficient, with China consuming more and more resources by the year.

Excellent idea, it sounds a bit like the great leap forward.

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Posted in: Teenagers make 200 final in Olympic testosterone controversy See in context

Leave the girls as they are .... For God's sake, it's 'natural' testosterone.

The problem is that these women are intersex, having internal male sex organs that produce that excess testosterone. I am not sure what the best way to deal with this would be, but what we saw when Semenya was also not fair for the rest of the field.

For some genetic reason the incidence of intersex is much higher in southern African women than anywhere else in the world.

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Posted in: Teenagers make 200 final in Olympic testosterone controversy See in context

The Soviets were amateurs compared to today’s Olympians.

Well that should be the case, but some Soviet era world records still stand which is pretty crazy all things considered.

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Posted in: Russian Olympic archer loses consciousness in Tokyo heat See in context

64 best archers in the world!!!

That's not true, countries can only send 3 per gender at most. Some countries like South Korea have way more than 3 archers in the top 64 in the world.

Similar story for weightlifting where China "can't" even send world and Olympic champion Deng Wei to compete because they can only send 4 competitors per gender, let alone send competitors who got 2nd or 3rd in the world championships. There are many more examples of this where world championships will have higher competitiveness than at the Olympics sadly.

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Posted in: Medal count: Prediction has U.S. heading a wide open Olympics See in context

Netherlands 6th overall would be insane for such a small country.

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Posted in: South Korea virus cases hit highest level since March See in context

once again demonstrates that anyone who thinks lockdowns or other draconian measures can eliminate or even contain this virus are just dreaming.

Why are you gloating? You're not even informed.

The fact is, you don't know what you're talking about. South Korea did not even have a lockdown.

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Posted in: Virologist: Olympics could not be held now; hopeful for July See in context

Sports events are happening all over the world today, in preparation for the Olympics. Noticeably missing from those events are the Chinese athletes.

The sports I follow did have Chinese competitors, which ones had missing athletes?

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Posted in: 'Bureaucrats were in charge': Japanese doctor blasts ship quarantine See in context

> AkieToday  07:25 am JST

Disillusioned, this quarantine is about to protect large populations, 120 millions to be exact. Japanese did great sacrifice in this adventure, that needs to be recognized.

They let the Japanese passengers that tested negative go home, commuting by metro even though the virus is already known to spark false negatives! They should have been put in a real quarantine, not one where dozens of people with the disease are walking around any area without restrictions...... What are you even talking about?

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Posted in: Passengers begin leaving after ship's virus quarantine ends See in context

Watch this:


Deserves it's own thread to be honest.

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Posted in: Turkish jet firm says employee falsified Ghosn records See in context

In some kind of a weird way this is a win-win situation. Japan gets to keep the insane bail of $14million, doesn't have to pay the cost for his prison lodging and Ghosn gets his freedom.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s first vegan Japanese-style convenience store now open in Asakusa See in context


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Posted in: Cosmetics giant Shiseido gambles on 'Made in Japan' See in context

Stop animal testing and I'll consider.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea lawmakers to cancel meeting over emperor remark See in context

OssanAmerica. The term sexual forced labour has been used in official court documents way before Korean (admittedly) politicised the issue.

Nice how you only name Korean middlemen, but Japanese officers have literally been convicted of forcing girls into slavery in the Dutch East Indies. One of the only places with good documentation and where not all documents were burned. If you want to keep yourself in the dark about the direct Japanese military involvement on this institutional forced sexual l labour, whatever, but don't call people biased or uneducated because that's exactly what you are.


"Kidnapped as a girl of 10 years old"


"According to the document women were taken on the order of Japanese lieutenant"

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea lawmakers to cancel meeting over emperor remark See in context

They were prostitutes. No one is debating that. The debate is over how they ended up in the IJA military brothel system and what were they occupations prior to "recruitment".

If you think sex slaves are prostitutes than nobody debates it, but many people don't think sex slaves are prostitutes.

Actually, it was his grandfather who should have done so.

Akihito's grandfather is Taisho (Yoshihito), who did not play any role in the second world war as he died in the 1920s so I think you misread something.

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Posted in: Young Japanese men say paying for dates is hardest part of life as a guy: survey See in context

So I’m 0-9 in the votes??

I’m the only guy who figures girls like boys to be strong and I in general pay for girls on dates.

Must be that toxic masculinity again

Nah you're just a boomer.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling 82-year-old mother See in context

Wow! A couple in their 80’s still running a dry cleaning business. Doesn’t say much for he Japanese pension system, does it?

there’s nothing mentioned about the mother being ill and needing a full time carer, so the usual scenario doesn’t fit.

No in the text it says it's the husband of the perpetrator, so a couple in their 60s running a business not the husband of the deceased.

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Posted in: Diabetes cases soar, 1-in-11 adults affected: doctors See in context

Less saturated fat less processed carbohydrates. More complex carbohydrates and vegetables and foods like pulses, beans, sea vegetables easy fix.

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Posted in: Criticism after Kawasaki festival drops 'comfort women' film See in context

 I understand what happened with the comfort women.

Maybe you do, but many don't. Just look at the comments in this thread, and they aren't even Japanese.

Also how is this "Korean propaganda?" The film is made by a Japanese American.

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Posted in: Koike remains defiant over IOC decision to move events to Sapporo See in context

I mean it does seem like very poor communication on the IOC part.. Pretty understandable that the people that have been working on this project for years feel a bit betrayed. Justified as the IOC conclusion may be..

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 38th year, hitting postwar low See in context

I'm willing to do my part. Where do I sign up.

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Posted in: Low-carb diet helps maintain weight loss: study See in context

Dangerous rehashing of Atkins diet claims. Cancer and smoking also also aid weight loss, doesn't make it healthy.

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Posted in: Bruce Willis film cancelled after Fan Bingbing tax case See in context

What's the point of those comments stating you don't know who she is. She's the most famous influential Chinese celebrity of the last 10 years, evidently with that tax hike of a $130 million dollars.

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Posted in: Vegan in Japan: 5 tips for keeping to a plant-based diet See in context

I think there is still a difference between vegan and vegetarian. I am vegetarian thou not vegan.

But all products mentioned are vegan, what do you mean?

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Posted in: Can offshore fish farming feed a hungry world? See in context

Yes or you could, you know promote a plant-based diet, as was eaten in Okinawa when they were still getting old. It's sustainable, healthier and less animals die. We're already producing enough food for 11 billion people, only to feed half of it to cattle.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

I'll better get to it then... I'll take one for the team guys!

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Posted in: South Korean student in Japan hopes to improve international relations with free hugs See in context

Wow! I met her and hugged her in Kyoto at Yasaka shrine, guess I didn't look Japanese enough to make the video lol.

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Posted in: U.N. issues fresh call to Japan over WWII 'comfort women' See in context

Some sickening comments here... What Japanese soldiers have done in the first half of the 20th century are atrocities that even the ISIS soldiers will blush about when reading about it.

Current leaders must take responsibility over the undisciplined army that rampaged throughout Asia, killing, raping, looting. It amazes me that current leaders dare to deny or trivialize it when people like General Iwane Matsui, were at utter dismay when he saw what the undisciplined army had done.

There have been sex slaves, Dutch, Indonesian, Phillipine, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese even Japanese among many others.

It's time for Japan to distantiate themselves for what their undisciplined army has done, instead of treating these animals like heroes.

I like many things about Japan, but these events are a major stain on an otherwise admirable people. Taking distance from these events will adorn them like nothing else can.

As for the JT'ers educate yourselves. I recommend reading the book Hirohito and the making of modern Japan.

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