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Posted in: Why Trump’s control of the Republican Party is bad for democracy See in context

And this time, he will start off with a viable plan, experience and scores to settle.

We predict that he will garner less votes than he did in 2020 under the current conditions.

We also predict that Biden will also receive about 13% less votes. Democrats are historically low in their confidence in their leader.

A strategy of securing 10% of the previous Biden vote will ensure a Trump presidency,

A criminal conviction for Trump will ensure that he will not be elected, and by a large margin.

Trump has very serious personal financial problems that his current income level cannot alleviate.

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Posted in: Few Republicans have confidence in elections See in context

They are just sore losers that's all.

With respect, I think it runs far deeper than just that.

A very large section of American adults is having immense difficulty in separating what they want to be true from what is clearly true, to the point of it seeming ridiculous to others who retain the power of reason.

And there are a lot of people who are making money out of keeping them in that state.

I fear that America could descend into the most pointless civil war in mankind's history.

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Posted in: Kim vows full support for Russia’s 'sacred fight' to defend its security See in context

North Korea has been backed into a corner.

What corner? A geographical one?

China has been boxed in for decades.

Do you mean that it needs to expand its borders at the expense of its neighbors?

Russia is getting enchroached on and gradually having the same shoes put on.

Russia's borders have never been encroached upon by Ukraine. Ukraine has never claimed any Russian territory.

You are emotionally attached to these three autocratic countries in some way. What is it that connects you to them so strongly that you are compelled to claim that they are unfairly prohibited from expanding their borders at the expense of their neighbors?

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Posted in: Residents file suit to halt wastewater release from Fukushima plant See in context

Exactly. They have ZERO alternatives.

Not true. They could solidify it in concrete. It would take about 30% of Japan's annual concrete usage to do this, but it could be done in 5 years. The tritium would remain locked in the concrete, Japan would be seen to taking responsibility for its own problem, and they wouldn't be gifting China an easy attack vector.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils relief package for fishery sector See in context

A poor decision for a nation renowned for its quality of seafood to allow its competitors to be be able to claim that for years its seafood will be poisoned.

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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

It is bevildering to see the true believer desperados hanging onto their masks in 35 degree summer heat. When asked to explain why its necessary outside in summer weather they cant come up with any convincing answer , stil,mstuck in 2021.

They don't need to give you a convincing answer since it doesn't affect you and it's none of your business.

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Posted in: Cooling off See in context

Masks are overwhelmingly "off". As Elvis predicted.

Saw a family of 4 playing badminton in the park during my lunch break. All masked up, sticking it to the man.

Dad had his shirt off though, the cheeky rebel.

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Posted in: Heavy rainfall hits western Japan; 370,000 urged to evacuate See in context

Heavy rains for most of next week.

Really? I'm seeing the rainy season closing within the next 24 hours.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy hails Ukraine's soldiers from a symbolic Black Sea island to mark 500 days of war See in context

Naturally, the hardcore pro NATO posters refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Propaganda is a tool that has been used by every side in every war. It's naive to think that Ukraine wouldn't use it as well as Russia, and it's pointless to get angry about it.

This entire war is based on Russian propaganda; Putin has used everything from Nazis to NATO to justify the attempted destruction of an entire nation. Perhaps your ire would be better directed in that direction.

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Posted in: Fury among aid groups as U.S. approves cluster bombs for Ukraine See in context

It is a tragedy that Ukraine needs to use cluster munitions to break through the Russian defence lines.

You're right, It really is. These weapons are as crude as they are destructive. The offensive is obviously struggling to break the Russian defenses, so it's going to get a whole lot more violent it seems.

Surely there must be other alternatives?

It's hard to see any future for peace unless the Russians are pushed out of the Donbas and Crimea is threatened, or Ukraine is no longer able to do mount a defense. Both sides are nowhere near that yet.

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Posted in: Musk predicts Tesla self-driving cars 'later this year' See in context

why do the Musk haters seem to follow corporate news narratives so much?

What are those narratives and what is 'corporate news'?

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Posted in: Warner Bros defends 'Barbie' film's world map as 'child-like' See in context


Why didn't they just leave out that dotted line altogether? The Asia part of the map so little resembles Asia that even the Chinese (probably) wouldn't have been bothered by it not being included. They could have annoyed nobody.

Did Disney intend it to resemble the nine dash line or is it just coincidence?

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Posted in: Britain's public health service at 75: On life support? See in context

True, but it did much much better under a labour government, and that is shown by the waiting lists when they left office. and it is confirmed financially too.

Fair enough. You seem to have knowledge of the industry. Recent Tory governments have had to deal with issues that the Blair government never had to though. Labour governed a very unique few years of explosive economic growth if I remember.

The consutant in the UK who would have done that op is also the very same consultant who would do the same op privately. I worked in a certain certain hospital and you would have gotten the same treatment, on the same equipment on the same table with the same scalpel. Absolute rubbish. 

Are you saying that NHS surgeons also work in private hospitals? I wouldn't blame them if they did, but I didn't know that they were allowed to.

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Posted in: Britain's public health service at 75: On life support? See in context

You could double, triple the budget and it would still be 'on life support'. The NHS has been 'in crisis' for decades no matter what government is running the country.

I'm not taking a cheap shot here because I like Brits a lot, but they aren't the healthiest of people, and these days they aren't the wealthiest of people. There's only so much money to go around and it's a hideously expensive business.

I also hear that the nursing staff are superb (as they are in most countries) and that very few people have complaints about the amazing work that they do. Remember where Florence Nightingale came from!

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Posted in: Moscow says 700,000 children from Ukraine conflict zones now in Russia See in context


Grigory Karasin, head of the international committee in the Federation Council, Russia's upper house of parliament.

I can understand that Russia has an obligation to protect children inside the territories that it controls. More info is needed about what Russia intends to do with them. Are they looking for their parents? Were all of the 700,000 'orphans' or 'abandoned? '

Russia has a demographic problem and some people will suspect them of plain abduction.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russian troops advancing in 'fierce fighting' See in context

Yeah makes one wonder where all the money and donated weapons and ammunition actually are.

What do you mean?

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russian troops advancing in 'fierce fighting' See in context

Doesn't seem to be going very well for Ukraine. Not being able to match Russia in artillery shells at this stage of the war is a serious issue that needs rectifying.

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Posted in: What is the difference between nationalism and patriotism? See in context

Patriotism is the ultimate form of virtue-signalling. And patriots inevitably loathe most of the people that inhabit their country.

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