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there'll still be lot's of people buying full frame DSLRs for half the price

You get what you pay for. Full-frame cameras of half the price won't be up to the same specs. And Nikon is already apologizing to buyers of its about-to-be-released mirrorless camera for what will be delivery delays caused by massive demand.

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Posted in: Man kept body of father at home because he didn’t want to be separated from him See in context

It's probably nothing to do with dad (RIP) himself, and all to do with keeping dad's pension money appearing in his account every month.

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Maybe they can sell them to the US; we can't seem to get our act together on this stuff.

That's because the US government now leaves everything to private enterprise. Grand state-sponsored infrastructure projects like Japan's shinkansen system seem to be a thing of the past there.

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Posted in: How come Japanese shopping-website operator Rakuten is still relatively unknown in the U.S. and Europe, where rules? See in context

The Rakuten website is a bad joke. The navigation (of lack of) seems almost purposely designed to confound. It's cluttered, amateurish and ugly - and fiddly and skittish when you're trying to order something. The shopping experience is littered with cheapo spammy crap. I go there only as a last resort and can't wait to get out. It's a puzzle to me how Rakuten stays in business.

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Posted in: Japan regulates virtual currency after Bitcoin scandal See in context

What do you expect when someone at the top of the Bitcoin world proves to be an irresponsible loser? The Bitcoin world can't properly govern itself, so of course the government steps in: that's its raison d'etre.

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Posted in: Hokkaido man questioned over 30 bag-snatching incidents in Tokyo See in context

Surprisingly, he is an ikemen or nice-looking guy.

You mean because he did something bad, you expected him to be ugly? And that good-looking people are more redeemable than ugly people? There's a word for that kind of thinking: shallow.

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