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Posted in: 'This Is It' tops box office with $101 mil worldwide See in context

Altria and Stirfry. I'm really tired of negative people and people always judging and trying to put down other people. His life was respected and valued by the world. Even in his death he is more valued than both of you alive! Grow up and maybe you can accomplish something in life too!

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How the hell can you enhance the taste to something by 10% without adding any additives or condiments to it? Especially something as bland as rice. Rice is so overrated here but people be taking offense to it like you are talking bad about their mother and father. The rice cooker is the biggest money making gimmick/scheme there is here and people are so gullable. Just steam it in a pot and call it a day.

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

One reason is they can't sing. I think that says enough.

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Posted in: What is the best way to settle the Yasukuni Shrine issue? See in context

Another US bomb should take care of it. Seeing America brought peace to Japan, a nice American flag to honor America should do quite nicely.

Sounds quite nice too.

But I think Japan should deliver a real formal apology to China and Korea for their war crimes. Have it observed by the world to see and make that a national day of rememberance every year of the innocent lives lost due to their own past evils. This will be the atonement. So that no one ever forgets it really happened because it is held annually on the same date. I can't remember the first time they apologized.

As for the shrine, dig up the war criminals and throw those SOB's in the mouth of the volcano, and stop visiting the shrine to pray for them.

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Posted in: Pirate hostage captain praises SEAL 'superheroes' See in context

Den Den: SEALs are not superheroes, they are trained killers. Heroes don't murder children, the pirates were all kids. They should face the International court, along with the pirates.

Aww f#$% you! What gives a kid, woman, adult or anyone to hold someone hostage or to threaten someone else's life? If they had killed the captain then what gave them the right? If a "kid" shot up a school and killed 23 then what? Everyone has a choice, and they were old enough to know if they wanted to do this kind of BS they should be expecting trouble to come their way sooner or later. Man you are STUPID with all capital letters!

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Posted in: French seize pirate ship as threats mount on U.S. ships See in context

neverknow2: I don't believe that for one second. The propaganda from the American side has begun already. Next week, the war on Piracy. Another excuse to invade.

Are you sick in the head or just plain retarded? Propaganda serving what purpose? An excuse to invade Somalia for what? To obtain dead bodies and poor people? The fact of the matter is I don't think anyone cares for too much over in that immediate area. Americans only starting caring because they started capturing our people. Did you not just read the Navy Seals rescue story yesterday when they blown 3 pirates' heads off to rescue the captain of a vessel?

One pirate issued a new threat to “slaughter” Americans

That sounds like something a Somalian would say to me. They must be outraged and these people are crazy and looking for a fight. It's not so far fetched. I think if they want a fight let's give them one. You can only find peace through war. Someone is going to lose. If we eradicate all the current pirates maybe it will deter everyone else from choosing a career in the "pirate force" in the future.

Navy Seals "HUA"!

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Posted in: U.S. cargo ship evades Somali pirate attack See in context

Let's get this right. The MSDF ships did not do squat yet but the U.S. Navy is taking action. HUA! Glad to hear the pirates are starting to get their heads blown off. Sounds good to me. I'm pro head blowing :-)

We should play hard ball and just kill em all. They are without their morals or value life so why keep em alive. I applaud the Navy. I know this is going to sound vain but hope we can kill more of them in the future.

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Posted in: Taking the global stage: Obama seems everywhere See in context

tclh - "Blah blah balh about Obama, what happened to all those jobs he promised to bring back to American soil?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Put everything on Obama which was a direct result of the economic collapse that started under Bush. You know how much can a guy do in two months, really, damn. He's not Jesus Christ. Well before you consider the guy a failure at least give him until September 11, 2009 to judge him. You remember how the Republicans offered leniency towards and defended Bush about September 11 saying he barely got into office and none of it was a direct result of his presidency. Let's give Obama the same amount of time and then start counting the clock.

TexasAggie - If the brits are sooo in love with Obama, they can keep him.

Well Texans can keep Bush and everyone in his gene pool including the farm animals.


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Posted in: Man arrested for wiping saliva on woman sleeping on train See in context


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Posted in: Global sales of Nintendo's Wii top 50 million See in context

games that attract newcomers to gaming, including the elderly.

Great just what everyone wants, to play games with their grandma. Leave me with my death machines in peace, not this watered down gimmickery crap. Faint of heart please go away.

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Posted in: More women enjoying a night out alone See in context

Japan is socially immature.

110% agreed. And the men don't know how to treat women here too, that's why they are always losing out to foreigners. No shit. And that is also probably why these women like being alone. If your man is useless, then what's the point in keeping him around?

Million dollar question for any who can answer. This is like a legit SAT style question. Why do beautiful girls date such dumbass dudes?

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