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Posted in: Should YouTuber Johnny Somali get prison time in Japan? See in context

This dude sounds like a giant pain in the butt to all parties involved. He should just be deported since his goal is to profit off of being a troll and an overall nuisance to all those around him.

He'll for sure keep globetrotting to piss people off until he either figures out it's a good time to call it quits or the streets decide for him...

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Posted in: Hip-hop mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs again accused of rape See in context

WA4TKGDec. 7  09:03 am JST

I have a question, why is a 17 year old in a “Lounge”?

Is’t THAT illegal ?

We’re not supposed to ask that

You CAN ask that, but regardless if the girl faked her age or not, it doesn't question the illegality of the alleged subsequent rapes that took place, right?

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Posted in: Republicans threaten contempt proceedings if Hunter Biden refuses to appear for deposition See in context

Wait, isn't this the transparency that everyone (on both sides of the aisle) raise a stink about? Regardless of what happened with Trump, isn't the transparency of a public hearing a good thing? If anything, I'd expect Republicans (this time) to raise a stink if these hearings were NOT public. The accusations of collusion and censoring to the benefit of Biden would be endless, so why not agree to a public hearing?

Ah yes. This is, at it's most rudimentary level, team sports.

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Posted in: Being child-free has been deemed ‘selfish’ for decades – the history of this misconception explained See in context

I think this discourse is pretty simple to navigate. If a woman has made the choice not to procreate for ANY reason, then that should be the end of the discussion for everybody except maybe her partner. If people want to argue the economic benefits of balanced population replacement, they should also look at the economic detriments of children born to parents who are not mentally, emotionally, or financially equipped to take of a child.

Don't get me wrong though, those people on social media who smugly declare why they are superior for choosing to not have kids are super annoying, too.

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Posted in: 'Of course' Trump lost 2020 election, DeSantis says after years of hedging See in context

I don't think anyone should be surprised.

Regardless of Party, this is literally one of the most common political/campaigning strategies. Stay 100% loyal to your voting base during the offseason and then slowly test how far you can appeal to moderates before your base starts to get angry. Openly stating "Trump lost the 2020 election and Joe Biden is President" is one of the lowest effort things you can do to at least get some moderates to see you as a "reasonable" Republican as the election season gets closer.

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Posted in: West African leaders to meet on Niger after junta defies deadline See in context

Should be "Nigerien" instead of "Negerian" which is understandably a common error.

Editor: Thanks for pointing that out. The story has been fixed with the demonym "Nigerien."

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Posted in: Al Pacino, 83, is father for the fourth time, welcoming son Roman with Noor Alfallah See in context

Personally, it's hard for me to imagine being in middle school and having a parent in their 90s. I remember back when my parents seemed "older" for having me in their late 30s but this is a whole new level. I don't doubt Pacino will love his child with all his hear during his remaining time here, but the conception of a child in your early 80s is wild regardless of what you have sorted out with your wife.

Yes, this is more "responsible" than having a child at an "appropriate" age without the financial means / relationship foundation to do, but you can't ignore the obvious deficits that can't be supplanted by money and love.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists pick top 10 inconveniences about traveling in Japan See in context

I feel that there a lot of things listed here that definitely need improvement and Japan has been notorious for procrastinating in that regard.

At the same time, there is no shortage of people who travel to foreign destinations without doing adequate research. I can't count how many times I would observe foreign tourists in Japan gripe about things that could have easily been avoided if they took the time to look at a youtube vid, a travel blog, wikipedia, etc.. If this was 20 years ago, I'd have a little bit more empathy, but we (myself included) are often guilty of not utilizing the ultimate knowledge devices in our pockets to do proper preparation.

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Posted in: No longer the 'sport of kings,' horse racing facing challenges in its long evolution See in context

I still don't understand why horse racing and equestrian competitions are still a thing. There are obvious ethical issues of subjugating the horses to running at breakneck speeds time after time, hopping over obstacles, and performing complicated footwork all for sport. And I will use the word "sport" lightly because no matter how much these jockeys train their own bodies, if on any given day a horse decides to not run or jump, that's it. You lose. So we're really rewarding/gambling the skill of breeding / subjugation rather than any true athletic achievement.

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Posted in: Defaulted in doubles, Miyu Kato strikes back with mixed doubles title at French Open See in context

The organizers who had a blubbering child working such an event should resign

I don't think she or any ball kid expects to get hit by a ball and then inadvertently become the focus of such a controversial on-court dispute with all eyes/cameras on them. Also probably not a question that comes up in when they interview these children either haha

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Posted in: How chocolate could counter climate change See in context

Hopefully there will be a time where the African countries that the cocoa is sourced from can build the infrastructure to process the cocoa and utilize this technology.

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Posted in: Harry, Meghan in 'near catastrophic' New York paparazzi car chase See in context

I think we have two equally true things being displayed here:

Paparazzi and that whole industry in general are amoral at best.

It seems like Harry and Meghan need the drama because since the initial tell-all interviews and fallout with the royal family, I don't think the general public has really gone out of their way to keep with these two. Most of the publicity is generated by they themselves (podcasts, netflix docs, etc.).

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Posted in: Pieces that may be from wetsuit, surfboard found after surfer attacked by shark off South Australia See in context

I know there's a lot risk that comes with sports such as skydiving, racecar driving, motocross, etc., but to take on the risk of getting bit in half by shark in what are known to be "shark infested waters" is a whole different level...

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Posted in: Japan probe China Communist Party member over leaking farm tech data See in context

Do we know if this technology potentially had dual use? It may be that the government is aware that the tech used for this system could be modified for other purpose that risk national security, which is probably the only acceptable reason for what on it's face looks like a very outsized response.

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Posted in: 'Mobile Suit Gundam' anime robot backpack now real-world backpacks too See in context

If you are good at color coordinating, this could be worn in public without shame...I think

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Posted in: Koreas to meet IOC in February on joint Olympic bid See in context

All the facilities better be in South Korea because no one in their right mind is going to North Korea to watch/participate in the Olympics. I'm also curious as to how sanctions will be worked around if this all actually goes through.

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Posted in: Why Japan should consider banning blackface See in context

I watched this year's special live and to be perfectly honest, I laughed when Hamada came out because I immediately recognized that he was dressed up to be Eddie Murphy. Now, if this kind of humor across the board is offensive to you, then I get the angry reaction.

BUT, if you are someone who likes Dave Chappelle (such as myself) and laugh when he does "white face" and talks/behaves like the stereotype of a white person, or does skits like the "race draft," it's KIND OF hypocritical to be mad at this.

And even though it's ridiculous that I have to say this to validate my point, I am black and I have lived in Japan for several years, so please don't come at me with, "You don't get it because (insert flawed argument here)"

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Posted in: Suspect caught in South Carolina church shooting rampage See in context

I want to take moment to bring this up. In the past few years, a white male has shot up elementary schools, movie theaters,airports and churches. Do we as a society blink twice when a white male walks by a school? Do we cast wary glances as he looks for a seat in a movie theater? Do we watch him closely as he stands at airport security wondering if and when he will pull out a gun and go postal? Will every black church congregation now freak out whenever he enters the building? Probably not. And you know why? Because logic tells us that fanatics don't represent the whole. Unfortunately this logic is being twisted and used to support one of the oldest hypocrisies in our in our nation. So instead of raging out on all white people, let's rage at the PEOPLE who feign ignorance to the screwed up social narrative our country was founded on and insist that this tragedy is more shocking than what it was. Because the unfortunate truth is, for those of us that are part of the black community, this is another screwed up chapter in our nation's history.

And that's my OPINION. So agree or disagree with it. Last time I checked, that was still a constitutional right or something like that.

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