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All the facilities better be in South Korea because no one in their right mind is going to North Korea to watch/participate in the Olympics. I'm also curious as to how sanctions will be worked around if this all actually goes through.

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I watched this year's special live and to be perfectly honest, I laughed when Hamada came out because I immediately recognized that he was dressed up to be Eddie Murphy. Now, if this kind of humor across the board is offensive to you, then I get the angry reaction.

BUT, if you are someone who likes Dave Chappelle (such as myself) and laugh when he does "white face" and talks/behaves like the stereotype of a white person, or does skits like the "race draft," it's KIND OF hypocritical to be mad at this.

And even though it's ridiculous that I have to say this to validate my point, I am black and I have lived in Japan for several years, so please don't come at me with, "You don't get it because (insert flawed argument here)"

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Posted in: Suspect caught in South Carolina church shooting rampage See in context

I want to take moment to bring this up. In the past few years, a white male has shot up elementary schools, movie theaters,airports and churches. Do we as a society blink twice when a white male walks by a school? Do we cast wary glances as he looks for a seat in a movie theater? Do we watch him closely as he stands at airport security wondering if and when he will pull out a gun and go postal? Will every black church congregation now freak out whenever he enters the building? Probably not. And you know why? Because logic tells us that fanatics don't represent the whole. Unfortunately this logic is being twisted and used to support one of the oldest hypocrisies in our in our nation. So instead of raging out on all white people, let's rage at the PEOPLE who feign ignorance to the screwed up social narrative our country was founded on and insist that this tragedy is more shocking than what it was. Because the unfortunate truth is, for those of us that are part of the black community, this is another screwed up chapter in our nation's history.

And that's my OPINION. So agree or disagree with it. Last time I checked, that was still a constitutional right or something like that.

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