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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

Relocate and preserve it.

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Posted in: Have you heard of the expanded tax-free shopping system that went into effect in Japan on Oct 1? Have you made use of it? See in context

I've seen a couple of shops with signs saying Tax Free. But it's geared towards tourist buyers as you need to show your passport.

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

Ok, since many people are posting this and since I am completely against this type of despicable behaviour, here's a way to stop this clown. 日本人女性をバカにする外国人を止めよう!!「白人ならどんな日本人女性ともヤレる」と、自らのセミナーで発言をする、強制わいせつデートコーチのJulien Blancの入国を阻止せよ!Stop "pick-up artist" Julien Blanc, who profits off of teaching seminars on how to abuse women. He should not be allowed to enter Japan to spread his lies and morally despicable behaviour. Please sign the petition!!! http://goo.gl/sXoBWm

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Posted in: New music video from World Order see the sights in Akihabara See in context

Genki sudo! Awesome indeed

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Posted in: Rakuten slammed over ivory and whale meat products See in context

Rakuten isn't selling directly nor they hold the stocks. Basically the portal is acting as a middleman. Yes maybe shame on them for not filtering what the sellers are posting there, so while at it might as well point fingers of shame at other online ecommerce sites all over. Just IMHO rakuten shouldn't be blamed.

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Posted in: Earthquake drill See in context

They are being educated not to fear but to be prepared.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

Too much ranting from China, which suggests that they are the ones who is really up to no good.

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Posted in: Yamazaki deliverymen hand out bread to snow-stranded motorists See in context

This is so heartwarming. Cheers to those delivery men! I salute you. I hope they get commended by Yamazaki Pan.

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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

I agree with PapigiulioWhy is Japan the only country being put on the spotlight for this? There's also another country who does this.

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Posted in: 'Sazae-san' voice actor Ichiro Nagai dies at 82 See in context

Rest In Peace and thank you very much for bringing life into all those characters.

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Posted in: Cabinet stores, charges 10 tablets See in context

Just like the ergotron another overpriced charging cabinet

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Posted in: Malaysia's Anwar shocked after being barred entry into Japan See in context

Long story short he didnt have a VISA to enter nor did he even apply for onr thats why he got barred entry.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Lame PR. The people in thwir Marketing/PR Dept. Should know better.

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Posted in: iPhone case lets you see heat See in context

Too expensive

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