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Posted in: Halloween season kicks off See in context

I remember when Halloween arrived in my European country in the middle of the 90's (influence of American Movies)... At the beginning, there were decorations everywhere but nobody cared beside children. Particularly because of the proximity with the All Saints' Day: nobody want to see Zombies the night before going to the cemetery visiting his dead family members... After less than 5 years, only them-parks and some shops continue to make decoration... Now, for most of the people, Halloween is just the show of American Imperialism (with Santa Claus) even is some people justify the event with is European origin...

When I arrived in Japan, I was surprised that Halloween is so big (in comparison to Europe) and that it start at the end of August!

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Posted in: As inflation bites, Japan's PM finds unlikely ally in labor unions See in context

In Japan, working union are just "party planning committee"... In my previous company, I was forced to become a member when I became a seishain (company regulation) and when I had the meeting for explaining the role of the union, the only noticeable thing was the organization of a party every year for using member fee...

When I talked about problem like harassment, the leader said "It's like that for everybody so I can't do anything".

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to meddle in gas development in East China Sea See in context

The new drilling facility is located on the Chinese side of a Tokyo-proposed median line separating the two countries'

That mean that Japan recognize this area as a Chinese area even if this is only a proposed demarcation line no ?

Why a Japanese company with the approval of the government don't do the same thing on the Japanese side of this line ?

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Posted in: People in some parts of Japan now legally allowed to smile for their driver’s license photos See in context

This news is really strange..

When I renewed my Japanese driving license in 2019, my photo was take just after the eyesight test at the driving license center and I didn't use a photo boot. I was smiling on the photo because the guy controlling the machine didn't say when he take the photo...

Is the driving license rule decided by prefecture and not on a national level ? Strange for a very centralized country.

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Posted in: New law enacted to help people pressured into porn See in context

Cancel their contracts within a year of the work's release for any reason and without paying penalty fees

Isn't that a normal thing for working contract?

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over alleged plot to cheat on Japanese university exam See in context

There a law that forbid cheating at exams in Japan?

When a was a university student, I saw a lot of students caught by teacher but they just received 0% and that's all.. Nobody was arrested...

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Posted in: 7-Eleven’s delicious egg roll sandwiches deliver the most value for your yen See in context

I always wonder how this sandwich is considered Japanese... It's not like the Japanese invented egg-mayo, bread or sandwiches... The disgusting bread full of oil maybe...

The reason why the weight or volume is written on package is to know what you are buying and also to compare with other similar products. I worked for a coffee can manufacturer in Japan and when I asked why it was written so small and often the mass and not the volume when it is a drink, I was told that it is not important!

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Posted in: Mizuho Financial to tie up with Google to ramp up digitalization See in context

Digitalization Lesson one:

ATM do not need to sleep the night and to take break on the weekends!

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Posted in: Toyota subsidiary Hino admits use of fraudulent emissions data See in context

A little bow and everybody will forgot it....

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Even 10% is not enought :

In 8 years of work in Japan, I only received an annual increase of 1000-2000 yen per month but every year my bonuses drop .... According to my employment contract, I am supposed to receive 4.5 months of bonus per year but in 2021, I only had 3 months which means that my annual salary has decreased while the profit of my company increased every year (and tax increased too) ...

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Posted in: Japan opposes Russia's plan for tariff-free zone on disputed isles See in context

Fighto! "Japan is not claiming and has not claimed any part of Sakhalin for a very long time. The maps and info you have is horribly outdated. "

A lot of maps in Japan show South Sakhalin in a different color than Russia (some years ago I even show a map whit the whole island)! Exactly like disputed territories like Western Sahara. Just Google world map in Japanese

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Posted in: U.S. probes Takata air bags in 200 models from 20 automakers See in context

What amazes me is that car manufacturers continue to buy products from this company!

The countless numbers of reliability scandals weren't enough to blacklist Takeda?

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Posted in: German Foreign Ministry says ambassador to China has died See in context

There are news on American politics or American baseball on this website so why not on Germany?

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Posted in: Japanese police struggling with growing number of 'CAN invaders' used to steal luxury cars See in context

It's really easy to steal a car in Japan (easier than bike), you just have to go to the parking lot of a combini or a supermarket and look for cars with nobody inside but whose engines are running. There is almost always one !

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Posted in: Do you really need to wear toilet slippers when using the toilet at home? See in context

I wear 32 cm so the slippers are always too small so I can't use them ... I never understand why they don't have small and large size slippers but only the same size as if everybody had the same size of feet ...

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Posted in: Expert urges Japan to lead global health finance amid COVID crisis See in context

Japan is the second most populated country and the second largest economy in the G7, so it is normal that they give more money than Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada which are less populated and with smaller economy. The only special thing is that the USA which is first in population and economy gave so little. If we consider the size of the population, Germany gave the most and the USA the least.

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Posted in: Whoever said 'the best thing since sliced bread' should have bought this foolproof Japanese slicer See in context

Nothing new... There are a lot of thing like that on Amazon On the photos, it's look like they didn't use their "inventions" for cutting the bread... Electric one like those used by butcher are way better

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Posted in: Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics See in context

“Japanese bread is fluffy and delicious – so glad foreigners like it!” Really? For an Amercian or Asian, maybe.... But for an European? The firts thing I do went I come back in Europe is to buy bread... Cheaper, bigger, healthier A snack for two weeks seam okay but if they lived in Japan, they won't say it's delicious for long Japanese bread is not disgusting but good only for a snack not for a meal

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Posted in: Is Thursday the new Monday? Flexible working is in flux See in context

One year ago, those CEO were happily saying "We Don't need office anymore, the new normal is teleworking". Today, they cry because worker do teleworking and don't want to return to the office....

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Posted in: Blurring the line between work and play: 'Workation' rentals become a thing in Japan See in context

I'm still waiting that my company let me do teleworking (my job is 100% on a PC) and flextime so Workation? Look like dreaming....

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Posted in: What's your situation concerning vaccination against the coronavirus? See in context

I have two health concerns that make me a priority person so I registered on the city website but I am still waiting for the coupon .... City website says coupons for priority people will be mailed in July...

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Posted in: Japan says it will aim for 46% emissions cut by 2030 See in context

Japan is the most dangerous country I ever went concerning bicycle commuting (never went to America).

3 Years ago, when I was living on the countryside, while I was going to my job on my road bike, a car overtake my on a road limited to 30km/h (I was at 28km/h and he was at least at 50-60 km/h) and touched me with his side mirror. I fell on the asphalt and must go to the hospital. 4 chirurgical suture on my right hand and 4 on the upper lip and chin. Of course anybody stop to help me (Japanese have the reputation to help everybody but I don't know why but they NEVER help me....) and need to call a colleague for going to the hospital. I couldn't work for two day and my company didn't pay my salary because I didn't had enough paid holiday...

Two other time, I was moving forward on a intersection and a car in front of me turn right and ignore me. I managed to avoid the car but it was very dangerous. When turning right on small road, I used my right hand like a blinker but cars always ignored it and overtake me even if I'm on the middle of the road for turning!

Those are only car!! I can't count the number of time a bicycle came in front of me when I'm riding on the left side (they are riding on the right side) and continue like it is normal. Each time, I must move on the right for avoiding them. And don't forget the locals who put flowerpots at the edge of their homes and the road...

Riding bicycle is safe only if you ride downtown on the sidewalk at the same speed than pedestrians but the road regulation say that bike must ride on the road. In Europe, there are true bicycle lanes (in Japan road are so small that car must ride on it), bicycle freeway and car MUST give priority to bicycle.

As I don't want to die riding a bicycle, I sold it after 2 years and commute by bus or walking

If they really want to cut CO2 emission, this is really easy : stop to set aircon at 25C on the middle of summer with door of shop full open; build housing with thermal isolation; sell food on bigger package with less plastics; pass a law that obliges to turn of light and neon of closed shop; more green in cities; build geothermal electric plant (volcanic country so there are plenty of hot water);...

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Posted in: University in Tokyo holds entrance ceremony 1 year late due to pandemic See in context

Are the entrance ceremonies important to the point of organizing one the year after?

I never had an entrance ceremony in my life so it's seem totally useless for me...

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Posted in: Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus See in context

Never understand why there are funeral service ads in this country. I often receive ad like that in my mail box with beauty salon ad and housing ad.

At home, when somebody of your family die, you receive information from the hospital or doctor and generally they contact the nearest funeral service...

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Posted in: Japan now has talking 'Evangelion' ATMs See in context

What about 24/7 open and free ATM???

In this country, you can practically buy anything you want at anytime every day, but you can't withdraw your money for free whenever you want ...

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Posted in: Politician voted out after accusing mayor of sexual assault See in context

How does this man "remember" the curtains and door were open on the exact date and time?

Of course he knows it! Thanks to rule 1235 chapter 5 of the regulations governing the office of mayor.

"The mayor must complete the C253 checklist every day in triplicate stamp it by himself and have it double checked by his assistant. One copy must be sent to the ministry in charge, one copy sent to the prefecture office and one copy keep in the archives of the town hall for at least 10 years. "

"The checklist C253 is to verify if the door and the shutters are open every hour, to check every 2 hours if the fax is correctly connected and 3 times a day (arriving in the morning, at the end of the lunch break and at the end of the day) if the telegraph line is well connected. The stock of coal of the town hall must be checked every two days and the stock of oats for the horses on Wednesday between 9:23 am and 10:19 am. "

No error possible!!!

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