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Posted in: Try finding a job at 60 See in context

According to my experience, I have been living in Japan for the last 7 years, I have a high academic degree and I am looking for a job now, Japanese companies are mainly looking for fresh men (just graduated from the University) between 21 and 25 (may be). The reason is very simple, they are young, basically they haven't done so much in their laboratories, are highly malleable, can make a brain wash on them according to the company's needs, are cheap and if they don't like them they will be easily fired.

The reason of the former is also very simple, seniority, that fact that is immerse in Japanese companies since the creation of the Japanese language. For Japanese people works nicely, but anyone that could have a different way of thinking (Japanese or foreigner) will not fit in the system. About the 60 year old people, well I believe they want to continue working (whatever it is their reason), but they are "out" of the system.

In Japan the system is the system whatever you like it or not. Is that something that must be changed? well I believe all societies have advance through time, Japan unfortunately is still far behind socially talking.

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Posted in: Miniskirted 'policewomen' ready to help stressed-out workers See in context

There is one missing information, address? telephone number? I want to go there!!!!

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Posted in: The dumbing down of Japanese students See in context

Well, they just discover what is obvious, but they don't say anything about a solution. Sometimes I believe what a friend of mine used to say. "In Japan only the 5% use the brain, these 5% rule the country, the rest are sheep". Unfortunately, it seems to be true. But no solution from the government, one reason they don't care; another is that is not convenient for them for the people to use their brains; the last, their own parents don't care.

Remember the new class of men that this site described few days ago, the herbivores. I think is not a consequence of the education system, is that when the kids arrive home, no one cares about them or their education at home = values, they are alone with no guide.

Think about it.

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Posted in: Wizards of the web See in context

Well,is good to know that a foreigner could make some business and survive in Japan, cheers. About the concerns of some people about could computing. Pawatan mentioned that could be dangerous to have the servers of a bank online. Well telling you the truth, they have it online because is safer,why? well simple,if you have your server in your office, in the case of a bank, you need redundancy, security, etc. Is easier to have virtual servers, even in your own infrastructure because it reduces the administration cost and is more effective, actually banks do that. The business of Guillaume Hansali is good for some companies, just remember your fre mail server were in the cloud for long years, now is only more developed.


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Posted in: What do you think of President Obama's inauguration speech? See in context

Obama's speech was not the best of all times, but is full of hope and it seems that he will put the house in order. Spite of this, Obama represent the minorities in USA, I'm not american but I've worked there and I'm sure black, latin, asian, arabic and all the races in USA are more than happy for his election. The world and USA will not be the same since yesterday.

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Posted in: Physics requires the ability to think creatively using mathematical formulas, so English isn't essential to pursue theoretical physics in Japan. See in context

I agree with BigInJapan, write papers is very important for a researcher, unfortunately, in Japan there are very few people who cares about this fact, almost all of them are professor. Is amazing that this nobel prize winner can not speak english, so what kind of scientist is? or can we call him a scientist? or does he live in his japanese bubble and he doesn't communicate with his colleagues all around the world? Serious question, serious matter, may be Japanese society should take care a little bit more about this. We don't want to hear more WANDERALANDO.

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Posted in: The English of most would-be translators is awfully poor. Few Japanese can actually read English accurately. See in context

The truth is that Japanese can not read english, that's why when they go abroad they can not express their selves. Is ok to learn Japanese, is their mother tongue, BUT in science and technology the official language is english. In Japan who can speak english? Well, usually University professors, and few people, why? Simple, Japanese people don't want to study absolutely nothing, therefore, they don't want to study languages. In my lab only few japanese people can read their own newspaper, surprise? well read the statistics in the Ministry of Education.

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Posted in: It's time to reform training systems for language teachers and consider comprehensive language education that covers both academic and practical requirements. See in context

In Japan, the foreign language education is not good at all, of course the books are ok because they are foreign books in their majority. But, sometimes the teachers are not well prepared to teach the contents. In the case of japanese english teachers, few of them they went abroad to develop the language deeply. Also, the "katakana" english that they teach is not even close to the normal pronunciation (even there is a ad who show this "Wonderland)". Also, the students don't give the necessary importance to the language, because they are not interested at all into learn english, only they want to finish the university, and work in Japan. In addition of these problems, the japanese society only gives the chance to teach english to the so called "native" speakers, even if they don't have the necessary education level to do it.

Conclusion: Japanese society has a wrong idea about how to teach a foreign language, is not only the matter of know how to talk is also the matter to know and understand the language.

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