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Posted in: Russian FM talks tough to Maehara on dispute with Japan See in context

Russia declared war on Japan and then did a blatant land grab of these islands right after America had dropped 2 A-bombs on Japan. They did both the above in a matter of days in 1945 like a thief in the night.

US asked Soviet Union to start the war against Japan since there were unable to defeat them. Truman ordered A-bombing just because he was afraid the Soviets could occupy the whole Japan without any American participation. Japanese surrendered only after the Soviets freed China and prepared to landing in Japan. This is more accurate reflection oh history.

Japanese Islands belong to JAPAN, not to foreign (Soviet-Russian) invaders.

The Japanese never lived there. It is territory of Ainu people, whom the Japanese colonized. Historical fatherland of the Japanese is Korean peninsula. This is more accurate data with population history. That is why Japan denies any consultancies with historians. The truth is not on their side.

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