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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context

I think there is no necessities to use wrong number to talk Japanese army brutalities. If we can believe reports of ICNSZ*2, Maybe (200,000-200,000=less than 1,000) civils by Japanese Army. Japanese army killed 20,000 up to 35,000 Chinese Army by brutalities.

Population of Nanking Civils

Dec.7 (Chinese Army 'Scorched-earth policy' *1)

Dec.10 200,000 by ICNSZ(JohnLabe)*2

Dec.13 (Japanese Army breached the gates of Nanking)

Dec.17,18,21,27 200,000 by ICNSZ

Jan.14 250,000 by ICNSZ

*1 Chinese Army 'Scorched-earth policy' burned down hundreds of villages and buildings in a 16 kilometer radius outside the city of Nanking, There was No civils outside of SafetyZone. It was in winter, it was too cold to live outside of house.

*2 ICNSZ International Committee for Nanking Safety Zone

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