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I would like to see diabetes 2 be named something different as it is a totally life style issue.

I disagree. Diabetes is a disease that is a result of the body's inability to create or process insulin which then causes a person's blood sugar to become too high, so the label can be applied to both forms appropriately.

Generally speaking, a Type 1 diabetic is unable to make enough insulin, which is why many have to inject insulin daily. A Type 2 diabetic makes too much insulin which then causes the body not to process the sugars in the blood, and it remains there which then results in a tremendous amount of damage to the cells and organs. In both cases, the body simply cannot adequately manage insulin production.

I agree that in most cases, Type 2 diabetes is the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices. However, problems with the pancreas can also cause diabetes to occur. There are certain genetic markers which have been shown to cause some people to develop both forms of diabetes such as defects in the following genes:

ABCC8, which helps regulate insulin

GLUT2, which helps move glucose into the pancreas

GCGR, a glucagon hormone involved in glucose regulation

TCF7L2, which affects insulin secretion and glucose production

Now, I am not making any excuses here, but I am trying to point out that for some people, getting diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is not as simple as a "lifestyle issue," and since the very definition of diabetes is an inability to manage blood sugar, the term fits (which is why many wear bracelets in case of an emergency--doctors don't care why a person is diabetic--they just need to know that someone is).

For the record, I have Type 2 diabetes. I have been able to successfully manage mine by following a strict ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting, getting plenty of rest and exercise, and monitoring my blood sugar on a daily basis.

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Posted in: What are some past TV shows that could no longer be aired because they would be considered politically incorrect? See in context

"The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts," "Monty Python's Flying Circus," "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in," "Fawlty Towers," "Blackadder," and "Not the Nine o'Clock News."

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Posted in: Exodus of Republican voters tired of Trump could push party further right See in context

They did...and now the Dems need to prepare that they will more than likely lose the House. Even Pelosi is worried about that and other House Dems, when you have a slim margin of either party, it's never a good thing, but having said that, Biden and this admin is not helping the Dems prospect of keeping the House.

No, they did not, or the Republicans would have regained the House, retained the Senate, and kept the presidency, but that did not happen, so message not recieved. Right now, the only thing that some Dems are concerned about is how the corrupt GOP in several swing states plan on redrawing the election map so that they can continue to pick their voters instead of the other way around. In fact, some GOP members plan on following the advice of the despicable Tom Hofeller so they can reclaim the House by simply engaging in his strategy of hyper-partisan gerrymandering. House Bill HR 1 would go a long way to fix this affront to our democracy by setting up independent commissions for redistricting for all states to ensure fairness and stop the minority (the Republicans) from gaining power despite their efforts to cheat by nullifying the will of the majority of the voters. Unfortunately, that is going to take the Senate to kill the fillibuster, and to be honest, that is most likely not going to happen.

But they're not doing anything productive with their time except for chasing after a former President, so much for unity and trying to bring the country back together and once again the Dems wasted taxpayer money to get another acquittal.

That might be the reality that you see in your fact-free universe, but they've been doing plenty of things other than trying to hold the former president and his accomplises accountable for their crimes. No one was expecting a conviction since the so-called "impartial" jury tipped their hand long before the second "Don and the Giant Impeach #2" took place. It could have happened before Biden was inaugurated, but Moscow Mitch made sure that it didn't go forward by running out the clock. However, the trial in the Senate demonstrated a fissure in the current GOP, and there are some like Nikki Haley who want to the GOP to sever ties with Trump so that they can get back to being a sane alternative to the Democratic party. Perhaps someday, you might actually join them.

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Between them they have 35.5 million listeners, don't know of a single liberal in politics that has that much of a fanbase and political pull and influence.

Really? What "influence" would that be? Despite having 35.5 million listeners, the majority of Americans didn't get the message, especially in 2018 when the Republicans lost the House, and last year when they lost both the White House and the Senate.

The fact is, Democrats have better things to do with their time rather than listen to radio programs. Instead, they are organzing, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and getting their message out by having actual contact with people instead of hiding behind a microphone in some studio where ideas don't usually get challenged, and the hosts are just preaching to the choir. Don't believe me? Just ask Stacey Abrams and look at what happened in Georgia if you want to see what real "political pull and influence" looks like.

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Also wainscoting cannot be the correct term or inference for the black exterior portion, it must have been for some defensive reason I imagine.

"Wainscoting" is usually used to describe wooden paneling that covers interior walls, but in this case, the black wooden panels cover the outer plaster walls and serve as both insulation and an extra layer of protection. As far as the color being black, the last time I was there, I remember reading a sign that said that the castle was painted black to absorb the sunlight and keep the castle warmer during the cold winters in Nagano.

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Posted in: Palm Beach to decide whether Trump can stay at Mar-a-Lago See in context

He’ll only be there for four years until January 2025 when he moves back into the White House.

Yes, you can see where he will be staying at this link:

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Posted in: Do you think the state of emergency will be effective in lowering the number of coronavirus cases in Tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures? See in context

No, since nothing much will change after the declaration. Vinke's post said it best.

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Posted in: Who are your favorite fictional detectives of literature, film or TV? See in context

Overall Best (Literature, movies, and TV): Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett was the best TV Holmes).

TV: Joe Mannix, Mulder and Scully, Mike Hammer, Joe Friday, Steve McGarrett, Jim Rockford, Perry Mason, Andy Sipowicz, and the Scooby Doo Gang

Movies: Sam Spade, Inspector "Dirty Harry" Callahan, Philip Marlowe, Ellery Queen, and Inspector Clouseau

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Exactly, they can, but they’ve been after Trump a long time, since I can remember, if they had more than enough to stage Trump it would have already happened, if they can’t get him on phony impeachment or a fake Russia hope, the guy will never see the inside of a prison presence, he’s a clean as this entire election process.

Got news for you, this election was a referendum by the American people on impeachment and the not fake Russia investigation. The Senate and Trump's Republican enablers in the House might have looked away and gave him a pass on these crimes, but the American people did not. Same thing is going to happen after Trump faces justice for his crimes in New York.

Yeah, but thank God he has some of the best defense lawyers so he’s not big thing.

I'm not quite sure what that sentence means, but his defense lawyers will not be able to keep him out of jail--even on appeal. That's New York State law.

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That’s not going to happen, unless the Dems want to try and do what they do best, hijack the system, then it would be possible.

Oh, it's quite possible as well as probable--and "the Dems" won't have anything to do with it. It's a matter of New York State law. Right now, Cyrus Vance Jr, the District Attorney of New York County (which consists mostly of Manhattan and Marble Hill) already has several cases he will most likely pursue against him, and Vance could indict him as early as the first quarter of 2021. Oh, and pardons don't work for state law convictions, so don't even think about trying to pull that out of the magic get out of jail hat.

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Posted in: What next for Trump? Golf, Twitter and maybe another run? See in context

Next stop for Trump after January 20 will be a trip to New York Criminal Court located at 100 Centre Street in New York. After that, he'll get to spend some quality time at Riker's Island.

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Posted in: With an eye on impeachment, judges weigh House-Trump disputes See in context

Har! Dream on, baby!

Is it possible to actually discuss what the article is about, or is that asking too much?

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It is an odd argument that the Left is making in which they have concluded that the Iranian regime will retaliate for Suleimams death by attacking and killing more more Americans.

This is not a "Left/Right" argument. Non-partisans and adults should be able to discuss this without the labels.

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Posted in: Iran vows harsh response to U.S. killing of top general See in context

Just out of curiosity, what was the head of Iran's elite Quds Force doing in Iraq? I doubt he was on vacation.

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What specific law did he break?

2 specifically: Apportionment Authority and the Impoundment Control Act (ICA). Both laws are intended to restrict the executive branch from undermining Congress’s “power of the purse” under the Constitution. Feel free to read more about it here:

Asking a foreign leader to investigate corruption that happened to involve Quid Pro Joe Biden is not an abuse of power, it's doing his damn job.

Nonsense on so many levels.

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OK Bass, since you enjoyed that last one from Colbert, here is another!

"It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

With Republicans screaming and Democrats dreaming

Impeachment is near!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s the im-peachiest season of all

Getting dirt from the Ukraine

to help your next campaign will be your downfall

It’s the i-peachiest season of all

There’ll be transcripts for reading

The president’s tweeting that this whole thing is a hoax

There’ll be Nunes and Jordan

Ignoring extortion

Executive privilege invoked

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Yes the most wonderful time

Oh the most obvious crime

You’ll ever hear!"

(Watch it here)

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers head home amid impasse over Trump impeachment trial See in context

Many thanks to Stephen Colbert for this one!

Merry Christmas Trumpers!

Enjoy this!

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Christmas-themed movies or TV shows? See in context

"Elf," "Polar Express," and "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

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Posted in: Some people prefer to say holiday tree instead of Christmas tree. What's your view on this? See in context

Neither. I say "Festivus for the rest of us."

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Posted in: Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign See in context

It’s first hand for the people talking. Taylor said his aide told him he heard the person talking. so Taylor provided Third hand hearsay . . .

False. Ambassador Taylor's testimony is based on conversations which he had with Ambassador Gordon Sondland, who had direct knowledge of both the phone call and the meetings related to it afterwards. Because of Taylor's closed door testimony, Sondland all of the sudden had to "revise" his testimony that he (Sondland) didn't know anything about the call or meetings to avoid perjury charges since Taylor's testimony helped "refresh" his memory.

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Posted in: Facebook deleting name of potential whistleblower See in context

Yep and the whistleblower wasn’t on the call. 

Actually, yes, he was, but don't let actual facts get into the way of your alternative narrative.

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Posted in: Facebook deleting name of potential whistleblower See in context

Everyone in DC knows who the “whistleblower” is. Everyone on Twitter knows who he is. Everyone in every news room in America know who he is.

Then please, enlighten all of us with the name if you think that is somehow important or relevant.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions See in context

You can’t show it’s untrue,

Uh, yes we can. It's called the absence of actual evidence. You tried to once again provide speculation as actual proof. However, the burden of proof is on you because you've made the accusation. In the U.S. legal system, a person is innocent of any accusation until proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

did you not see the threatening letter to the media from the whistleblower lawyers?

No, not in any credible media source.

fine subpoena Eric C and ask him under oath if he is or not. Man if people thought I was and I wasn’t- I would be begging to testify to clear myself.

No need to. Go back and look at what is in the Whistleblower Protection Act and then get back to me.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions See in context

But “more” than likely we do.

"More than likely" is not the same as "We know . . ." now is it?

It was not “Debunked” that Eric C is the whistleblower. 

Yes, it was. But feel free to show actual, irrefutable evidence that he is. No speculation.

Just the liberal media is afraid to say it because his lawyers threatened them.


Yes, we know all that, but as I’ve said before, if the President is judged by flimsy evidence based on a political Obama holdover act who’s boss was that communist Brennan,

The only "flimsy" thing here is your lame character assasination attempt because you don't have any actual facts to support your assertions.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions See in context

Most likely estimates is it’s Eric Ciaramella 

Ah, so by your own admission, we don't really know who the Whistleblower really is! In other words, this is just another one of your baseless accusations. Please, get back to us when the real Whistleblower is revealed.

And the President can do the same by not cooperating and what will the Dems do then?

The President doesn't have to cooperate during the investigation if he doesn't want to; however, he does have to follow the Constitution when it comes to not obstructing Congress' oversight and investigation role, or they can add "Obstruction of Congress" as yet another article of impeachment. Review what happened to Nixon if you have any doubts.

 Aren’t him?

Yep, he "aren't."

My wish is, he doesn’t give an inch until he gets to face his accuser ans knows his identity

Only in a court of law. Again, the Whistleblower is protected by the Whistleblower Act. Since you seem to have forgotten, the U.S. whistleblower laws exist to protect the identity and careers of people who bring forward accusations of wrongdoing by government officials. They are not required to testify in an open setting, but if you think so, then please show me where in the law it says this. Therefore, go review it first before coming back here and making demands that aren't part of the process.

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Posted in: Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions See in context

The big difference is, now that we know who this person is and his history and what his true motivations are . . .

Really? Who is he? What is his name? What is his history? What are his true motivations and how do you know what they are? Where did you get your information, or is all of this conjecture on your part?

 it’s not the same at all since we now know it’s fully and completely politically driven. 

Only to Trump loyalists.

The fact is, the Whistleblower (whoever he or she is) does not have to appear at the hearings and is protected by the Whistleblower Act. That person can simply tell the Republicans to (and I am using your words from the past) "go pound sand."

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Posted in: Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions See in context

If written questions were acceptable for Trump's testimony during the Mueller Investigation, the same goes for the Whistleblower. Right, Republicans?

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Flynn is die to . . .

Correction: I meant "Flynn is due to . . ."

Sorry about that.

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Trump releases transcripts you whine that they aren’t the real transcripts! 

Because they aren't. Release the real call from the secret server where the actual call was hidden way in and then let's compare them and see which ones are "real" and which ones aren't. I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with that.

Hero just like Mike Flynn

No, Flynn is no hero. He has admitted to commmitting criminal acts and has betrayed his country. Flynn is die to be sentenced soon. It's disgusting that you would even put the two men in the same category.

trump should have just made an “opening statement” saying his call was perfect.

He already did this. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify his usual hyperbole. Also, please define what a "perfect" call is.

Might want to check LT Col Jim Hickman. 

I have. All I can find on him comes from right-wing websites. However, since you think he has something important to say, why not recommend that he testify in front of Congress then?

Trying to destroy someone's character like Colonel Vindman instead of refuting what he stated with actual facts shows the true weakness of your position and does not contradict the facts which have been presented to the Congress so far.

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Posted in: Schiff says impeachment transcripts could come next week See in context

James Brennan lied to Congress . . .

Who is James Brennan?

i can’t understand why of all the available things, liberals picked this one phone call to die over.

The first four words of this statement pretty much sums up your entire argument. As far as "dying over a phone call" goes, this whole mess is much more than that.

Good luck and enjoy.

Oh, we will.

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