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Posted in: Comedy suffering because 'you have to be careful' now, says Aniston See in context

Thanks to the alphabet peep with different pronouns. Sheesh.

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Posted in: Japan in 7th coronavirus wave, but no restrictions needed: Omi See in context

The goal is to learn to live with the virus and minimize complications or death.

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Posted in: Philippines asks Japanese consumers to accept higher prices for bananas See in context

People are complaining about a little increase in prices for bananas. But 1 piece of melon for 10,000 yen or more is ok.

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Posted in: Roe ruling shows complex relationship between court, public See in context

Abortion should be only legal for those who are at risk during pregnancy and even those who are victims of rape. Any other reasons than these should be considered murder. If you are against this rule then its simple, DONT GET PREGNANT!

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

And yet here they are leading the world in selling Weapons of Mass Destruction to other countries. Only in the USA do students and teachers feel unsafe.

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Posted in: Ray Liotta, 'Goodfellas' and 'Field of Dreams' star, dies at 67 See in context

RIP to the OG Henry Hill!

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Posted in: China military body may be target of Japan counterstrike capability See in context

Everyone's bought up the narrative of US because they can't accept that power is slowly shifting and China is dominating the global economy without the use of ARMS. The US failed at Hongkong and I don't think they will succeed either in using Taiwan as bait to provoke China into a war.

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Posted in: China military body may be target of Japan counterstrike capability See in context

It seems that everyone wanted to start this WW3.

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

All this hate over the man who plays video games makes him one of the richest YouTubers earning millions of dollars and paying taxes.

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Posted in: Arabs decry 'racist' double standard in Ukraine media commentary See in context

Impunity and hypocrisy truly are contagious.

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Posted in: Arabs decry 'racist' double standard in Ukraine media commentary See in context

Really disgusting! Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan are prime examples. No sanctions or whatsoever on USA/EU's war against terrorism despite the massive casualties involved including innocent civilians. Russia helps defend DONBAS and western countries labeled it an INVASION.

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Posted in: Ukraine talks yield no breakthrough as Russians slowly advance toward Kyiv See in context

His strength seems to lie solely in possessing nuclear weapons, which is extremely dangerous. One thing this week has shown is that Russian conventional military strength has been vastly overestimated. If they can't even beat Ukraine, then their conventional forces are clearly not a serious threat to NATO.

Brinkmanship. Less casualties on both sides.

Second is that economically Russia is also very weak, and getting weaker. The west just tanked Russia's currency and sent its economy into what will likely be a severe depression. Russia can't economically retaliate because it putting sanctions on anyone will not hurt them like that. Its only economic weapon is oil, which it can use to some effect but nowhere near as much.

It was the Germans who asked Russia to build Nordstream 2.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Russia with sanctions, shifts troops to Germany; 137 reported dead in Ukraine See in context

If Putin really wanted to invade Ukraine, why now when all these past years they have supported DONBASS territories.

Putin doesn't want to conquer Ukraine. it is not about expanding Russian territory. instead, it is about keeping NATO influence away from the Russian border. he wants a buffer state. this, in his mind, is a critical national security issue.

he would back off in exchange for a formal declaration by NATO that they would never allow Ukraine to join. but NATO cant give him that. so his options are to either install a Ukrainian government that has no desire to join NATO, or failing that, carve out a part of Ukraine and keep it firmly under Russian control.

this is basically how the Cuban crisis played out.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Russia with sanctions, shifts troops to Germany; 137 reported dead in Ukraine See in context

Too bad Putin called their bluff(economic sanctions). Most European countries are dependent on Russian Oil so I don't know who's more likely to suffer from those "Economic Sanctions". While I don't agree with Russia's Full-scale aggression, the World must also be aware of the history and real reasons why. NATO/EU/US and Russia both have vested interest in Ukraine but if I will look at Putin/Russian's perspective I would definitely side with them on this one. If CUBA were to put up military bases near American Borders, how would you think the US would react to it? War Profiteers smiling once again. God bless the world!

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested after attacking classmate with knife at school See in context

Teachers in Japan are not given enough authority to discipline students. They are either afraid to deal with their parents or they just don't care at all. I especially feel bad for female teachers as they're mostly ignored by students when they try to discipline them in the classroom. Rude behaviors and disrespecting students or teachers shouldn't be tolerated. I wonder how parents discipline their children at home.

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Posted in: Ukraine president asks for evidence on new invasion warnings See in context

Just 2 powermongers flexing!

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Posted in: Firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming See in context

If he streams during his off days as a firefighter then I don't think it's fair to treat him like he's negligent with his job.

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Posted in: The powerful effects of the 'Matrix' See in context

Growing up as a kid I loved watching all installments of the movie. Watched the Resurrections last Saturday but it was MEH for me. Not a lot of actions this time. And having Barney Stinson in this movie is kinda weird.

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Posted in: How will the world decide when the pandemic is over? See in context

Another ridiculous thing is people who don't want to be vaccinated are heavily discriminated. As if being vaccinated will prevent you from passing the virus. Correct me if I'm wrong but the vaccines are just for protection against severe complications. So unless the vaccines can do this then there is no reason to discriminate or force people to get vaccinated.

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Posted in: How will the world decide when the pandemic is over? See in context

Who benefitted from this pandemic? Which country are these companies from? It's over but these Pharmaceutical companies just want to keep squeezing.

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Posted in: Shinkansen makes unscheduled stop after elderly man whacks another passenger in the head with phone See in context

What exactly is a Luddite haha?

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Posted in: U.S. to begin appeal to extradite Assange from UK See in context

More deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

This cancel culture must stop! Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Stand-up comedy is an art. And to be fair, Dave has been targeting not just the LGBTQ community but others as well. He told some ugly truths out there so it pissed them off because most of it is true.

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Posted in: Trans Netflix staff plan walkout over Chappelle special See in context

Dave Chappelle hit them where it hurts.

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Posted in: U.S. reveals nuclear bomb numbers after Trump blackout See in context

Let's not forget which country actually USED it.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested after body of newborn baby found in toilet at home See in context

I thought abortion is legal in Japan. Why not just go to a clinic that does these things legally?

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Posted in: Trial of accused 9/11 mastermind restarts, days before 20th anniversary See in context

How are they still alive?

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Posted in: Pre-sale of 'Tokyo Revengers' goods begins See in context

Ughh no "Pah-Chin" ?

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Posted in: Kikkoman wants soy sauce to be the 'ketchup of India' See in context

soy sauce + ketchup = BBQ sauce!! Try it.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic beds are sturdy, organizers says after 'anti-sex' report See in context

The cardboard beds at the Tokyo Olympic Village are "sturdy", organizers reassured on Monday, after a report warned they weren't strong enough for sex.

Oh, how thoughtful of Japan! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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