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Posted in: Police officer fatally shoots man threatening him with saw See in context

No tasers in such a supposedly advanced country?

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Posted in: Massive crowds protest again in Myanmar against coup See in context

The generals justified the coup by claiming fraud in last November's elections

Emboldened, no doubt, by similar false claims made in America by Trump. Trump must be so jealous that the scam actually worked in Myanmar.

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Posted in: Olympics delay a blow for virus-hit Tokyo hotels See in context

Many of the hotels--charging outrageous prices, making record profits all these years--should have banked more than enough to weather this storm.

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Posted in: Japanese firms see economy contracting if Olympics were to be cancelled See in context

So sad how Japan has to now cling to the straws of the Olympics and tourism to help save its economy.

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Posted in: Where U.S.-Japan trade deal falls short of TPP pact See in context

At about ¥350 for 200 grams here in Japan, 450 grams of butter (as pictured) would cost 2.25 x ¥350 = ¥788 or about $7.33.

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Posted in: 3 workers sustain burns while inspecting maglev train See in context

Even faster trains that even fewer people can afford--just to attempt to one-up China. No thanks.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited deal on agriculture, digital trade See in context

This will have no effect at the supermarket (just like the TPP--anyone notice any remarkable price reductions?). The only ones to benefit from this are the middlemen, or perhaps third-world countries to which Japan will donate the food (rice, corn) so as not to disrupt the local Japan market.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan trade talks will bring peace of mind to farmers, automakers: Motegi See in context

It must be hard for this guy to keep a straight face given the hypocrisy of Japan's trade policies. Don't worry Japanese farmers: We will keep our import tariffs high. Don't worry Japanese automakers: We will ensure the Americans keep their import tariffs low.

In the meantime, Japanese taxpayers will buy American corn and wheat that will be donated to developing countries.

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Posted in: Fit to learn: International schools instil healthy habits See in context

Prices are just too far out of reach for the overwhelming majority of families.

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Posted in: Sony logs record profits, warns of headwinds to come See in context

Another day, another headline about another Japanese company making record profits, with said company investing some of those profits overseas. Meanwhile, salaries in Japan remain stagnant for 30 years.

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Posted in: Abe, Trudeau extol Pacific trade pact without U.S. See in context

The TPP took effect a while ago, but in Japan I see no new products from Canada (or other nations), and certainly no price reductions. Imported fruits and beef remain outrageously expensive. In fact, the cheapest place is still Costco. It seems the TPP was nothing more than an agreement to make the importers rich.

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Posted in: Japan to fund Sri Lankan light rail system See in context

Colombo traffic slows to an average speed of less than seven kilometers an hour during peak times, making it one of the slowest in South Asia.

The traffic in my (Japanese) city slows to 10 kmph during peak times. From what I've been told, it has been that way for the last 30 years. I wonder what speed Tokyo slows to during peak times.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Including the word "train" and/or an icon of a train would have been nice. "Platform" is a bit too vague, especially if you're in a hurried/tired daze.

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Posted in: Woman robbed of ¥400,000 while walking home See in context

Meanwhile, the rest of the developed world uses credit cards and e-payments.

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Posted in: No. of foreign tourists to Japan hits record high 31.19 mil in 2018 See in context

Sad to hear that Japan has devolved from a country of innovation, to a stagnant economy now grasping at the straws of tourism.

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Posted in: Mochi can be made more delicious by smothering it in creamy carbonara sauce See in context

Looks delicious.

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Posted in: Teachers reprimanded for using Japanese imperial flag and apparent war propaganda on school test See in context

The number of commentators here trying to defend this teacher's poor judgement is surprising. According to the article, a fellow Japanese teacher, the Japanese principal, and a good number of Japanese netizens all considered the image to be inappropriate. It's no different from the confederate flag in the US.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

Of course everyone knows (including Trump) that the last thing Japan needs is cars. However, Japan can very well lower tariffs in other areas to reduce its current trade deficit with the US. This is Trump's way of reminding Japan of that imbalance.

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Posted in: TPP-11 may take effect by year-end: Motegi See in context

Why advertise the timing, when most of Japan's protectionist tariffs will be phased down over many years or even decades. In 15 years, the beef tariffs will eventually drop to 9%. Japan does not know the meaning of free trade.

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Posted in: Philip Morris woos puff-happy Japan for post-smoking era See in context

Why are smokers not charged more for national health insurance than non-smokers?

I can't stand second-hand smoke, and believe Japan is way behind the times in terms of banning smoking in public places. But, the problem is with asking smokers to pay more for health insurance opens a dangerous can of worms: Where would one draw the line? How about also charging more to those who drink too much? And, should overweight people pay more? Or perhaps those who are not overweight but are at higher risk due to an unhealthy diet or lack of regular exercise? Maybe those like me who eat mainly a western diet should pay more too?

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

I suspect the company will go bankrupt. Then, taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Maybe the 10% consumption tax can help pay for the replacements, which can then line the pockets of more construction companies.

But, since they bowed, it's water under the bridge.

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Posted in: Can wireless challenge cable for home internet service? See in context

Softbank Air is not 5G, it is a 4G technology called AXGP. Verizon is advertising typical speeds of 300 Mbps, with peak speeds near 1 Gbps. With Softbank Air, the most I ever saw was 80 Mbps at 3 AM, and typically 1-3 Mbps during peak times. It all depends on how crowded are the airwaves in your area. A true 5G-for-home offering from Softbank probably won't come for some time.

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Posted in: We taste-test 7-Eleven’s new fusion cuisine: the Cheese Dak-galbi Burrito See in context

Looks more like a chicken quesadilla given how thin it is. But, considering just the tortilla costs 80-100 Yen here in Japan, I guess they have to cut corners somewhere.

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Posted in: Travelers flood train stations, clog roads in holiday exodus See in context

Why is it so hard for people on Japan Today to understand that this is not summer vacation! ... I would compare it more to a pilgrimage than a vacation. Thus the reason everyone travels at the same time. You can't stagger it or have some people go at different times, the whole idea is it is a chance for family members to get together at least once a year.

So it's similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S. People leave on the weekend before, on the Tuesday before, on the Wednesday before, or on Thanksgiving Day itself. I think that's the kind of staggering to which other posters are referring. It is still more crowded than usual, but not as insane as here in Japan where it seems that everyone in the country leaves on the same day (maybe due to work inflexibility).

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Posted in: High-tech Tokyo tops list of world's most innovative cities See in context

Last year I was in Miami; paid in cash almost everywhere, so I guess even the mighty US of A uses it!!!

Of course, if desired, you can still use cash (and even checks) in the U.S. at many places. However, it is frowned upon because it's slow and dated.

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Posted in: Trump hits back at LeBron James over racial division comments See in context

40% of the U.S. was not ready for a black president. The Tea Party was driven by the hate for Obama, particularly the thought of him giving money to the poor (assumed racial minorities). The Tea Party--the self-proclaimed "silent majority"--endured for 8 years under Obama. Trump was part of that movement, and to this day, still insists that Obama was born in Kenya.

Fueling the flames of that hatred, and with help from entities like Cambridge Analytica, Trump was elected. His racist base now has a voice. They want to Make America White Again.

Obama ran on a campaign of Hope. Trump ran on a campaign of Hate.

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Posted in: Trump hits back at LeBron James over racial division comments See in context

Nope. Maybe I am out of the loop. I mean actual racism, not just drama, hyperbole and the usual Trump twitter nonsense.

Here is a start:

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Posted in: Australia to 'vehemently' oppose Japan push to ease whaling ban See in context

Australia has the right to voice it's opposition.

At the same time, the Japanese have the right to eat what they please.

However, if Japan chooses to ignore or subvert the rules of the International Whaling Commission, then they should leave the IWC and stop wasting everyone's time.

Japan has a choice to make on this issue. Either it chooses to be viewed as a rightful member of the international community, or it chooses to be viewed as an isolated island nation. You can't have it both ways.

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Posted in: New law urges overworked Japan Inc to rethink work styles See in context

I often joke with friends that working in Japan is like living on a Borg cube. When you've finished doing your work, you return to your cubicle/capsule to recharge for the next day's work. But, after reading this article, perhaps Japan is worse than a Borg cube. Even the Borg know that a full regeneration cycle is necessary for productivity. Life is work. Work is life. Resistance is futile.

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Posted in: 76% of LDP lawmakers support Abe's re-election as party leader: poll See in context

So much for Japan having a real democracy. As smithinjapan said, no better than China, and I will add Russia and NK to that list. LDP members live large while the general population scrapes by.

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