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Posted in: 2 Vietnamese nationals arrested amid spate of burglaries See in context

I've seen "salary reveal" videos of people under "trainee" visa and many earns around 100,000yen. Then there's personal expenses and they have to send some of whats left of that to their families in their home countries. With the value of yen going down, they need to render many hours of overtime to cover for that lost. Truly a hard situation for many under the internship visa program.

We do not know the background of these two, but they did commit the crime and needs to be punished according to the law.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

Living like kings doing their shopping at DonQuihote, Daiso and BookOff (",)

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

Disposing of old or broken appliances or large furniture here is already a bother and costly, imagine how much it would cost to demolish a rotting house.

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Posted in: Japanese city loses residents’ personal data, which was on paper being transported on a windy day See in context

Was the fax machine broken? Or the Floppy Disc reader malfunctioning? Perhaps the USB reader cable is no longer compatible to its intended reader? Knowing how things are done here, I think the authorities are still on the 8th round of meeting before they decide if they will use digital media on handling sensitive documents.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 158 range against dollar in New York See in context

I was hopeful that BOJ governor Ueda will at least try to reverse what Kuroda and Abe did with that sham of "Abenomics" but alas he is no different. The only thing changing in Japan is the number of its old people.

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Posted in: Marcos says trilateral summit with U.S., Japan to include South China Sea cooperation See in context

A spokesperson for former Duterte confirmed last month that such an agreement was made

Duterte sold his country to China, he was a product of heavy propaganda and fake news which easily swayed the poor voters. Now his daughter is the vice-president and the Duterte family are doing all they can to oust the sitting president because of the Philippines pivot back to its traditional Western allies.

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Posted in: Fans bid farewell to giant moving Gundam in Yokohama See in context

I guess its a big hit for fans but if you are casual and see the way it was constructed where there are obvious attachments for it to move, you would wonder if the price of ticket to see it is better spent on just seeing the one in Odaiba for free specially if your goal is to take pictures only.

Perhaps when the technology is there where the giant robot can move independently, now that is one worth buying ticket for. The location though is very near to tourist spots like Minato Mirai, Akarenga, Yamashita-park, Motomachi Chukagai so one can just see this Gundam from the outside if you are already in the area.

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Posted in: Japan to OK home care visits by more foreign workers See in context

Many of the foreign caregivers are licensed nurses from their home countries and are English speakers. The main hurdle of passing the nursing exams here is the Japanese language so they end up as caregivers where pay is lower. They should try other countries where they could work as nurses and language is not a barrier. Lower wages as caregiver plus the falling Yen doesn't make Japan attractive for these skilled workers.

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Posted in: Philippines says it will not yield to submission in dispute with 'patronizing' China See in context

The former President Duterte was a Chinese stooge, now that his daughter is the Vice President, their whole family are doing all they can to malign the sitting president to elevate his daughter to the presidency. For six years, the Dutertes strategy of cozying to China brings nothing but disadvantages to their country.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

I do not believe that Shohei is betting on sports. I do think that he was only innocently trying to help a friend in need. The sum of money transferred under his name make you wonder how he did not know what what was happening, as the article mentioned there was no explanation of that.

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Posted in: Ohtani to speak to media for 1st time since illegal gambling, theft allegations against interpreter See in context

He needs to come clean, get their story straight and stop hiding behind his US lawyers. That is not how it is done in Japan. Man up, tell them he is innocently helping a friend in trouble who was integral in his MLB career. Face some sanctions if any and then bow and try to earn back some lost trust.

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Posted in: Ohtani's 'perfect person' image could take a hit with firing of interpreter over gambling See in context

Well at least now the J-media can talk about something else about Ohtani, other than the usual stalking reports of him and his wife.

Also, the Dodgers didn't know about Ippei's gambling problem and Shohei knows nothing before they signed him? Ippei retracted his original statement that Shohei helped him pay off his debt.

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

ESPN said it spoke to Mizuhara on Tuesday night, at which point the interpreter said Ohtani had paid his gambling debts at Mizuhara's request. After the statement from Ohtani's attorneys saying the player was a victim of theft, ESPN says Mizuhara changed his story Wednesday and claimed Ohtani had no knowledge of the gambing debts and had not transferred any money to bookmakers.

Hmm, why change his story about Ohtani helping him pay off his debt?

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Posted in: Filipino woman admits to killing sister, Japanese niece See in context

There is no capital punishment in the Philippines. Buying properties is still largely cash based, presumably the property they are planning to acquire is from a rural area, far from the capital. Perhaps they carried that large Yen amount to avoid bank fees and the seller doesn't have a bank account, many still doesn't as it is still a developing country.

Regardless of nationality, families can do murder over money or property.

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Posted in: Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest See in context

Clickbait or not, the picture above is genuine thus highly offensive. You honor your ancestors, fine, but at least know what they did to the countries they invaded during WWII.

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Posted in: Hiroshima grapples with 'Oppenheimer' Oscars success See in context

However, the use of super bombs opened a terror greater than Japanese war culpability. This is why some people knee jerk and the use of these weapons. It isn't something that is as bad as what the Japanese did. It's something worse. 

Tell that to the Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos and other Pacific nation invaded by IJA. Do you honestly think that if the Japanese had the bomb first that they won't use it on another?

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Posted in: Japanese male office workers experience simulated menstrual pain See in context

Did the men take Mefenamic acid or Ibuprofen?

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Posted in: Japan eyes up to 800,000 more skilled foreign workers over next 5 years See in context

Nobody is putting a gun on their heads to come to Japan. I just hope they get the whole picture such as working conditions, Japanese work culture, racism, cost of living and the continuous depreciation of the yen. They might reconsider if it is still worth it to come and spend their younger productive years here.

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Posted in: 2 Filipinos face murder charge over bodies found under Tokyo home See in context

2 Filipinos face murder charge over bodies found under Tokyo home

Two Japanese murdered, will the 2 Filipinos get the rope if convicted? Prison in Japan will be heaven compared to the prison in the Philippines.

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Posted in: Apple abandons electric car plans: media See in context

China is flooding the market with EVs. They make one like they create smartphones where the user will replace their old models few years after purchase. They are just built NOT to last.

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Posted in: Japan inflation falls to BOJ target of 2% See in context

Japan inflation falls to BOJ target of 2%

Wasn't this the target of Abenomics TEN YEARS AGO??

Abe is gone and Kuroda is out and BOJ is still holding on to this policy. Stubborn isn't even the word to describe it.

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Posted in: Taiwan's Lai thanks Japan for TSMC expansion support See in context

There is a foundry in China which is partially owned by the government, SMIC although not as advanced as TSMC. No semiconductor company outside of China will use this foundry, unless they want their designs be "reversed engineered" few days after they sent their mask designs for fabrication.

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Posted in: Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami finalizes $3.35 million, 1-year contract with New York Mets See in context

Perhaps Senga can help him right the ship, but still a 3.35M experiment is still a large risk, even if the owner is filthy rich. Good luck to him playing for New York, he'll surely hear it from the fans if he played like he did for the A's.

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Posted in: High school girl killed, likely after being dragged 5 km by car See in context

5kms? Imagine the blood trail dragging a poor teenage girls body underneath a car. There are no other drivers noticing that something was under the 72yr old's car while driving, or perhaps they noticed and just ignored it like its none of their business?

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of wife whose body was found in bathtub See in context

beating his wife Sayaka between 10:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. on November 27

And he was just arrested now, 2months after?

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

I've been stopped 2-3 time, all while riding my bicycle in Yokohama. On broad daylight I patrol car was coming my way and then I saw them made a U-turn and knew then they were gonna check me. I stopped in front of a Nittori store and questioned about my Gaijin-card and bicycle registration, saying it was a "random" check which I knew was BS. They saw I was on an Engineer visa and let me go after taking some notes.

I also get the customary "Nihonggo jouzu desu ne" as if that would make you feel any better.

Wearing a hat and masks helps nowadays as they dont see my gaijin face.

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Posted in: Rift intensifies between Philippines president and Duterte family See in context

If the Philippines' choice is between Duterte or Marcos family of politicians, then that country is destined to doom. One former president who is under ICC investigation for human rights abuse and the other who was a dictator for 21years. Now their children, current president and vice-president is running the country. How they both got elected is a testament on the type of government they have.

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Posted in: Tokyo bus operator banks on foreign drivers as shortage looms See in context

A weaker yen also makes Japan a less attractive place to work.

Now that is an understatement. Low salary for foreign workers and they have to send a large portion of that back to their families in their own countries where prices are also rising plus a weak yen means they have to double their effort to cover for that difference like 1-2years ago.

Taiwan, South Korea, NZ or even Europe is becoming more ideal for asian skilled workers than Japan nowadays.

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Posted in: Japan to nominate shodo calligraphy for UNESCO heritage list in 2026 See in context

Another one? At this rate, expect Japan to apply for Shohei Ohtani be included in the heritage list soon after he retired.

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Posted in: Ex-cop's appeal over murder of family dismissed; death penalty upheld See in context

What was the motive for the murders?

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