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Posted in: Taiwan's Lai thanks Japan for TSMC expansion support See in context

There is a foundry in China which is partially owned by the government, SMIC although not as advanced as TSMC. No semiconductor company outside of China will use this foundry, unless they want their designs be "reversed engineered" few days after they sent their mask designs for fabrication.

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Posted in: Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami finalizes $3.35 million, 1-year contract with New York Mets See in context

Perhaps Senga can help him right the ship, but still a 3.35M experiment is still a large risk, even if the owner is filthy rich. Good luck to him playing for New York, he'll surely hear it from the fans if he played like he did for the A's.

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Posted in: High school girl killed, likely after being dragged 5 km by car See in context

5kms? Imagine the blood trail dragging a poor teenage girls body underneath a car. There are no other drivers noticing that something was under the 72yr old's car while driving, or perhaps they noticed and just ignored it like its none of their business?

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of wife whose body was found in bathtub See in context

beating his wife Sayaka between 10:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. on November 27

And he was just arrested now, 2months after?

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

I've been stopped 2-3 time, all while riding my bicycle in Yokohama. On broad daylight I patrol car was coming my way and then I saw them made a U-turn and knew then they were gonna check me. I stopped in front of a Nittori store and questioned about my Gaijin-card and bicycle registration, saying it was a "random" check which I knew was BS. They saw I was on an Engineer visa and let me go after taking some notes.

I also get the customary "Nihonggo jouzu desu ne" as if that would make you feel any better.

Wearing a hat and masks helps nowadays as they dont see my gaijin face.

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Posted in: Rift intensifies between Philippines president and Duterte family See in context

If the Philippines' choice is between Duterte or Marcos family of politicians, then that country is destined to doom. One former president who is under ICC investigation for human rights abuse and the other who was a dictator for 21years. Now their children, current president and vice-president is running the country. How they both got elected is a testament on the type of government they have.

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Posted in: Tokyo bus operator banks on foreign drivers as shortage looms See in context

A weaker yen also makes Japan a less attractive place to work.

Now that is an understatement. Low salary for foreign workers and they have to send a large portion of that back to their families in their own countries where prices are also rising plus a weak yen means they have to double their effort to cover for that difference like 1-2years ago.

Taiwan, South Korea, NZ or even Europe is becoming more ideal for asian skilled workers than Japan nowadays.

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Posted in: Japan to nominate shodo calligraphy for UNESCO heritage list in 2026 See in context

Another one? At this rate, expect Japan to apply for Shohei Ohtani be included in the heritage list soon after he retired.

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Posted in: Ex-cop's appeal over murder of family dismissed; death penalty upheld See in context

What was the motive for the murders?

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Posted in: Ohtani agrees to record $700 million 10-year contract with Dodgers See in context

That is a crazy amount of money even for a player like Ohtani. Dodgers needs pitching, I am not sure if they can still afford another high leverage pitcher and Ohtani will not pitch next season. I truly hope he pitch again but this is his second operation where recovery risks are significantly higher specially for him that continue to bat as DH.

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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

The driver was arrested for malicious intent and the authorities are only taking precautionary measures to make sure this behavior will not escalate. Those poisoning crows or dismembering cats on parks are also investigated.

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Posted in: Companies drop Johnny's agency talent after sex abuse scandal See in context

*Auto giant Nissan said it would also refrain from "developing new sales promotion materials using that talent agency until further notice", on the grounds that its conduct "contravenes" the automaker's guidelines on respecting human rights, *except for that guy who will remain unnamed.

Curious if Mcdonalds and Nissan will drop him considering he is no longer Johnnys with SMAP disbanded for a few years now.

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Posted in: Companies drop Johnny's agency talent after sex abuse scandal See in context

Nah, they knew for years but they know the pull these "talents" have for their products so they just turn the blind eye. It is only now that this has become an international scandal, thanks to BBC, that they are distancing themselves from Johnny's. These companies were part of the problem, along with the Jmedia but now is the time to wash their hands.

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Posted in: Japan broadcasters issue rare apologies for past silence over J-pop agency sex abuse See in context

Meanwhile, Johnny's biggest star Kimura Takuya (SMAP) posted on instagram "show must go on!" with a matching salute.

Imagine telling that to the hundreds of victims, smh.

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water

Of course they wont. They are milking this issue to distract the population from their own domestic problems. They are even doubling down on misinformation.

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Posted in: Accusers in Johnny's sex scandal say they hope for apology, compensation See in context

Tooooo Late,

The man is dead and so is this case, should have come forward while he's still alive but didn't have the guts !!?

Many did way back in the 90's, the Japanese media shut them down. It was only the BBCs documentary that blew this scandal open. The talents, JMedia, the sponsors and the fans know that Johnny was a pedo.

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Posted in: Accusers in Johnny's sex scandal say they hope for apology, compensation See in context

It is impossible that Johnnys sister and mother of the current president, Mary is not aware that her brother is a pedophile since she was with him from the start they ruled the Japan idol scene.

Aside from compensation and support for the victims, they should change the name of the company and then the current president resign along with other top executives.

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Posted in: Johnny & Associates founder Kitagawa sexually assaulted hundreds of teens, investigation finds See in context

While rumors of abuse at Johnny’s circulated over the years and several tell-all books have been published, Japan's mainstream media remained silent.

Japan mainstream media is now on the defensive making commentaries that there was never a cover-up.

Fact is Johnnys agency is too big to fall specially with Japans idol culture where fans spends large sums of money. The media, the talents and the fans knew it but just turn the blind eye or risk upsetting the balance and put Japan image into a bad light.

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Posted in: Japan conveys concern to China over harassment following Fukushima water release See in context

The communist leaders of China has found the perfect distraction for their brainwashed people from their domestic problems. A slowing economy, record number of jobless youth and property giants defaulting from their debts.

Did they tell their people that their own nuclear power plants release wastewater with higher levels of tritium than what Fukushima is now releasing?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted sexual assault of woman at her apartment See in context

Police said Takashi was serving a suspended sentence for a similar offense committed in 2022.

I'm guessing he confessed while being questioned and then bowed and apologize. Basically he showed remorse, so the Judge gave him a suspended sentence. That's Japanese justice system of 99% conviction in a nutshell.

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

China who turned rocks and reefs to artificial islands within exclusive economic zones of other countries, preventing them to fish on their traditional fishing grounds not to mention the great cause to the environment is suddenly concerned about the oceans health and peoples safety? And they have the gal to call another country "selfish".

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Posted in: Osaka police mistakenly arrest man in revenge porn case See in context

42 days and an apology?? And you wonder why the conviction rate in Japan is around 99%.

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Posted in: China's top diplomat urges greater co-operation with Japan, S Korea See in context

However, Wang reiterated Beijing's opposition to Japan's plan to release into the sea treated water from Tokyo Electric Power Co's Fukushima nuclear plant, saying it would affect the marine ecosystem and people's safety.

Could you believe China is actually concerned about the marine ecosystem after they forcefully built their fake islands off rocks and atolls in the SCS? Building military bases, reclaiming lands, destroying reefs and fishing grounds for people of other countries and now suddenly China is concern about marine ecosystem and peoples safety? What a joke!

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, at 330 meters, completed in Tokyo See in context

I see this building going to our office. Its so big I call it the "Tokyo Tower photo bomber". It just destroys the view of the historic tower on certain angles.

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Posted in: Vietnam bans 'Barbie' movie over South China Sea map See in context

China's controversial nine-dash line, which was repudiated in an international arbitration ruling by a court in The Hague in 2016.

The international tribunal already ruled that this imaginary line is nothing but that, a Chinese imagination. But movie producers will ignore this fact just to have a piece of that Chinese money.

They could have been neutral and not include the map at all, but they need to please a bigger market and ignore offending others.

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Posted in: Mercenary chief Prigozhin starts exile in Belarus; Putin praises Russian troops See in context

Putin meanwhile told some 2,500 Russian security personnel at a ceremony on a square in the Kremlin complex in Moscow that the people and the armed forces stood together in opposition to the rebel mercenaries.

They marched close to the capital practically unopposed which means Russians doesn't care about Putin and his government. His strong-man image is ruined when he flew away from Moscow during the coup and now allowed his cook to be exiled. Little Putin is afraid of repercussions from Wagner group and their supporters.

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

Another one? At this rate, might as well apply for the whole country and all its customs and traditions to the UNESCO Heritage list.

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Posted in: Russian mercenary chief says he did not intend coup; Putin thanks those who stood down See in context

Prigozhin defied orders to place his troops under Defence Ministry command or return return their equipment by July 1. The egotistical maniac fear being irrelevant mounted this mutiny. His master Putin is exposed as lame and powerless that he agrees for Prigozhin to be "exiled" to Belarus which is also under one of his puppet.

Putin will not risk offing the monster he created or face the wrath of his followers as shown when they march to the capital practically unopposed. Putin is done.

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Posted in: Awa Odori dance festival to sell premium seats for ¥200,000 See in context

The ticket pricing is markedly higher than usual, as last year's most expensive tickets cost around 5,000 yen.

From 5,000 to 200,000 is an increase of 195,000! Higher than usual is not the statement for it!

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Posted in: Couple convicted of 2021 murder of Tokyo high school girl See in context

This means that these couple would be released when they are about 50 yrs old. Life sentence would have been appropriate.

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