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Posted in: High school teacher in hot water after forcibly giving male student a buzz cut See in context

I think it amounts to a human rights violation. Hair length is not important in education. Whether it is clean and neat is.

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Posted in: Japan pension office branch head replaced after hate speech tweets See in context

"Dismissed" as in "fired"? Surely not. They were just transferred/demoted, so they will still draw a hefty salary for years to come.

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Posted in: Daiwa House suspects massive embezzlement at Chinese joint venture See in context

The Japanese home builder said it will book half of the missing money as a loss if the company fails to collect it.

And what about the other half?

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Posted in: 29-year-old man arrested for murder of father, attempted murder of mother See in context

Mental illness?

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting police officer who interfered with his Pokemon GO game See in context

He asked one to leave and they complied.

The one with multiple personalities?

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Posted in: Police officer who died in 2017 suspected of stealing more than ¥85 mil from safe See in context

How convenient!

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing neighbor in Saitama Pref See in context


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Posted in: Halekulani Okinawa to begin taking reservations from Feb 27 ahead of July 26 opening See in context

No mention of the prices anywhere in the article. Couldn't even find them on their website.

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Posted in: Thief targets 2 convenience stores in Saitama Pref See in context

"Thief"? Isn't "robber" the correct word in this case?

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Posted in: Abe starts year with a game of golf, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' See in context

I wonder if his mother, who is 90 years old, enjoyed the movie.

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Posted in: 48-year-old woman arrested for strangling mother to death See in context

Her speaking incomprehensibly is probably a sign of some kind of mental disease.

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Posted in: Car hits and kills 15-year-old cyclist; driver arrested See in context

No info about whether the boy was wearing a helmet... Most likely, not. I am not sure if it could have saved his life, but helmets should be made mandatory for cyclists. Anyway, this is sad beyond words.

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Posted in: Former ‘Mr Todai’ participant arrested for allegedly raping woman See in context

Quite unusual to set him free on bail so soon after such a serious accusation. Several months in custody is usually the norm.

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Posted in: 'I didn’t find my children’s school; I built it': Hazuki Tanaka Of Hayama International See in context


Elementary school is the highest level, it seems.

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Posted in: Japanese man extradited from Argentina gets 20 years for murder of Chinese woman See in context

On old-style suspended sentence would have been appropriate.

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Posted in: SDF member dies in crash during joint drill with U.S., Philippines See in context

If the visibility was low, both drivers should have driven EXTREMELY carefully. Either one of them or both of them didn't. And the result is this tragedy.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines to offer discount to people with mental disorders See in context

Many people with the above-mentioned mental disorders live on a meager disability pension, so they can't afford to travel by plane without thinking twice, so I welcome the measure.

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Posted in: Cash stolen from parked taxi in 11 seconds in Sapporo See in context

Not locking the doors when you leave the car and can't see it, even for a short time, is not very smart.

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Posted in: Man kept body of father at home because he didn’t want to be separated from him See in context

The son needs psychiatric help.

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Posted in: 25-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpses of 3 infants in Sendai apartment See in context

@Educator: My bad. Sorry.

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Posted in: 25-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpses of 3 infants in Sendai apartment See in context

So, the apartment owner did not check the apartment after she moved out?

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy hit and killed by train in Saga See in context

Probably couldn't stand the thought of having to go back to school and be bullied again day after day, I guess. Poor boy, RIP!

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Posted in: Man gets suspended term for helping commentator commit suicide See in context

He should not have been punished at all. That paragraph in the law is obsolete.

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Posted in: Japan to survey disputed islets in Aug. for projects with Russia See in context

Russia will never return the islands, developed or not developed.

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Posted in: Daihatsu's new light car aimed at women with focus on security rather than fuel economy See in context

Why do women have to drive small cars, and men big ones?

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Posted in: Phone scammers arrested after one forgets ‘fraud manual,’ phones at convenience store See in context

Kind of messy that "manual"...

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit, killed by car driven by father See in context

A parent's nightmare. RIP, little girl!

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Posted in: Rapes and beatings: The torments of South Korea's young athletes See in context

Terrible, just terrible. It makes you wonder what the situation is like in other patriarchal countries (without naming any).

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

Photo: Fat shaming, no doubt in my mind. For all we know, that man may have a medical condition.

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Posted in: 2 die in paragliding accident in Gunma See in context

A sudden change of the wind conditions can impede the steering a lot.

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