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Hopefully Japan never decides to really militarize again since that would instantly cause an air of distrust between China and Japan to occur. I think China's worst fear is a nuclear or militaristic Japan since Japan's military past is devastating for all other asian countries in the region.

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I agree with most on this post that Kabukicho could be dangerous if you do something that's obviously stupid (and you would definitely be able to tell what NOT to do) but as a whole, it's no big deal. I believe the Japanese have a different standard concerning what "dangerous" is. Japan is an extremely safe place as a whole, so places like Kabukicho, Roppongi, and some areas of Okinawa are going to be called dangerous. Anyway, as far as my experienec with Kabukicho, I had more of a problem with people bothering me than feeling at risk. Girls will come up to you and ask if you need anything or if you want a massage...stuff like that. There are also a bunch of Nigerians that hang out in that area. They will approach you from time to time as well if you're obviously a foreignor. It's basically just annoying because they will start to tell you their life story and how they ended up working there in Japan ^_^ Other than that, for the regular person I would say it seems pretty safe because it is in general. Besides it also feels safe because the streets there are packed almost 24 hours a day. I'm not saying something can't happen to you in plain sight, but any area seems safer with tons of people around.

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