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Posted in: China begins blanket radiation testing on seafood imports from Japan See in context

As much as it does seem quite silly it could work in Japan’s favor if they don’t find any radiation in the seafood. However, it’s quite likely they will fudge the results to fuel their anti-Japan propaganda.

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Posted in: Japan asks Hong Kong not to ban food imports over Fukushima water release See in context

This is what happens when you pee in your neighbor’s pool.

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Posted in: Osaka police mistakenly arrest man in revenge porn case See in context

So, what sort of compensation is this guy going to be awarded after spending 40 days in a cell?

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man subdued by police in Tochigi Prefecture dies in hospital See in context

This brings back memories of the guy who died when police sat on his chest to restrain him. Hopefully, this is not the case here although, it’s difficult to understand why someone would just start bleeding from the mouth and die.

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Posted in: 27% of Japan's nursing homes face bankruptcy due to price hikes: survey See in context

The rich country strikes again! Dawg forbid they should actually shell out some money to subsidize aged care facilities.

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Posted in: IAEA chief Grossi hints at discord among its Fukushima report experts See in context

This is all best guess science based on models. Nobody knows what effect the continued release of this water over the next half a century will have in the environment. There is reason for genuine concern. Hopefully there models are correct, but if they are not the whole east coast of Japan could become a radioactive wasteland.

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Posted in: Japan says China, S Korea have both released water with high levels of tritium See in context

Two wrongs don’t equal a right.

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Posted in: South Korean shoppers buy up salt before Japan's Fukushima water dump See in context

Roy Sophveason - Except we know exactly what Fukushima's waste water release will do and the effect it will have: virtually none.

If this is so, why are there just as many scientists against the release as there are supporting it?

It is estimated to add around 0.00005% in tritium radioactivity to the sea, every year

You seem to be ignoring that they always ‘most isotopes’ when they state what has been removed. You also seem to be ignoring the report released by TEPCO three years ago stating that a lot of the water contains more than just tritium due to poor filtering techniques in the early days of storage. Anybody who believes the J-Gov and the media reports telling people this is perfectly safe is very foolish.

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Posted in: South Korean shoppers buy up salt before Japan's Fukushima water dump See in context

Roy Saph….. - Has this happened before? Because by and large the oceans are still reeling from the nuclear tests of the 1950s and 1960s. In comparison the radioactive waste water discharge that has been happening for half a century, by virtually every nuclear power faciltiy, and in much greater volume than the Fukushima waste water release, 

You are talking about completely different scenarios. The release of the water from Fukushima will continue for another 40-50 years until they decommission the plant resulting in trillions of tons of radioactive water being released over the next half century. This is prolonged exposure has never before been seen. You mentioned the bomb testing in the pacific during the 50’s and 60’s. Those atolls that were vaporized are still no go zones and are still desserts.

The fact is, nobody knows what effect this prolonged exposure will have on the marine life. For this single reason this release should not go ahead. It’s one heck of a gamble that could destroy the marine life of eastern Japan.

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Posted in: South Korean shoppers buy up salt before Japan's Fukushima water dump See in context

Exposure to nuclear isotopes has long been associated with decreased fertility and sterility. This also applies to marine life. If it does effect the breading cycle of marine life it could destroy the ocean ecosystem and turn the east coast of Japan into an undersea dessert. Let’s hope I am wrong.

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Posted in: IAEA chief to visit Japan ahead of treated Fukushima water release See in context

*an advanced liquid processing system that removes most radionuclides except for tritium*

The key word in this statement is ‘most’. Shouldn’t it be ‘all’.

This visit is just a formality. The release will go ahead regardless. Let’s just hope it is as safe as they keep claiming.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested over murder of 18-year-old ex-girlfriend in Yokohama See in context

This scenario repeats itself so often in Japan. An abusive boyfriend attacks and kills his girlfriend after she threatens to break up with him. Just change the names and dates. They are just cowardly mummy’s boys. It’s so sad for the girl and her family.

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Posted in: Critics of Tokyo redevelopment plan accuse city government of ignoring residents' wishes See in context

What’s this? The Japanese government ignoring the people? Nothing new here! Just remember, 60% of you keep voting for these cronies.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stabbing boyfriend in head with knife See in context

You have to wonder what he did to her to make her stab him in the head.

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Posted in: Japan to experiment with proof of vaccination at big sporting events See in context

But, but, the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. It only lessens the chances of ending up in the ICU.

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Posted in: Japan to fully lift state of emergency measures this week See in context

Watch the cases soar again for the sixth wave.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder, robbery at convenience store See in context

The geriatric crime wave continues in Japan.

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Posted in: Man ordered to pay ¥70 mil over 2017 murder of Vietnamese girl See in context

He pleaded not guilty. Is there any doubt he is responsible?

I remember this case well. He was convicted on DNA evidence. At least this cowardly creep should own up to his misdeeds.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to his death from 9th floor balcony in Sapporo See in context

What’s the bet they had a table and chairs on the balcony for him to climb on? I used to live in a 7th floor apartment and was always in fear of one of my kids going over the railing. My Japanese wife wanted to put a table and chairs on the balcony for sunny breakfasts. She got quite angry when I refused to let her.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for scalding toddler to death with hot water See in context

In May, the boy's mother consulted the local government in Settsu about Matsubara allegedly abusing the child,

Ding! Ding! The alarm bells go off! Why didn’t she kick his donkey out then? RIP little man. You deserved better.

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Posted in: LDP president candidates vow to double spending on children See in context

Japanese candidates are the biggest liars on the planet. They will say anything to gain voter favor. Remember all the garbage Abe spouted in his election campaign?

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested after leaving smartphone in girls changing room See in context

John-San - Japanese perversion in on par with all societies

I’m not sure about that. I don’t know of any other society where you can do a course in upskirt photography.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested after leaving smartphone in girls changing room See in context

Such a caring teacher to use his personal phone to monitor the girls in case of trouble in the change rooms. (Sarcasm)

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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

Well, isn’t that just lovely, not! RIP little boy.

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Posted in: New Zealand’s largest city to remain locked down See in context

SteveinJapan - Ridiculous thinking. There is more to living than trying to avoid death. It is reasonable to ask an entire population to waste years of their lives to save just a few? 

I’m quite sure that if you or a family member were in the ICU on a respirator struggling for every breathe your flippant and naive opinion would be quite different.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

So, will the mother be charged? Will family services be charged? Somebody should be held accountable for this little girl’s death.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

She may want the position but does she want the job that goes with it?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

Lock this creep away for a long long time.

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Posted in: Sydney floats pub promise to boost double-dose vaccination rate See in context

covid is here to stay and the world is going to have to live with it. The vaccine does lessen the spread but the idea is to keep people out of the ICU when they catch it. I’ve had my first dose and will have my second in a couple of weeks. This is an extremely virulent and debilitating virus that has killed a million people worldwide. Get your shots!

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Posted in: Kishida calls for new type of capitalism to address income, social gaps See in context

The income and social gaps were there long before the pandemic. The middle class has been disappearing over the last twenty years. It’s becoming a society of those who have and those who have not. A new kind of capitalism is just a phrase that sounds good. A complete restructuring of the labor laws is what is needed. They should start with doing away with the short term work contracts that control 60% of the workforce. Then, they need to do away with the age based pay system that sees all these old farts being paid a small fortune to sit around all day and contemplate how to send email.

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