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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

Rape is not taken seriously as a crime in this country. Japan's legal system has the most lenient attitude to rape among the developed nations. It seems that in this case the lawyers have decided that the association with rape has diminished the seriousness of murder too.

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Posted in: 70,000 protesters surround Wisconsin Capitol See in context

Scrapping union rights? Is this North Korea? Iran? Libya? Egypt? Tunisia? Go Wisconsin!

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Posted in: Domino's Pizza Japan to pay Y2.5 mil for one hour of work in Dec See in context

I don't usually work for less than 3 million yen an hour, but what the hell, there's a recession on. I'll give it a go.

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Posted in: Gun-toters, including one with assault weapon, attend Obama protest See in context

Carrying guns to a political meeting can only be seen as intimidation. There is no other reason to carry weapons to a meeting. At the moment, US and allied troops are in Afghanistan trying to ensure the democratic process against the violent, undemocratic interference of men with guns. Perhaps they now need to be on the streets of their homeland defending due democratic process from men with guns.

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Posted in: Gun-toters, including one with assault weapon, attend Obama protest See in context

Guns are weapons and to carry them at a political demonstration, regardless of whether legal, is intimidation and can only be interpreted as such. Would you take a gun to McDonald's to exercise your right? Comparing guns to cars is sophistry. Guns are weapons, cars are not. If you hurt someone with a car, it is most likely an accident. Comparing background checks on gun buyers to checks on car buyers is also sophistry. Guns are not only used with intent to harm by nutters. They can be used with intent to harm in a calculated way or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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Posted in: Panasonic orders 10,000 employees to buy its products by July See in context

We all live in the same absurd condition. We live to work to buy the things we make at work to live.

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Posted in: Porn industry enjoys good sales despite recession See in context

"sex sells like hot cakes". No, I think the saying is that sex sells like hot buns.

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