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Posted in: Japan weather bureau sees 80% chance of El Nino continuing into summer See in context

That also means that TYPHOONS will also increase along with their strength also increasing

More water content and more flooding, super TYPHOONS will be many and mainland and Northern Japan will feel a huge brunt. may help Okinawa as the storms track further north only bright point

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

For Smokers the tax of 30 yen per pack has already happened. They should also increase the taxes on Saki, Shochu, Awamori that have not paid their fair share like Beer, Wine and Alcohol and not give tax breaks to them. All taxes should be same based on Percentages of Alcohol, beer and wine.

Food and health should never be taxed as that is an essential requirement for life.

Put taxes on stocks and bond purchases that only rich people have.

Make the Japanese 10% rich people hide their taxes.

They should legalize cannabis use and reap taxes off of it like so many states that hurt for money do

Saves money on prisons and jails and police

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Posted in: Over 60% dissatisfied with casino law, Abe's response to heavy rain: poll See in context

Pachinko and Japanese Slot machine Parlors Yakuza owned with North and South Korean partners out number all the Casinos in the world.

If Japan was worried about crime and gambling they would close and shutdown every one of them.

Also Japan does not want to hurt the Yakuza and Korean mafia.

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Posted in: Volunteers struggle with heat in flood-hit areas; evacuees suffering ailments See in context

Welcome to World Climate Change.

Change and prepare now or face the agony of death and illness

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Posted in: Trump to leave G7 summit early; fires back at Trudeau See in context

Call it the G7 minus 1 = G6

The Lyin King Trump is now started the G1

Maybe next The Lyin King can pull out of WTO

The USA would go into a depression

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Posted in: Kushner given security clearance See in context

The man is a traitor. Death penalty too leanious.

Democracy is very Ill now.

Follow the money as he has sold out Freedom all for money

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Posted in: Lava from Kilauea volcano enters ocean, creating toxic cloud See in context

Volcano safety is really important. Mother nature does not care who lives there when she cracks earths shell.

Luckily these are Shield type Volcanoes, the Strata type volcano is very much more dangerous as they explode and huge pyroclastic flows that destroy everything in their paths and can travel at hundreds of kilometers an hour. Here in Japan many volcanoes of the Strata Type (Fuji san) are way overdue and can wake up quickly.

It is a good message for all whom live in these areas.

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

The TESLA is a threat to the Hybrids of Japanese auto;s

And REAL pickups come from the USA

Even Toyota (Tundra......) and Honda make their pickups in the USA

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Posted in: Congress nears budget deal; Trump says he would 'love' a shutdown See in context

Trumps days as a fake President are near the end and soon he will be a Number in A federal Penitentiary

The sooner the better for the Orange DOTARD as he tries to destroy Freedom and Democracy and is nothing but a Soviet plant to destroy the USA. May he veto all the bills and create the Shutdown he wants and finish himself.

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Posted in: Japan wary of U.S. push for fewer curbs on beef, auto shipments See in context

Any country or politician that makes a Deal with the Trump administration will get hurt badly and endanger the people of Japan.

I do not eat meat from the USA as its bad meat full of GMO and antibiotics that are not good and then the Growth hormones is scary stuff.

Let them bring the cars in as no one will buy them

Me I own Subaru autos in the states as they are better than US cars

My friend swears by Hyundai and his wife likes Toyota's and Honda's.

American cars are junk compared to all cars now on the market.

Even the Yellow plates

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Posted in: China, S Korea criticize Japan over museum for disputed islands See in context

If China takes it with a force, What will Abe do?

China would then control the whole South China Sea

Radar Station, Missiles Aimed at Taiwan and Japan?

Troops and make artificial land fill and runways with piers for ships.

Japan should be doing it and let them bark as as others do with their fake islands they stole from the Philippines

That should be a Warning that China see's them as vital military outposts and very close to Taiwan and sooner or later they will take them.

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Posted in: Tokyo to encourage foreign tourists to splurge on nightlife See in context

As an example to use what tourists like. They like Diversity and a mix of cultures. International areas with variety. Lets take a look at Singapore and their entertainment and dining areas.

The foods are everything and 1/2 are Singapore specialties. Everything is open air and indoor commons.

Attractive areas open space and covered area and many clubs with people mingling from one to another.

No fees and added costs. many types of bar foods all night. Music is from rock to blues to jazz to folk. Ethnics of Spanish, Cuban and Hispanic dance clubs to salsa all night. Discos and Hip-Hop all around. Everywhere the music is live and no cover charges.

The best it all located in central areas where driving is not required and a lot of Subway, bus and taxi services.

The place has all representatives of every nationality, Religion, race creed and color and sexuality.

You need to have a place that unites all travelers, ex pats and locals to mix and realize we are all Humans and we can live as one. No racism and bigotry only a place of harmony and well being. That is what all want for an entertainment venue

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters around Senkakus See in context

Donald Trump is a puppet of Russia and China and The Orange Dotard of the USA has given his full permission to China to go ahead and take the islands with his blessings and also promised that Taiwan is theirs anytime as the USA will do nothing to stop them. The same goes for the Northern territories for Putin as he is the orange Pinocchio's puppet master and trump will follow and do as he is told.

And Japanese SDF are not capable of fighting anymore as they have proven over and over that China and Russia can walk in anytime and nothing will be done but a protest condemning them.

Sorry Japan you will need to learn Chinese and Russian as that is your destiny now with the puppet dotard Trump as he is doing the same to the USA.

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Posted in: Gov't pledges economic support for Okinawan city accepting U.S. base See in context

Trump does not know the difference between Climate change and cold snaps.

banking and money laundering, Collusion and treason etc.......................................

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Posted in: Student to be referred to prosecutors over fatal bicycle crash See in context

Well it is a motor driven bike not 100% pedal power and is a motor vehicle, and using a cell phone is against the law while driving a motor driven bike. Guilty of several laws and a drink in her other hand. She is toast and should be punished as a Reckless driver and pay the price. I ride a bike a lot and this is a big issue. Japan needs to add Bicycle lanes everywhere. It is sometimes difficult to ride on teh narrow roads with open 2 ft. deep drain trenches that are open. I been driven into them by ignorant drivers and lats of road rash. Bikes and cars and pedestrians are a bad mix at times and mostly it is the ignorance of the person not paying attention and then regret it after it is too late. Hammer her hard with a good 10 year prison sentence at hard labor and put it in teh headlines and top spot on news cahnnels. maybe people will learn, maybe not. But you have to try to educate all on the roads.

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Posted in: American man on the run after escaping from notorious Bali prison See in context

Safer in north Korea where it is legal. Not on my bucket list ever. I stay away from corrupt 3rd world playpens.

Not safe for anything

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Posted in: EU, Japan conclude gigantic free trade deal See in context

Good for Japan and the EU. Too bad for The Dotard Trump as he isolates the USA from the world.

Would be great if the Japanese Govt. and EU Govt. would also make a defense agreement that would kick out the USA and Bring in the EU Nations. And this will improve Free trade and other trade agreements with the EU.

The EU are a much more civilized group of Nations that respect others and get the respect they need. Time for Japan to nix all trade and defense agreements with teh USA and bring Stability and Peace and prosperity for Japan and the EU.

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Posted in: Top court finds charging subscription fee for NHK broadcasts constitutional See in context

Love My Apple TV no NHK there, also Chrome, ROKU. Just use the Internet and a Monitor and a surround system DVD deck

Works great!

Then get a DNS/VPN address and you can stream the whole world!

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Posted in: 8 bodies found on washed-up boat in Akita See in context

A carbon copy of the same thing that the USA had with Cubans escaping communist rule.

Now Japan deals with North Korean Boat refuges fleeing the DPRK

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Posted in: Year-end jumbo lottery tickets go on sale with Y1 bil up for grabs See in context

1 billion yen, what a joke. The Lottery in Japan is an insult to intelligence. Where as you have in the State of California the Lottery starts at 1 billion yen and grows each drawing not won and has been in the 500 to 1000 billion yen. and it only costs 100 yen per ticket.

But as we say in the states: Someone is going to win and it is not you!

You also have a better chance of getting hit by lightening 2 times than winning the lottery.

Its just another scam to get your money from you

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Posted in: Trump again backs alleged harasser; Democrat gives up key post See in context

Trump is practicing the same policies as those that Dominate Japanese women in Japan in work and Political positions. The USA should send Trump to Japan so he can fit in with the same type mysoginist men in teh Japanese Govt.

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Posted in: Gov't to request American schools in Okinawa accept Japanese pupils See in context

One big problem of this is there is no room for other students but Military and Civilian employees get. As A contractor for me to send a child to the US Base schools is on a space available and a cost of $2500.00 per month or 250,000 Yen per month. The fact that Japan has failed to educate their kids in Foreign studies and languages is not the fault of the US Military but a Japanese Government that refuses to be like China who educates their children in English and foreign studies. They employ by the many thousands of English speakers to teach their kids in Public Schools. They send their children to teh best and most expensive colleges in the USA and Europe for the best educations. That is not happening in Japan. Japan still believes in isolationist practices and that everyone should speak Japanese. Even North Korea educates their kids in English more than Japan does. Singapore you need to speak English to live there. Japan will need to pay for US educated teachers and more schools. In the USA there are no tests for students to attend High Schools and all children are equal and have the opportunity to attend any public school. So japan should look in the mirror as they are the source of their problem. If Japan wants more English schools why don't they let these schools build here in Japan and pay the same wages that US teachers get. It is not the the US Govt. and Populations taxes that are paid for US schools for the sake of English illiterate Japanese students whom are not educated by the Japanese Govt.

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Posted in: Trump says he turned down Time's 'Person of the Year' See in context

Trump has committed Treason and High Crimes against the USA.

Traitors are usually sentenced to death and he deserves the same for his treasonous acts.

He is Like all other traitors and does not deserve to breathe another singe bit of Freedom and Free Air.

He better run to Putin and find a new country as Mueller will take him down and prison is coming for sure.

Put him in an orange Jump-Suit in Guantanamo Bay with his favorite inmates.

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Posted in: Subaru to recall 255,000 cars checked by uncertified staff next week See in context

Been a Loyal Subaru customer and enjoyed their products for 10 years now. Now that is shattered as now I may have a completely UNSAFE and maybe DEADLY vehicle as I just bought a 2017 Cross Track. Now i feel scared. How much greed and criminal activities are going on in Japan? Who is in Charge of these companies????? Is it the Orange pant Load Dotard Donald Trump???????????????? I would expect that of him.

Well I guess Japan products will be considered cheap unsafe overpriced garbage now as it was when I grew up 59 years ago. Now Japan corporations have decided to become lower than China and India on garbage in and Garbage out.

These companies have now betrayed the consumers and investors all for what a few 100 yen? The US auto industry did this in the 70's and they bit the dust hard. took a 3 decades to recover and they still are questioned.

Good Luck Japan manufacturers as you have all lost face now!

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Posted in: Trump blames Puerto Ricans for slow hurricane response See in context

Donald Trump is a RACIST PIG, KKK Grand Wizard, White Supremacist, White Nationalists raised by his KKK Father who was arrested at a KKK rally. Donald Trump hates all races but the white Euro style fascists. Trump will persecute and harass the minorities even if they are citizens. In Trumps eyes only White people belong in the USA. and if your poor white person forget help also as they are a burden to the Rich white aristocrats of the elite 1%. Hitler looks like a saint compared to Trump and his cohorts and family.

Trump is a Misogynist and woman abuser and has no respect and believes women are property.

Trump also is not a president except in name only. He is not a leader. Trump only want white people in the USA and will imprison the African Americans and deport all brown, yellow and red skinned people even if they are citizens, Trump believes in Slavery and uses the prison system to fund slavery and incarcerate the minorities.

Trump needs to be removed from office and sent to prison for life or receive the death penalty for treason

T stands for Traitor, T stands for Treason. The sooner the better by any LEGAL means. Too bad he was not in Las Vegas and 1 of the 50+ ones. save a lot of time and court cases. Prison is too good for him.

Trump has to go and the world needs to help the USA get rid of him. The worlds population will be able to survive in Peace then.

I would like to see him in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT to match is Orange Hair

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Posted in: Japan's cutesy 'kei' cars hit rocky road See in context

KEI cars are a really dangerous car and does not provide adequate protection in an auto collision.

KEI cars are banned by almost all nations as it can not pass a 10 mile crash test without hurting the people in the car. The car is a tinfoil motor scooter and just as dangerous to drive.

It has no side protections and a small crash will total the unit.

Its like Hitler and the VW Bug, the peoples car. Junk!

I call it a coffin on wheels.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

This is a test on Orange Caligula Trump the Bully of Putin,

They are trolling him into his End of His Dictatorship and the Fall of his Fascist Regime

They have an associate with him 24 hours hiding the football

Trump is Mentally UNSTABLE and the biggest threat to WW3 and a return to the stone age

For those that survive. It is also testing China as it puts severe pressure on them now

As Un's missile could be considered an Act of War.

It is time now for the UN to act with the approval of Czar Putin and China

All nations and countries and the world populations are all in danger if War happens with mushrooms

This is Trumps "Cuban Missile Crisis" and he better listen to the correct people

Not his Nazi fascist base.

Let your elected officials know your feelings and press them to move it to the Top people.

Let us all take a moment of silence for Thoughts and prayers that the sane people will rein in their spoiled brat leaders

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Posted in: Okinawa residents demand all U.S. military Osprey aircraft in Japan be grounded See in context

Pro China Onaga is placing all of Japan at peril of an invasion by China and Russia. As we can see with Chinese navy and Air force continually invade Okinawa and Japanese territorial waters and Air Space.

The Chinese just laugh at Japan as they know they have a life span shorten the North Korea does when it comes to a shooting match. The JSDF Forces try to intercept and get no where. they warn Them and the Chinese come closer and closer each time. they know the Japanese have no guts or courage to fight and will be destroyed in minutes. The in-superior pro peace-niks of Japan would roll over and play dead.

Japan as a military force could be beaten by a Girls scout Troop selling cookies. They show their yellow chicken bellies daily. Japan has no friends in Asia as they hate Japan with a passion and will just turn their back on them or be in the invasion and end of Japan. Japan can NOT survive without the US help. The unfortunate issue is The Putin Puppet DJ Trump will run as soon as the first slingshot is fired. Trump does not care and will leave Japan to be over-run by Russia in the North and China in the south and will divide Japan into 2 colonies 1 Russian and 1 Chinese. Japan has never been forgiven to all the atrocities committed on them the last century. Trump is a liar and the worlds biggest con men ever and bails when it looks even slightly negative. He will pull out real fast.

So time for Japanese to learn Russian and Chinese!

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Posted in: Okinawa files fresh lawsuit to halt U.S. base relocation See in context

the best thing for Onaga is that the Japanese Govt. cut all funding for Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands.

Give the Okinawans their freedom from Japan, and make Okinawa have their own currency also backed by sugar cane and pineapples and Chinese tourists. China will give Onaga all the money he wants just to get the US Military off Okinawa and then they can sail their Chinese warships in and out of Naha at will. They will take the disputed islands, They will take payments to Onaga as he want s to build Chinese bases with Missiles and offensive weapons for the preparation for the Invasion of Taiwan and the securing of the South China sea and stop all shipping through the area. Thus cutting the sea lanes for Japanese and world shipping.

The communists are very strong as the 1/3 who voted for Onaga are Communists and want to overthrow the Japanese Govt. and American defense of japan.

May these communists live with the Scourge of Onaga trump

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Posted in: Chinese gov't ships enter Japan waters where never seen before See in context

If Japanese ships did this in China's waters they would of been sunk or boarded and hauled is as War Crimes.

The Japanese So called self defense forces could not defend themselves against a fly. They are a disgrace as ABE is also. How much more before Japan is taken over by China. Yes close all the bases in Okinawa and Onaga will usher in the new Chinese era and declare that Okinawa is part of China. Japan needs to stand up and stop these Commies from running over asia. Best word for the JSDF is The Japanese Chicken Farm Forceless.

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