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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context

Japan should use the Vaccine Passport as A way to make travel easier. More people in the USA have had their Vaccines 100% and is more than the whole population of Japan. Enter into the airport show your vaccine certificate should be good enough. Seems to be more like isolationist ways.

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Posted in: Japan's malls and restaurants brace for Olympics without foreign visitors See in context

With the rest of the world way ahead now on vaccine vaccinations. Would not be a good idea to use a Vaccine passport type admittance of foreigners as they will be 100% vaccinated. Japan should speed up thier vaccination program as they are 6 months behind the world!

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Posted in: U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait after admiral's China invasion warning See in context

China is hell bent on not just Taiwan, Next will be the Islands of Okinawa and the Phillipines, China knows the USA is in Okinawa and 15 min. All hell from JSDF and USAF from Kadena, Ospreys full of Marines will be on their way. The nuke forces from Guam are only a short distance and all our Boomers underwater have so many nukes that China will be an ashtray. USA and the world need to go to the UN and all agree Taiwan is NOT part of China and a sovereign nation. Even at 63 years old am ready to fight for Taiwan and freedom and Democracy.

Do not forget, there are nukes in ammo bunkers at Kadena and they will be armed and ready. I dare China to start an invasion. US forces in South Korea will also be ready as Kim Jung Un would also see an opportunity to try Part 2 of uniting the ROK with the DPRK. WW3 would start.

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Posted in: Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, PM adviser says See in context

Love all the doom and gloom. Sound like a bunch of nationalists and fanaticism.

Everything in the past year were so unpredictable. Trump was not fighting China, (pretending as he has done for 4 years). His daughter got 10 or more exclusive patent deals in China, DOTUS getting a golf resort on a great Island with China's money, as with Putin in the west. Fell in love with KJ UN.

By not understanding Democracy and its methods with a republic, is a very difficult concept.

Things will change of course and it will not be for the worse but for the better.

The world is in a chaotic state due to mother nature and Autocrats/Oligarchs driven by greed and power.

Bidens election is a growth in Democracy and a fresh breath to the world. Trump is a lesson learned again as we keep putting in Authoritarian, fascist, oppressive and totalitarianism to keep upsetting the will of the people and we tolerate oppression and turn our backs. While crimes against humanity and genocide endure.

We have a leader now that is a man that fought hard through trials and tribulations: Loss of wife and Daughter in auto accident, son beau died of cancer, survived a massive brain aneurysm almost died.

Harris will be awesome very intelligent, not rich came from the streets of Oakland Ca, which was a dangerous place. Her whole damily is awesome and they worked hard. Her dad left them when she was young and she still succeeded.

Have faith world. Keep positive!

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, alright

Everything will be alright!!!!!!

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Posted in: American Airlines to start furloughing 19,000 workers See in context

I am glad as we need to ground all people world wide and stop this Pandemic.

The new normal is not yet established and it will be the worlds countries locking down and preventing any international travel. Good for the climate and our future.

Change is always painful and is inevitable.

Capitalism is dead and tribalism is occurring faster and faster.

What comes next as was seen in the 1930's is a prelude to war.

We see it in the Trump show, Japan show as now they need to raise prices to overcome the losses of the international community

It will be every man woman and child for their own survival

Time for all to watch the movie the Patriot on the post apolitical ending of the norm of pre 2020

Our survival is not looking good.

Millions will die inevitably

Nature is taking charge and we are the pest that is being eliminated.

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Posted in: Over 30% of Japanese managers feel intense stress from working with foreigners: survey See in context

the same applies to Japanese workers in the USA.

They are not well trained and can not work at a professional level.

Japanese education is 3rd world and students are not qualified to perform specialized services in the USA

Doctors and Nurses from japan are not allowed to work in teh USA as they can not pass medical boards and get state licenses. Filipino and Indian and Pakistani Doctors exceed the Japanese and are better trained.

Electricians and plumbers can not pass the State Licenses and requirements.

Even here in Japan hiring local Japanese contractors can not perform and meet US standards for base work. They are lazy and slow, do not understand regulations, violate safety, cover their mistakes and do not make necessary corrections.

So this applies everywhere.

Get over it!

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Posted in: Putin calls Japan-U.S. security alliance a threat See in context

Japan needs to look at what is happening in Europe.

Putin is breaking up the EU, starting with Brexit.

Scotland which is Part of Great Britain and favors the EU is threatening Independence from Great Britain now.

Putin has Trump attacking NATO in efforts to break NATO up. Putin is also an evil dictator that is anti-environment, racist, a murderer from the KGB and a pure racist right winger.

Japan must be firmest in the negotiations and not bow down. Abe must beware of Putin and not become a puppet like Trump.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Europe is a different entity and it is called NATO and is a treaty alliance between European Democratic nations or Allies.

There is no money paid to the USA for the troops there. It is every countries responsibility to contribute a minimum of 2% of their GDP. The USA contributes 4 to 5 times that. That is where the USA insists on a larger NATO Allies contribute more so the USA can reduce its burden.

Using Japan and the ROK and the Philippines is different as there is no WPTO western pacific treaty organization to form the NATO type alliance. They agreed to pay for so much for the Umbrella and Nuclear shield the USA offers. There is also that the USA uses this to protect shipping lanes and other US interests.

But this also protects Japan and ROK shipping lines to freely transverse waters china would soon seal up.

Then lets take a look at the amount of US Money is put in teh Japanese Economy. If you see all the American companies and contractors doing new work and repairs on bases throughout Japan, we see that these American Contractors use LOCAL JAPANESE contractors to perform the work. So US money is then placed into the Japanese monetary system.

maintenance and repair contracts are almost all Local Japanese performing teh duties with USA money not Japanese money. Look at all teh workers in teh BX and commissary bowling allies and clubs, golf curses and other venues are pretty much all LOCAL JAPANESE workers. It is a mixed bag of tricks and the whole structure of spending would need to be completely reworked. It is about time as the USA should insist if US Money is spent, then USA workers only can work at these jobs. Japan should stop funding anything on teh bases and let the USA maintain them. Japan would really gain as they will save much more than the 8 billion if they pay it.

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Posted in: Trump revives suggestion he'd end birthright citizenship See in context

Japan does not allow Birth Right Citizenship, neither does any other country in the world.

It is an outdated law and should be modified for the current times.

Only Legal residents that are approved to immigrate to the USA whom have children should be considered a National Born Citizen.

NO Tourists, No one that is a Foreign resident, Also should apply to H1B visa's and other temporary visitors.

Only Legal residents and Citizens should be allowed Citizenship

And also as long as 1 parent is a Legal resident and/or Citizen.

Laws and regulations need to develop and advance as the times change.

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Posted in: U.S. power waning in Pacific, warns top Australian think tank See in context

Well it is time for the USA to GO HOME NOW.

Let the allies fight China themselves, It is Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea and Australia to fend for themselves. Let China have the Pacific. Allies complain on US Forces so hope Trump takes them all home. Time for all in teh Pacific to Learn Chinese. If the Allies want the US Mercenary Forces then they need to pay for it. OR learn to speak mandarin. Good Luck we will not come back!

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Posted in: Japan, led by less apologetic generation, stays tough in S Korea feud See in context

The past is now pages in history books and the lessons of the hardships relegated to historians now.These times were different and life styles as we look back at the pictures shows depravity of the poor.nationalistic attitudes, walled from other influences except by hearsay and stories. Now due to technology, diverseness and communications and travel and mixing of the vast different ethnicity has now opened the world to the new generation that are not looking at the past as they look at Today and Tomorrow.the Climate and the state of the economies that they are being left out of are the concerns. Education, Health and a living wage and elimination of poverty and expressing empathy and concern for the well being of all everywhere.The time has past to let the historians debate and the oppression and human rights violations and genocides and study the methods to stop these behaviors and spread freedom as we are all one race.Today's generations should not pay for their ancestors destructive ways. they were not even alive then.We are much better than them but still have to develop further in the advancement of the Human raceWe are only human and we are all flawed in some way.

Peace and Love fellow Humans

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Posted in: Trump dismisses trade war fears; China warns of market chaos See in context

Well some good advice to all is to save your money, not in banks as they are subject to not giving money if a crash happens. Trump and the GOP of the USA are starting a currency war just like the tariff war he has initiated. farms are going under, manufacturing going under. Stocks are tumbling

Buy Gold and Silver if your smart.

Remember it is the consumers that pay for these taxes. Not the country they are placed on.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for possession of marijuana See in context

Marijuana is a RACIST word against Black and Hispanics in the USA, the real word is Cannabis Sativa. As the Industrial nations see the medical benefits, the issue no one ever died as is therapeutic for people fighting diseases, cancer, seizures and PTSD. No one ever overdosed or developed lung cancer, heart disease or liver issues. Never a hangover and no bad side effects.

Prison for a plant that has been used for thousands of years as medicine and treatments for what ills us.

Big Osaki and Tobacco companies like to sell and have people indulge in poisons that ruin lives. Nature provides us naturally the medicines that are good. Then Big Pharma wants you to eat their poison pills to sell you another pill for the side effects of the pill they first give you.

It's all about money and control of the masses

They should let the masses vote not the corrupt politicians in Japan

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Posted in: Trump spoke privately about ending Japan defense treaty, Bloomberg reports See in context

It is time for the USA to let other governments run their own country

The USA did good when necessary and brought the world after WW2

That was a long time ago.

Times have changed and the Military Industrial and banking interests of the USA is out of control

Japan can handle any issue with Russia, China and North and South Korea

There Japan can come out of hiding behind the US military and make deals in Japan's interest not the USA

the USA needs to close all their 800 plus bases and return the worlds countries to their own rules and negotiations

Also will save lots of money for the Citizens of the USA to fix their issues domestically and to also shrink the wasted money on Military and downsize the aggressiveness of The US abusive treatment of other nations.

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Posted in: Dutch advance to Women's World Cup quarterfinals with 2-1 win over Japan See in context

Japan LOST and in the books

Get over it.

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Posted in: Japan weather bureau sees 80% chance of El Nino continuing into summer See in context

That also means that TYPHOONS will also increase along with their strength also increasing

More water content and more flooding, super TYPHOONS will be many and mainland and Northern Japan will feel a huge brunt. may help Okinawa as the storms track further north only bright point

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

For Smokers the tax of 30 yen per pack has already happened. They should also increase the taxes on Saki, Shochu, Awamori that have not paid their fair share like Beer, Wine and Alcohol and not give tax breaks to them. All taxes should be same based on Percentages of Alcohol, beer and wine.

Food and health should never be taxed as that is an essential requirement for life.

Put taxes on stocks and bond purchases that only rich people have.

Make the Japanese 10% rich people hide their taxes.

They should legalize cannabis use and reap taxes off of it like so many states that hurt for money do

Saves money on prisons and jails and police

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Posted in: Over 60% dissatisfied with casino law, Abe's response to heavy rain: poll See in context

Pachinko and Japanese Slot machine Parlors Yakuza owned with North and South Korean partners out number all the Casinos in the world.

If Japan was worried about crime and gambling they would close and shutdown every one of them.

Also Japan does not want to hurt the Yakuza and Korean mafia.

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Posted in: Volunteers struggle with heat in flood-hit areas; evacuees suffering ailments See in context

Welcome to World Climate Change.

Change and prepare now or face the agony of death and illness

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Posted in: Trump to leave G7 summit early; fires back at Trudeau See in context

Call it the G7 minus 1 = G6

The Lyin King Trump is now started the G1

Maybe next The Lyin King can pull out of WTO

The USA would go into a depression

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Posted in: Kushner given security clearance See in context

The man is a traitor. Death penalty too leanious.

Democracy is very Ill now.

Follow the money as he has sold out Freedom all for money

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Posted in: Lava from Kilauea volcano enters ocean, creating toxic cloud See in context

Volcano safety is really important. Mother nature does not care who lives there when she cracks earths shell.

Luckily these are Shield type Volcanoes, the Strata type volcano is very much more dangerous as they explode and huge pyroclastic flows that destroy everything in their paths and can travel at hundreds of kilometers an hour. Here in Japan many volcanoes of the Strata Type (Fuji san) are way overdue and can wake up quickly.

It is a good message for all whom live in these areas.

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

The TESLA is a threat to the Hybrids of Japanese auto;s

And REAL pickups come from the USA

Even Toyota (Tundra......) and Honda make their pickups in the USA

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Posted in: Congress nears budget deal; Trump says he would 'love' a shutdown See in context

Trumps days as a fake President are near the end and soon he will be a Number in A federal Penitentiary

The sooner the better for the Orange DOTARD as he tries to destroy Freedom and Democracy and is nothing but a Soviet plant to destroy the USA. May he veto all the bills and create the Shutdown he wants and finish himself.

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Posted in: Japan wary of U.S. push for fewer curbs on beef, auto shipments See in context

Any country or politician that makes a Deal with the Trump administration will get hurt badly and endanger the people of Japan.

I do not eat meat from the USA as its bad meat full of GMO and antibiotics that are not good and then the Growth hormones is scary stuff.

Let them bring the cars in as no one will buy them

Me I own Subaru autos in the states as they are better than US cars

My friend swears by Hyundai and his wife likes Toyota's and Honda's.

American cars are junk compared to all cars now on the market.

Even the Yellow plates

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Posted in: China, S Korea criticize Japan over museum for disputed islands See in context

If China takes it with a force, What will Abe do?

China would then control the whole South China Sea

Radar Station, Missiles Aimed at Taiwan and Japan?

Troops and make artificial land fill and runways with piers for ships.

Japan should be doing it and let them bark as as others do with their fake islands they stole from the Philippines

That should be a Warning that China see's them as vital military outposts and very close to Taiwan and sooner or later they will take them.

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Posted in: Tokyo to encourage foreign tourists to splurge on nightlife See in context

As an example to use what tourists like. They like Diversity and a mix of cultures. International areas with variety. Lets take a look at Singapore and their entertainment and dining areas.

The foods are everything and 1/2 are Singapore specialties. Everything is open air and indoor commons.

Attractive areas open space and covered area and many clubs with people mingling from one to another.

No fees and added costs. many types of bar foods all night. Music is from rock to blues to jazz to folk. Ethnics of Spanish, Cuban and Hispanic dance clubs to salsa all night. Discos and Hip-Hop all around. Everywhere the music is live and no cover charges.

The best it all located in central areas where driving is not required and a lot of Subway, bus and taxi services.

The place has all representatives of every nationality, Religion, race creed and color and sexuality.

You need to have a place that unites all travelers, ex pats and locals to mix and realize we are all Humans and we can live as one. No racism and bigotry only a place of harmony and well being. That is what all want for an entertainment venue

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters around Senkakus See in context

Donald Trump is a puppet of Russia and China and The Orange Dotard of the USA has given his full permission to China to go ahead and take the islands with his blessings and also promised that Taiwan is theirs anytime as the USA will do nothing to stop them. The same goes for the Northern territories for Putin as he is the orange Pinocchio's puppet master and trump will follow and do as he is told.

And Japanese SDF are not capable of fighting anymore as they have proven over and over that China and Russia can walk in anytime and nothing will be done but a protest condemning them.

Sorry Japan you will need to learn Chinese and Russian as that is your destiny now with the puppet dotard Trump as he is doing the same to the USA.

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Posted in: Gov't pledges economic support for Okinawan city accepting U.S. base See in context

Trump does not know the difference between Climate change and cold snaps.

banking and money laundering, Collusion and treason etc.......................................

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Posted in: Student to be referred to prosecutors over fatal bicycle crash See in context

Well it is a motor driven bike not 100% pedal power and is a motor vehicle, and using a cell phone is against the law while driving a motor driven bike. Guilty of several laws and a drink in her other hand. She is toast and should be punished as a Reckless driver and pay the price. I ride a bike a lot and this is a big issue. Japan needs to add Bicycle lanes everywhere. It is sometimes difficult to ride on teh narrow roads with open 2 ft. deep drain trenches that are open. I been driven into them by ignorant drivers and lats of road rash. Bikes and cars and pedestrians are a bad mix at times and mostly it is the ignorance of the person not paying attention and then regret it after it is too late. Hammer her hard with a good 10 year prison sentence at hard labor and put it in teh headlines and top spot on news cahnnels. maybe people will learn, maybe not. But you have to try to educate all on the roads.

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