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Posted in: Trump again backs alleged harasser; Democrat gives up key post See in context

Trump is practicing the same policies as those that Dominate Japanese women in Japan in work and Political positions. The USA should send Trump to Japan so he can fit in with the same type mysoginist men in teh Japanese Govt.

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Posted in: Gov't to request American schools in Okinawa accept Japanese pupils See in context

One big problem of this is there is no room for other students but Military and Civilian employees get. As A contractor for me to send a child to the US Base schools is on a space available and a cost of $2500.00 per month or 250,000 Yen per month. The fact that Japan has failed to educate their kids in Foreign studies and languages is not the fault of the US Military but a Japanese Government that refuses to be like China who educates their children in English and foreign studies. They employ by the many thousands of English speakers to teach their kids in Public Schools. They send their children to teh best and most expensive colleges in the USA and Europe for the best educations. That is not happening in Japan. Japan still believes in isolationist practices and that everyone should speak Japanese. Even North Korea educates their kids in English more than Japan does. Singapore you need to speak English to live there. Japan will need to pay for US educated teachers and more schools. In the USA there are no tests for students to attend High Schools and all children are equal and have the opportunity to attend any public school. So japan should look in the mirror as they are the source of their problem. If Japan wants more English schools why don't they let these schools build here in Japan and pay the same wages that US teachers get. It is not the the US Govt. and Populations taxes that are paid for US schools for the sake of English illiterate Japanese students whom are not educated by the Japanese Govt.

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Posted in: Trump says he turned down Time's 'Person of the Year' See in context

Trump has committed Treason and High Crimes against the USA.

Traitors are usually sentenced to death and he deserves the same for his treasonous acts.

He is Like all other traitors and does not deserve to breathe another singe bit of Freedom and Free Air.

He better run to Putin and find a new country as Mueller will take him down and prison is coming for sure.

Put him in an orange Jump-Suit in Guantanamo Bay with his favorite inmates.

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Posted in: Subaru to recall 255,000 cars checked by uncertified staff next week See in context

Been a Loyal Subaru customer and enjoyed their products for 10 years now. Now that is shattered as now I may have a completely UNSAFE and maybe DEADLY vehicle as I just bought a 2017 Cross Track. Now i feel scared. How much greed and criminal activities are going on in Japan? Who is in Charge of these companies????? Is it the Orange pant Load Dotard Donald Trump???????????????? I would expect that of him.

Well I guess Japan products will be considered cheap unsafe overpriced garbage now as it was when I grew up 59 years ago. Now Japan corporations have decided to become lower than China and India on garbage in and Garbage out.

These companies have now betrayed the consumers and investors all for what a few 100 yen? The US auto industry did this in the 70's and they bit the dust hard. took a 3 decades to recover and they still are questioned.

Good Luck Japan manufacturers as you have all lost face now!

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Posted in: Trump blames Puerto Ricans for slow hurricane response See in context

Donald Trump is a RACIST PIG, KKK Grand Wizard, White Supremacist, White Nationalists raised by his KKK Father who was arrested at a KKK rally. Donald Trump hates all races but the white Euro style fascists. Trump will persecute and harass the minorities even if they are citizens. In Trumps eyes only White people belong in the USA. and if your poor white person forget help also as they are a burden to the Rich white aristocrats of the elite 1%. Hitler looks like a saint compared to Trump and his cohorts and family.

Trump is a Misogynist and woman abuser and has no respect and believes women are property.

Trump also is not a president except in name only. He is not a leader. Trump only want white people in the USA and will imprison the African Americans and deport all brown, yellow and red skinned people even if they are citizens, Trump believes in Slavery and uses the prison system to fund slavery and incarcerate the minorities.

Trump needs to be removed from office and sent to prison for life or receive the death penalty for treason

T stands for Traitor, T stands for Treason. The sooner the better by any LEGAL means. Too bad he was not in Las Vegas and 1 of the 50+ ones. save a lot of time and court cases. Prison is too good for him.

Trump has to go and the world needs to help the USA get rid of him. The worlds population will be able to survive in Peace then.

I would like to see him in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT to match is Orange Hair

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Posted in: Japan's cutesy 'kei' cars hit rocky road See in context

KEI cars are a really dangerous car and does not provide adequate protection in an auto collision.

KEI cars are banned by almost all nations as it can not pass a 10 mile crash test without hurting the people in the car. The car is a tinfoil motor scooter and just as dangerous to drive.

It has no side protections and a small crash will total the unit.

Its like Hitler and the VW Bug, the peoples car. Junk!

I call it a coffin on wheels.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

This is a test on Orange Caligula Trump the Bully of Putin,

They are trolling him into his End of His Dictatorship and the Fall of his Fascist Regime

They have an associate with him 24 hours hiding the football

Trump is Mentally UNSTABLE and the biggest threat to WW3 and a return to the stone age

For those that survive. It is also testing China as it puts severe pressure on them now

As Un's missile could be considered an Act of War.

It is time now for the UN to act with the approval of Czar Putin and China

All nations and countries and the world populations are all in danger if War happens with mushrooms

This is Trumps "Cuban Missile Crisis" and he better listen to the correct people

Not his Nazi fascist base.

Let your elected officials know your feelings and press them to move it to the Top people.

Let us all take a moment of silence for Thoughts and prayers that the sane people will rein in their spoiled brat leaders

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Posted in: Okinawa residents demand all U.S. military Osprey aircraft in Japan be grounded See in context

Pro China Onaga is placing all of Japan at peril of an invasion by China and Russia. As we can see with Chinese navy and Air force continually invade Okinawa and Japanese territorial waters and Air Space.

The Chinese just laugh at Japan as they know they have a life span shorten the North Korea does when it comes to a shooting match. The JSDF Forces try to intercept and get no where. they warn Them and the Chinese come closer and closer each time. they know the Japanese have no guts or courage to fight and will be destroyed in minutes. The in-superior pro peace-niks of Japan would roll over and play dead.

Japan as a military force could be beaten by a Girls scout Troop selling cookies. They show their yellow chicken bellies daily. Japan has no friends in Asia as they hate Japan with a passion and will just turn their back on them or be in the invasion and end of Japan. Japan can NOT survive without the US help. The unfortunate issue is The Putin Puppet DJ Trump will run as soon as the first slingshot is fired. Trump does not care and will leave Japan to be over-run by Russia in the North and China in the south and will divide Japan into 2 colonies 1 Russian and 1 Chinese. Japan has never been forgiven to all the atrocities committed on them the last century. Trump is a liar and the worlds biggest con men ever and bails when it looks even slightly negative. He will pull out real fast.

So time for Japanese to learn Russian and Chinese!

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Posted in: Okinawa files fresh lawsuit to halt U.S. base relocation See in context

the best thing for Onaga is that the Japanese Govt. cut all funding for Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands.

Give the Okinawans their freedom from Japan, and make Okinawa have their own currency also backed by sugar cane and pineapples and Chinese tourists. China will give Onaga all the money he wants just to get the US Military off Okinawa and then they can sail their Chinese warships in and out of Naha at will. They will take the disputed islands, They will take payments to Onaga as he want s to build Chinese bases with Missiles and offensive weapons for the preparation for the Invasion of Taiwan and the securing of the South China sea and stop all shipping through the area. Thus cutting the sea lanes for Japanese and world shipping.

The communists are very strong as the 1/3 who voted for Onaga are Communists and want to overthrow the Japanese Govt. and American defense of japan.

May these communists live with the Scourge of Onaga trump

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Posted in: Chinese gov't ships enter Japan waters where never seen before See in context

If Japanese ships did this in China's waters they would of been sunk or boarded and hauled is as War Crimes.

The Japanese So called self defense forces could not defend themselves against a fly. They are a disgrace as ABE is also. How much more before Japan is taken over by China. Yes close all the bases in Okinawa and Onaga will usher in the new Chinese era and declare that Okinawa is part of China. Japan needs to stand up and stop these Commies from running over asia. Best word for the JSDF is The Japanese Chicken Farm Forceless.

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Posted in: Japan considers detaining some asylum seekers to curb abuse of refugee system See in context

This doctrine by an oppressive Govt. In the Likes of Donald Trump and the way of saying Only Japanese need to apply all others not welcome. Today we live in a world of mass immigrations as other nations and regimes reign horror on others. racists and Populists as a disease instead of welcoming and encouraging them to become part of a lawful well integrating PROGRESSIVE SOCIETY and the mixing of all to form a better society for all not just being a racist and protectionist society steeped in past intolerances and racial inequality.

We are ONE RACE and its called the HUMAN RACE.

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Posted in: Trump to speak by phone with leaders of Japan, China on Sunday See in context

King Trump is not calling to talk but to warn and Order them to his will

King Trump is calling to inform Japan to tell them to prepare for war.

King Trump is telling China you failed, your fired, My Turn now!

King Trump will start a war, we must remember his speeches during election that the the US is weak,

The US does not win wars and he will fix that too!

The 3rd Anti-Christ is among us now, Napoleon, Hitler and now Trump.

Hope King Trump knocks the DPRK before they can launch any harm to Japan and South Korea.

China who cares they are just a polite North Korea but just as evil.

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Posted in: Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China See in context

Remember that China says Taiwan is theirs and they will take by force if they do not surrender,

They are building these platforms of fake islands and arming them to have a staging ground ans also as a first strike and defense from US and Japanese warships when they try to take Taiwan. Then they will invade the Ryukyu's and take the islands from Japan as they claim Okinawa is also theirs. China also backs UN in DPRK as a way to occupy the Japanese Military and US military. We must be aware of China and be ready. It is not IF but when they will make their move. China is a major player to get the Bases out of Okinawa to weaken the defense of the South China Sea. They know we have seasoned war fighters from 15 years of war in the middle east and know how to fight.

Remember you can not trust China

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Posted in: USTR urges Japan to make unilateral concessions on beef imports See in context

US Beef consumption is a tragedy and is a POISON.

Full of chemicals and steroids and that will cause severe health issues

Even death if consumed in small quantities. All meat products from the USA should be banned.

This also applies to Fish, Poultry and vegetables. All food products from candy bars to veggies should be banned.

Ban all USA products that are for consumption.

It is a safer bet to buy Dog Food from the USA as it is healthy compared to human food products.

With new regulation repeal it will only get worse.

Be healthy and BOYCOTT all USA food products.

You will not regret being Healthy and Live a long live free of USA garbage that is not fit even for insects, bacteria and worms.

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Posted in: Anti-base Okinawa activist, speaking at U.N., blasts Japan gov't 'oppression' See in context

Peace can only be attained once China and North Korea quit their communists and authoritarian ways and quit trying to be world dominators. The military threats proposed and military actions in violation of the UN and security councils are the threat. If they pulled back and become humans peace can be obtained and we can end the Military industrial complex that waste money on destruction and militaristic demeanor. But till that happens turmoil and tensions will always continue. Japan also needs to admit to its war atrocities and human rights abuse. We are 1 race. The Human Race.

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Posted in: Okinawa to file fresh lawsuit next month over U.S. base relocation See in context

Onaga and Orange pant Load Trump are 2 peas from the same pod.

All only concerned with personal wealth. Onaga lost Universal Studios and major resort and hotel building in the Nago area. Delays as Onaga has done is more harmful and used as a cover to irritate the Okinawans and Onaga and his Pro-Chinese state ways is as bad as the The Dictator Duterte of the Philippines. He thinks he above the Law and goes out of his ways to ensure his perversion and condemnations of Japan and USA are to his own personal wealth and power. He welcomes Chinese Military and Diplomats as a cure to the USA problem and stated he would welcome Communist China if they could get rid of the US Military presence. He prefers China protect Okinawa from the USA. If he wants to be a dictator Authoritarian psychopath greedy self centered Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot type power fanatic freak why does he not lead Okinawa to separation from Japan and declare themselves the an Independent Nation and leave Japan and become a satellite of the PRC of China and help the PRC take Taiwan back forcefully and shut down the whole South China sea from the world. Trump is Putin's Puppet and Onaga is the PRC's puppet and ONAGA supports bringing in Chinese spies and advisers on how to deal with Japan mainland and to continually delay and irritate the US Military. I am waiting for Onaga making a Okinawa State visit to cut a deal with UN in the DPRK. How low will Onaga go.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese tourists murdered in Philippines, police say See in context

I have lived there and been there many times. You take your life into your own hands when you visit a Banana Republic that is so poor that murders and assassinations are purchasable for 2000 Yen.

If you give them a chance and they isolate you, the chances for you to get away are slim and none.

You want a cheap vacation stay home!

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Posted in: You're fired See in context

Can be sold as items for practice in the field sighting in

Wear em while robbing banks and grocery stores

Oh what fun a boy can have

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Posted in: Abe, Moon vow to get tough on N Korea's provocations See in context

You can not play nice guy with idiots like KJ Un and Orange Pant load Trump

They do not listen and respond with stupidity. Authoritarians are scum.

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Posted in: U.S. naval armada to be in Sea of Japan in days See in context

The Carl Vinson is Out of service in Dry Dock for major work and is useless for the next 6 months.

Many Support ships in Sasebo in dry docks for repairs. The navy is low on available ships in Japan and supplying 100's of Jobs to the Local Japanese Economy now.

Just remember 1 Boomer Submarine can take out the whole world.

Surface ships are nice targets. But the Battle group has many missile defenses and they work good.

I know as a navy Vet.

DPRK is not the problem. China is the problem.

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Posted in: Japan eyes putting TPP into force without U.S. See in context

Japan is now the leader for Trade in Asia as the orange psychopath is a fool and needs to be removed from teh planet to save it from him. A prison cell and a death penalty conviction for TRUMP as he makes the world really unsafe and unfair. A trip to a 6 x 6 x 4 hole awaits him for war crimes and treason in the USA and the International Courts at the Hauge. Good for Japan screw Trumps America till we can revolt and take the USA back. Viva the revolution, God is on our side along with the world!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan in talks to prevent China acquiring Westinghouse See in context

Just give it to Kim Jong Un Then he will be happy

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Posted in: Asian media decry isolationist Trump, fear economic, diplomatic turmoil See in context

It is time for the Chinese commies to get their butts kicked as they have manipulated currency against World Trade Organization rules. They steal everything as they can not do anything on their own. They are militaristic in the South and east China seas. They threaten world peace and Democracy. Taiwan is under constant threat of Invasion and disruption of Democracy. China needs a good butt-kicking and its time they get it. If they want war we will start in the WTO and get their ways condemned and punished as violators. The WORLD court has ruled against them and they deny it and say they are Law Abiding. They are liars and its time to get on with the trade wars and also to prepare the military for the upcoming war against the RED Commie Scourge that has plagued the people with atrocities of a Regime that is a danger to the world. China must be stopped at all costs including a Nuclear war with them if Necessary as they are the instigators and refuse to play as per Laws and Human Rights. China needs to be brought down to its knees and beg for forgiveness or be ready to pay a severe price. They let North Korea get away with Genocide and war mongering and threats to the peace in Asia, Its time for teh CIA. NSA, Seal Team 1 thru 100 to take that problem of the DPRK out of service and restore peace. Everyone seems afraid of the Big Red Dragon at all costs now before its too late as they build their invasion forces for attacks on Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. They already bought the Philippines and control their Tyrant there. and they are just starting. We the people in the world can stop this as we need to BOYCOTT all made in China products. Put pressure on companies that go to china for cheap labor and selling out Democracies all in the name of greed and local loss of Jobs and livelihoods of their own nations. I am not a Trump fan and despise him on 95% of his beliefs but I admire he has teh nerve to tell the Red Scourge that its over and better start playing as the rules state and accept the International laws and rulings whether for or against them. Its will be interesting and now its not a line in the Sand but a WALL of Freedom and Fair play with humanitarian reasons not Power and ego's that are now disrupting and sent the Nuke Clock to 1 second before midnight. We can not blink or turn our heads as we confront the Communist Scourge of an Authoritarian regime hell bent on world conquest. Time to Free Tibet, Taiwan and the world from the evilness of the PRC and its demigouges before its too late.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines send F-35 stealth fighter squadron to Japan See in context

Who cares, Remember this is a Joint Strike Force Jet that also Japan will use and was designed by multiple countries including Japan. Keeping the old and ignoring new technology is like going to war with rubber bands against high tech

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Posted in: Northern Japan digs out after storm dumps up to 2 meters of snow See in context

Roofs should be heated and be built like they do in the Alps and other northern designs. Where is the humanity in helping the weak, old and feeble with volunteers to assist these needy persons. Because there is no money in Donating charitable time without a profit. Japanese can be compared to the Ferengi of the star trek episodes, ONLY FOR PROFIT not for humanity. Gr the good of the community. Rule #1 Pay me Cash, Rule #2 refer to Rule #1. Greedy and selfish. They wish the can blame this on the US Military for lack of support and causing this problem. The US Military is here to protect the Japanese why are they not helping?

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Posted in: Japan says its active investment is a source of U.S.-Japan vitality See in context

Japan is a one way street, only their way. We invest in your country with our companies, we take your money and send to Japan, japan pays no income taxes as they claim foreign company tax exempt, Japan builds their factories with US tax dollars from the states just to get the jobs at a worker expense for the taxes and poverty wages in southern states. But when a USA factory tries to come to Japan they are denied and prevented and act all isolationist selfish and greedy. Whats good for Japan is denied to all other nations.

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Posted in: Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends See in context

All in due time things change The cure for cancer is there but denied

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Posted in: Nomura sees opportunities from Trump's pro-business agenda See in context

Trump speculators on cloud nine with all his BS. The place to watch is congress as they have the purse strings. They make the budget and spread the cash or cut the cash. There will be a correction. but jump out 1/20/17 as there will be a correction. That is when reality will sink in and what really happens. Both sides are not big trump fans. Orange twitter will fail and do all the opposite he promised in his big Con campaign. Take your money and run into safety and watch the market as buy low sell high!

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Posted in: American man arrested for smuggling marijuana in candy See in context

Opioids are in a lot of meds and easy to get but who wants stomach cramps and pancreatitis and addicted to them they are deadly and can kill you. Only a fool would want an opioid addiction as only death will come about the use of them for recreational use. Big Pharma loves you to eat them pills as they only hear money.

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Posted in: Rough start for U.S. Republicans on first day of Trump-era Congress See in context

I would start checking the republicans who tried to pass this bill as they are up to no good and are obviously corrupt. Why else would they try to pass a rule to cover corruption

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