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Every Christmas I have spent in Japan have been disappointing (even the ones I spent on dates that ended well). So far, I've seen the lights in Kobe, Nagoya, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Umeda, and bunch of others that I've happened to pass by, but they were all sterile and meaningless, and I didn't enjoy spending my evenings gawking with a bunch of gawkers. Christmas here has little meaning for people. The TV has the usual crap on, supposedly with a "Christmas" theme featuring 'talents' producing classy Christmas acts such as air guitaring in a kimono.

At least in Australia we have Carols at the Domain. So I'm going to spend Christmas this year in a nearby country with people who actually believe that there is meaning behind Christmas, I'm really looking forward to it.

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Psychological support for people who have mental illness or problems is generally lacking in Japan, not only institutionally, but also within the social norms and interactions of people here. The response that people usually give to people with problems is to tell them to gaman/ganbaru, or to resent them because they didn't hide their problems, which is what is socially expected. JustAnotherPerson claiming that commenting by foreigners has no purpose is a poor provocation of commenters here. Comments here have supported our decision that my Japanese wife should give birth to our children in my home country, which provide better support for new mothers than this county's hospitals and doctors do.

Also I agree with BlueWitch's interpretations of ThaiGirls post. She called an 11 day old child "something" instead of "someone." It has a strong nuance that indicates someone thinks of babies as less than human.

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