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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

Evidence of the tortured debates going on behind the scenes as Japan tries to move forward and open up borders. I would imagine they will put these sorts of rules in place to appease the cautious, mask-dependent public. Its all really nonsense, and i suspect they are fully aware of that, but they need to be able to point to concrete measures that they are taking to show they are taking the virus seriously.

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Posted in: Obama to skip Abe's state funeral; Hagerty to attend See in context

Sorry that Obama coudn't make it - whassup with that Barry!?

But Hagerty an excellent representative for the States. Welcome back Ambassador!

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being left in bus for 5 hours See in context

Apart from the shock of this unavoidable tragedy, my thoughts were of the responsibility that people in everyday jobs have to protect lives in their roles. A simple letup in protocol can have devastating consequences.

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Obviously eyeing the top job.

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Posted in: Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral See in context

I'm good with the funeral for Abe. There were aspects of his leadership that I didn't agree with, but he stuck to his beliefs and worked hard to see them realized. He represented a stable and confident Japan and rarely put a foot wrong (no one's perfect). He almost worked himself to death following the outbreak of Corona. His respect on the world stage is impressive for a Japanese prime minister. And finally gave his life for his country because of some deranged idiot whose beef was actually with the Unification church. Rest in peace I say. Obama's presence is a reflection of the importance of his leadership.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,546 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 13,394 See in context

In my view we're past the emergency phase, can't see any point in publishing the daily counts. isn't it time to move on?

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

Japan likes to do things slowly and cautiously. Frustrating as they are, these restrictions are only temporary and a necessary step for the Japanese to resuming full inbound tourism. Xenophobic? Yes a bit - but get used to it peeps. Japan doesn't care what you think.

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Posted in: South Korea to end outdoor mask mandate See in context

Hoping Japan moves on as well. Last couple of weeks, I've stopped wearing masks in shopping centers, conbinis, etc. It was a bit nerve racking at first, but no one seems to have a problem with it. And I'm usually by myself, not in a group talking out loud. For the record, I'm trippled vaxxed and I take other precautionary measures such as temp checks.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

The comment in Japanese is 「生娘をシャブ漬け戦略」-- my translation: "Strategy to get innocent girls hooked (on Yoshinoya) like speed".

The statement is reflective of a deep-seated arrogance towards women and stupid thing to say. It's also a reflection of the dark side of marketing, which reduces the world to 'market segments' that are there for taking via clever strategies. Marketing imposes it own imperatives on us as if we were rodents on a wheel, or speed addicts.

But spare a thought for the exec, no doubt just a gung-ho marketing type who worships 'market share' and climbing the corporate ladder. Hope he learns his lesson and moves on with his life.

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Posted in: Toyota subsidiary Hino admits use of fraudulent emissions data See in context

"Employees felt pressured to follow strict schedules and meet numerical targets," 

To me, this explanation reads: " this was simply a consequence of employers and employees doing their best or trying too hard."

It avoids real responsibility, if anything pushing the blame onto the employees, who fudged the numbers in order not to displease their bosses. So they can't be blamed because they were just doing their best to be good corporate soldiers. Forgivable in Japan. And the employers were only guilty of running a tight ship imposing "strict schedules" - which is also forgivable in Japan.

Assuming the cover-up that involved compliance at multiple levels, rather than a single employee, a more sincere and direct apology would read "Employees WERE pressured...."

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Posted in: Japan's top court orders TEPCO to pay damages over Fukushima crisis See in context

The figures astound me:

1) only 3600 people whose lives were significantly affected. Really?

2) only $US12 million to go around (from an energy giant). Serious?

3) 10 years later.

And no apology in sight.

Too little, too late.

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Posted in: Japan to decide COVID quasi-emergency extension in 1st half of week See in context

Of course they are going to extend..... Why the slow release of bad news?

The slow release of information a familiar pattern:

We are not considering extension;

We are not considering extension at this time;

We will consult with experts on extending and make an appropriate decision;

We will make a decision on extending based on all available information;

We will extend.

As long as you can decode it, you can stay a step ahead.


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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Kishida is right to lobby employers to raise wages. On the other hand its the govt that sets the minimum wage - so I hope they will hike the pathetically low minimum wages - in the case of Hokkaido less than ¥1000 per hour.

Anyway good to see Kishida following through on this election promise.

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Posted in: Mako's marriage casts shadow on imperial succession debate See in context

The succession debate has been dragging on for years. I'm baffled why Japan can't embrace women as potential heirs to the throne. But then again, this is Japan. Still a deeply conservative society "run by old men for old men." (For example, it took years for Japan to allow the birth control pill; but only a matter of months to allow viagra.) I think the royal families should select the most suitable candidate, not based on gender or position in the family, but on suitability to the role. Now its all down to Hisahito -- one can imagine the pressures on his bride to be. A very simple vow: "I will make male babies" -- pity the female offspring from that union...

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