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Posted in: After the latest scandal on match-fixing, can anything save sumo or is it a dying sport? See in context

While I know very little about Sumo, I do know sports in general. there have been match fixing scandals since the beginning. baseball(Black Sox, Pete Rose etc.) Football (take your pick) even woman's figure skating(Tonya Harding) and they have all prospered. Sumo will too. I was just at a WWE championship match and even though everyone knew it was fake they love it. People will wait in line, pay outrageous prices, but they don't care about the scandals. They want to be entertained.

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Posted in: Nara schoolgirl arrested for drug possession See in context

Only after you have tried everything and nothing has worked should a parent rat out their kid to the cops. I feel sorry for her, now that she has to go through the judicial meat-grinder. I wouldn't wish that on anyone who has made a mistake. The money that the father will now flush down the toilet for legal fees,court costs,fines,probation and other fees could have been better spent on a good rehab facility. I really hope that this was a last resort to save her life and not a lazy dad who wants the police to do his dirty work.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman dies after being dragged 6 kilometers in Niigata See in context

If I understand this law correctly, it says you can be charged with a crime when someone darts out into traffic and gets hit. Even if it was unavoidable? What if you stopped, called an ambulace and helped the victim and waited for help to arrive? That counts for nothing??? It's no wonder that mutiple cars didn't stop. The law should be rewritten so people who don't stop and help are the ones being charged.

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