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Posted in: A bottle of scotch recently sold for $2.7 million – what's behind such outrageous prices? See in context

What the *** is Clinical Entrepreneurship?*

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Posted in: Japan, Britain and Italy to establish new organization to develop jet fighter: sources See in context

Watch the US nip this in the bud.

They never have in the past. Rubbish statement.

The Avro Arrow begs to differ

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Posted in: The last new Beatles song, 'Now And Then,' to be released next week See in context

I have my originals from back in the day so will pass.

So do I but, to date, the remastered reissues have been revelatory.

Looking forward to this.

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Posted in: BBC 'urgently looking' into issues raised by Brand report See in context

Spare us all the conspiracy nonsense.

Brand, by his own admission, engaged in sex “voraciously” and had a massive drug problem. Both of these activities tend to diminish one’s rational capacities; in combination they are a recipe for the kind of disaster described in the BBC documentary.

His assertions that he scrupulously sought the assent of his partners are risible as are most of his “ideas”.

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Posted in: Toyota plans to test liquid hydrogen car in 2023 endurance races See in context

Why the extra step to convert energy to hydrogen, and then back to energy again?!

Electric cars make more sense to me.

There is a reasonable case to be made for hydrogen. For one thing, the range of electric vehicles drops substantially in cold weather. Hydrogen is also easier to store than electricity, especially in remote locations. Finally, hydrogen engines do not require all the rare earth elements that batteries do.

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Posted in: ANA becomes first 737 MAX customer in Japan See in context

The 737 MAX is not an airplane I'm in any hurry to fly on. I wonder what JAL are flying these days?

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Posted in: 5 ways Japan influenced ‘Star Wars’ See in context

Go watch The Hidden Fortress


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Posted in: Joni Mitchell says she is boycotting Spotify over COVID 'lies' See in context

It's hardly surprising that Young and Mitchell have a strong opinion on this subject: both of them were afflicted by the polio epidemic of the early 1950s. For those who lived through it, the palpable fear engendered by the disease is a vivid memory to this day.

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Posted in: Bright nights See in context

It’s quite lovely but you will never see it as empty as depicted in those pictures, it is very popular.

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Posted in: Documentary tells story of Titanic's Chinese survivors See in context

I would like to hear this story.

Easily arranged:



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Posted in: Japan to allow 'large-scale' overseas visitor numbers for 2020 Olympics: report See in context

Tokyo 2022!


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Posted in: Gov't urges citizens to install virus-tracking app See in context

Will these positive tested people register it voluntarily??? Highly doubtful!

Given that using the app is voluntary it is being self-selected by a group who are being more socially responsible than those that don't install it. It's almost axiomatic that they will continue to act responsibly and report any infection they suffer.

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Posted in: Japan to launch coronavirus contact tracking app next week See in context

Since it's linked to your phone number, that information will be recorded.

Hope. It uses, one-time tokens, the same as Apple Pay.

Google, apple are already tracking us 24/7

Well, Google anyway. As you will recall US police and Intelligence agencies are POed with Apple for not ratting their customers.

It all sounds very benign, but I don't trust this government to a) not use the data for geolocation at some point b) keep the app and data safe from hackers and other 3rd parties.

No one, not even Apple or Google, get that info.

Who keeps Bluetooth 'On' and 'Discoverable' all the time?

Lots of accessory users: Bluetooth headphone users, AppleWatch users, external keyboard users …. My iPhone 11 has it on all day and most days shows a 40% charge at the end of the day.

Frankly, if it improves your odds against this disease, as The Great Pumpkin says, “What have you got to lose?”

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Posted in: New train route eyed between Haneda airport and Tokyo Disney resorts See in context

I'd be more impressed if they'd make the Narita Express connect directly with Haneda Airport.

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Posted in: SoftBank Group profit plunges; Son admits 'poor' decisions See in context

Serves him right for taking all that Saudi Arabian blood money.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists in Kyoto reminded of etiquette via smartphones See in context

As I recall, the adage is "When in Rome do as the Romans do," not "When in Rome do as you do at home.

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Posted in: Toyota banks on Olympic halo for humble bus to keep hydrogen dream alive See in context

What happens in a disaster where the hydrogen refueling infrastructure breaks down?

The same thing that happens with gasoline (or water or food): rationing.

(Also, if hydrogen is produced locally, using renewables, the problem will only be local.)

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Posted in: KEF punches above its weight in Japan's audio market See in context

Certainly the best sounding speakers I've ever owned. Absolutely superb.

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

Throw in a middle name, & filling in an official document becomes a joke

Recently the local Post Office refused to give me a credit card that had been sent to me by registered mail because the mailing didn't include my middle name and my multiple photo IDs did. For whatever reason, the fact the postal addresses were all the same didn't seem to matter.

After teaching the post office worker some rather inappropriate English, I had to get the card reissued and addressed to me with all my names in the "correct" order. Somehow in all the confusion, the name on the credit card that was reissued got changed to my first name and middle initial, but this time it was addressed properly so I could take possession of it. (CostCo still lets me use it, which is all that matters.)

Oh yes, and just to add to the confusion, the credit card company only allows one space between all your names, so you end up with your middle and last names concatenated.

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Posted in: Pepsi’s new Japan Cola has a special ingredient See in context

You can also order cans (by the case) from Amazon.co,jp

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Posted in: Pepsi’s new Japan Cola has a special ingredient See in context

Yamaya Liquor Stores usually carry regular Pepsi (but in 1.5 Litre bottles). They would likely order the cans for you if you asked.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO Son says Saudi fund to continue despite Khashoggi murder See in context

Cancelled my account with them today. Also wrote Son to tell him why. It's not much but it feels better than doing nothing.

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Posted in: Boy walks on shinkansen track for 4 km, disrupting service See in context

I can’t quite understand though if the boy was noticed gaining entry to the tracks at the station but was only pickup 4km from the station

If memory serves me well the tracks to the west of the station are elevated for a a long distance, perhaps even the whole 4 km or more.

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Posted in: Amid global electric-car buzz, Toyota bullish on hydrogen See in context

Hydrogen is viewed as potentially hazardous: the 1937 Hindenberg disaster, when 36 people died when the hydrogen-fueled airship caught fire and crashed, ended an earlier era of hydrogen-powered passenger travel.

Hydrogen is lighter than air; it rises as it burns; those casualties were the result of flaming gasoline from the engines falling on them. Likewise the specter of exploding hydrogen tanks is a myth.


John Kopasz, a scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory who performs research on hydrogen gas production, said that while there are inherent dangers with any combustible fuel, hydrogen fuel is safer than gasoline.

Source: https://www.computerworld.com/article/2852323/heres-why-hydrogen-fueled-cars-arent-little-hindenburgs.html

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Posted in: Shirts with meaningless Japanese now common on sidewalks of New York See in context

Well I guess this balances out all the weird English on clothing and signs in Japan.

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Posted in: Shinkansen travel tip: A clever way to keep your suitcase from rolling around on the bullet train See in context

Should have been called: "A Clever Way to Reduce Your Legroom to Almost Nil".

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Posted in: Docomo to offer additional advantages to long-term subscribers See in context

I'm waiting till Apple introduces the Apple Update plan to Japan; it's currently only available in the US. Basically it's a subscription plan for the phone—you get the new model every year. The phone is unlocked so you can use the cheapest provider you can find.

(I wonder how the carriers will try to block that?)

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Posted in: Apple Pay launches in China See in context

I care. I've been waiting to use ApplePay since the release of the iPhone 6.

Strange that China gets it before Japan. My guess is that the credit agencies don't want to play ball.

Maybe we'll get it in time for the Olympics when Japan is pretending to be international again. ????

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Posted in: Japan's lofty 'hydrogen society' vision hampered by cost See in context

commanteer is correct.

Burning fossil fuels is not the only way to produce hydrogen; in fact it's probably the worst way to do it.

Hydrogen is quite easy to generate during off-peak hours from any renewable source of electricity—as well as hydro and nuclear plants—and, in fact makes those sources somewhat more efficient as they can run full bore for more of the time.

Hydrogen fuel cells also require fewer rare-earth materials than batteries (with all the pollution that their extraction causes).

As a fuel source hydrogen is clean and virtually inexhaustible. It really is the fuel of the future.

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Posted in: iPhone ad-blocking application pulled See in context

How to get a refund for iTunes or App Store purchases:


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