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Very positive story and always nice to read about NJ doing well in Japan, especially in interesting fields like this.

illsayit: what are you on about?

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Yep, Oyama is nice, as is a lot of the Tanzawa area. Best to avoid Takao like the plague and head to Tanzawa.

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Perhaps the drills also included foreigner-specific items such as learning how to avoid being rounded up and interned as a national security measure in the event of a natural disaster?

Actually, I don't really see the problem with having events like this aimed at the international community. It may be an extra measure (on top of being able to take part in drills with Japanese) to ensure NJ don't miss out on this kind of public service, esepecially those that don't have the fluency to take part in Japanese. It seems to be an almighty stretch of paranoia to use this as an example of "them vs us."

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The guy on the left looks like he is about to flop something out for the judges. Horrid thought just before lunch. Other than that, there are some nice tats on show, but there is no need for the guy on the right to have a mullet in this day and age.

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Blimey indeed. I remember myself and another poster pointing out a week or so ago that a lot of first-time posters had been singing the man's praises in a rather coordinated fashion. It appears our comments were removed, but the ones that look suspiciously as if they were planted have remained. Now, from working in the media I am fully aware that articles like this are often paid for by the subject (I have no problem if that is the case here), but it is a bit rum of JT to not even let us criticise the blatant and rather sad misuse of the forum. At least they haven't removed the most recent posts...yet.

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