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Posted in: Aichi girl drowns while playing in river with family See in context

very sad**

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Posted in: Iwate town on alert following series of bear attacks See in context

****forest officials should visit the place and capture the animal. by relocating it the animal as well as local residents would be safe.

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Posted in: University conducts experiment on behavior of babies when shown an animation depicting bullying See in context

can't believe that children understand the concept of bullying and exhibit empathy. these qualities are slowly acquired by a very slow but steady learning process. learnt from parents, immediate circle of relatives, friends,culture, environment and so on.if children develop or acquire these noble qualities without any external intervention the world should be free from wars,crimes,rapes, sometimes seriously wrong with this research.

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Posted in: Woman hit by train in Kanagawa See in context

comments more interesting than the news.

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Posted in: Handling nasty questions from nasty people See in context

**enjoyed the article thoroughly. very useful too. nicely presented. thanks a lot.

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Posted in: Asia's low fertility rate opens opportunities in IVF market See in context

****improved economic conditions and making the idea of raising a family an attractive,viable proposition would certainly make Japan a country full of beautiful and intelligent babies. blaming the present situation on infertility is too simplistic.

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Posted in: New Zealand boy, 11, fathers child to woman, 36 See in context

very confusing. but I note that this crime has happened not in Japan but elsewhere. happy about that.

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Posted in: Koi-Yamagata Station is for lovers See in context

very innovative**

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Posted in: From horseless carriages to iPhone5s: The world during 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura’s lifetime See in context

****very moving indeed. brought tears into my eyes. easily one of the best articles I have ever read. thanks a lot

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Posted in: Two Japanese youths arrested for placing exploding bag of dog poop in police box See in context

comme****nts are more interesting than the news!

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Posted in: Whirlwind injures 6 children at Ibaraki school sports meet See in context

in India **these incidents are very rare and no injuries or death has been reported.

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Posted in: NTV punishes TV producer for sexually harassing newscaster Mai Yamagishi See in context

is this really a punishment or a reward?

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Posted in: Young workers in Japan - candidates for clinical depression See in context

this is not something which is unique to Japan. depression is now prevalent all over the world.

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Posted in: Discover a different side of Japan on Noto Peninsula See in context

must visit

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Posted in: Strong quake causes panic in Taiwan See in context

comments are interesting. Taiwan cannot be and should not be moved. But the tectonic plates can be moved/destroyed/pulverized/laser targeted/reshaped/relocated.

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Posted in: Tsuwano: A delightful old castle town…and getting there IS half the fun See in context

I would like to visit the place. but I may not be able to get my desire fulfilled.

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Posted in: 210 kilos of rice stolen in 8th such theft in Ibaraki See in context

is rice so costly in Japan that people risk a jail term to steal it?

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Posted in: Strong Japan will be no threat to Asia, says defense minister See in context

in Asia China is the threat. and for the rest of the world including Asia it is the U.S.which is the threat. the U.S. is most undependable ally also.

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Posted in: Gov't draws up 19-point plan to promote 'Cool Japan' See in context

Japan is a great country worth visiting.

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Posted in: 80-year-old Everest climber seeks next challenge See in context

an inspiration to whole humanity.

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Posted in: Indian PM calls for nuclear deal, more Japanese investment See in context

agreement with the comments.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by man falling down station staircase See in context

a primary accident and a secondary accident!

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

which language is more difficult? English or Japanese? Can an Englishman master Japanese? Can a Japanese master English language? What use does the Japanese find for the English language? Dr. K. Shankar****

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Posted in: Record temperatures for March recorded in 35 locations See in context

Perhaps global warming is true after all. Dr. K.shankar

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Posted in: Shibuya's new underground station garners negative reviews See in context

Is the bullet train passing through that station? Dr. K. Shankar

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Posted in: Why Japan is winning and 'Western management' isn’t See in context

The article is superb and highly interesting. I can neither agree nor disagree with the author as I am not an expert in the subject. But as a student of Managerial Psychology, I feel that Management methods of Japan are far far superior to the Western so called management (the result is that it becomes a slowly expanding bubble and explodes under its own strain and weight. I intend to read the article at least three more times so that I can form some real opinion. Whereas the westerners approach to management is purely based on psychology, the Easterners have a philosophical approach. Also I was able to detect a sense of humor in the article. I am happy to record here that I have come across many many thought provoking articles here. Thanks a lot. Dr. K. Shankar

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