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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

I'm honestly confused about all this fuss on "not being able to afford a smartphone" and therefore being discriminated; did they disclose the exact way this hypothetical application works yet?

Because seems to me the obvious way to go is to have a secure online identity account, by which I mean you'd get a username and password (and ideally a one-time-password sent either to an app, or as an SMS, or through a phone call, for increased security), and link this online identity account to the online database of the vaccine.

If that's the case, it's reasonable to say one can log into the account using any internet-enabled device, such as a public PC set up for the occasion where needed, or by temporary using another person's device.

I'll repeat myself, but I don't get all this fuss about "why can't we use paper which has worked for ages" either. To these I'll simply reply "why don't you travel to Europe with a horse and rowboat, it worked for ages.". Hell, why don't you walk around naked and eat raw meat straight from the bones of your prey since you're at it; our ancestors did it for thousands of years.

I know it can be difficult to change, but change is what pushes us forward.

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

Japan dumps radioactive water in the ocean

China denounces it

Booo! Japan, what are you doing! China is right!

Meanwhile, China keeps polluting more than anyone else

Booo! China, you can't blame Japan when you're worse!

While this goes on, everyone keeps polluting the planet pretty much he same

What I'm trying to say is, the blame is on everyone, and jumping to easy conclusions after a catchy remark isn't gonna help anyone.

We should be working together for a safer future, instead of worrying about which country pollutes the world the most. Pollution doesn't give a s**t about country borders.

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