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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni shrine; calls it pledge against war See in context

He sure has a way to make friends.

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Posted in: 20th Century Fox to officially apologize for 'Napoleon Dynamite’s' Japanese title See in context

"Lord of the Rings" - plenty of my Japanese colleagues are/were under the impression that the story is about a ring moving on many roads. Really! Try to ask around.

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Posted in: Airlines' endless quest for better boarding See in context

People should just stand in formation at the gate, then give a sign via transceiver to simply beam them up right into their seats.

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Posted in: JR East offering one couple chance to get married on Yamanote line See in context

It's a cool and unique idea. Hopefully there will be no jumper on that day.

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Posted in: Two Japanese youths arrested for placing exploding bag of dog poop in police box See in context

How did these young men get the precious content of their poop bag? Aren't dog owners in the town of Kanagi required to collect the droppings of their pets?

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies aged 116 See in context

... he lived through over 60 prime ministers ...

IF the pace of PM "rotations" does not change, many of us may get to such a count in a shorter time than 116 Years.

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Posted in: Cybercrime ring has been attacking videogame companies for years: researcher See in context

Scary how long these things seem to be going on before being busted.

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Posted in: JR East train travels 48 kms with door open See in context

At least they had better air in there than all the other cars.

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Posted in: Denso develops pedestrian collision detection sensor See in context

Next they should invent a pedestrian collision prevention system for pedestrians. Too many people seem under the impression it is OK to move (walk) while staring at their mobile devices.

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Posted in: Why Japanese women go for fake crooked teeth See in context

It may only be a matter of time till some 'beauty' clinic(s) come up with 'enhancing' people by adding "flappyness" to their ears. kawaiiiiii , not.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

Currently 133 Comments, ... Whatever it was, self-imposed or arranged by management - looks like they succeeded with getting plenty of attention from all camps.

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Posted in: Soba Bowl See in context

I hope this has loud slurping sound as background. Else, some important part of "Japanese culture" is missing.

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Posted in: Snow hits Kanto, paralyzing transport; 267 injuries reported See in context

Mad timing, not much taxis for the daughters who have to move around in kimonos for their celebration of Seijin no Hi.

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Posted in: Why are Japanese so bad at English? See in context

... a lot of those butchered english words on TV ...

Indeed, like the whole media industry seems under the impression that all "U" must sound like "A" - thus pronouncing their work places "stadio". IT industry ... says "Linax". It's interesting that these things are not fixed, even though kind of obvious.


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Posted in: Modern-day Hachiko waits over a week for its owner in snow and rain See in context

... spotted by a local couple on Dec 4 while they were out driving.

Also, please keep your eyes on the road. We don't want to read about an accident of another elderly driver.

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Posted in: Company manager arrested for trying to kiss job applicant during interview See in context

If that "senior manager" did indeed behave as described, one can only wonder how the heck he came to that position, especially if his field of work is human resources.

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Posted in: Nori-P returns See in context

Okaerinasai Nori-P様 and Good luck!

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Posted in: 'Rent-a-Girlfriend' service offers simulated romance See in context

no money no date....

Close --> no money, no honey :p

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Posted in: Deer disappears from Aichi zoological gardens See in context

Lookout for people buying Preiselbeeren!

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Posted in: Man explains why he pulled knife on teenagers for littering See in context

... helping her, they just sat their without


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Posted in: The state of kissing in Japan See in context

Seen anti-herpes drug commercials on JP TV? They must have some reason. I know some kids who 'somehow' got infected with oral herpes in primary school(!). Maybe not kissing around but sharing same drink/food, I don't know. Also a while back even carps in JP experienced some herpes problems. But we should think positive, have a nice weekend and - happy kissing!

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Posted in: Details of Roppongi slaying emerge, but raise new questions See in context

My take on why it was 10 : Probably to obfuscate the fatal hit. Nobody can say who exactly killed the man. So the upcoming penalty will be split by 10?!

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Posted in: British plans to arrest Assange accidentally revealed See in context

He may consider a balloon or other flying thingy. By air seems the best to get around these guards. It'll be faster to accomplish than digging an underground tunnel.

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Posted in: What were they thinking when they named these products? See in context

As seen on TV, "Health products" named "Placenta"?

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Posted in: 7 things all Japanese just gotta say See in context

I never ever had anybody saying "Hello" (or "Herro") in my last 20 Years in JP BUT only something sounding like "Hallo", "Harou".

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Posted in: Lady Gaga perfume goes on sale in Japan See in context

You can write secret messages with that stuff. The receiver then sprays some antidote on received message and voilà :-)

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Posted in: Book explores cultural legacy of Michael Jackson See in context

No matter how controversy, the MJ team created a big bunch of music which rocks. I for one am looking forward to read this, as it promises other views than "fan adulation or tabloid tell-alls".

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Posted in: Japan economy 'faces same risks as Europe' See in context

... grab the chance of being a role model in the world ...

Yes, because the world wants to be like Japan, ... dream on. I think JP is still trying to ride a wave which is not there anymore. Looking at things like meltdown readiness, corporate affairs, aging population, whale research, mental state of the population, ...

Not sure what role he is having in mind though. Maybe he means a sample role of what not to do.

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Posted in: 4 students suffer burns after botched chemical experiment See in context

The last time I experimented with magnesium when the parents weren't home, it melted holes into their marmor table (after the containing ashtray split into many pieces). The purpose, watching some cool flames, was fulfilled but with unexpected side effects. It was a helpful lesson for life but could have gone wrong much worse.

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

Probably most iPod (or similar device) users are at risk then too? I mean, ... even the ones with 'small' capacity like 4GB. Is there anybody out there having 4GB of their purchased stuff only on these?

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