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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting prostitution from high school girl See in context

Having sex with an underage girl is a BIG...No...No...It's a stupid thing to do.. But why record yourself braking the law while having sex with an underage girl ??? He must have posted it some where if the police cybercrime unit found it - Got Cha .... So Kensuke Hikiji was only in the hotel room for two hours, Talk about QUICK on the DRAW why not make it an all night-er if your paying for it make it last....Because your gonna pay for it twice - First with money - Then with prison time....Not to mention the loss of your job & probably your family....

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Posted in: Man served 6th arrest warrant for drugging intoxicated woman, sexually assaulting her See in context

SERIAL RAPEST that's what you call a guy like this.... And I hope he get's life in prison without parole .... Their are so many women available & willing to have sex in Japan that their is no reason for a guy to drug a female and rape her. Obvious that this guy has serious issues ( and lets not say it's Mental Illness ) lets call it a Sick Fetish that most likely will never go away so to protect women he should be sent to prison until he dies....

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Posted in: Man arrested for soliciting sex from teenage girl See in context

So at 17 years of age she's selling herself, I see a real Bright future for this young lady .... You know the day they were suppose to meet for sex she didn't have to keep the date she could have just stood him up. Boy her parents sure have Great parenting skills ....

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to pay hotel bill for 15-night stay See in context

"Hotel staff asked Taketoshi to pay his bill several times during the nearly two-week stay, but he repeatedly failed to comply."

After the first time the hotel asked for payment and he did not comply the hotel manager should have called the police or locked him out of the room. Why wait until the hotel bill is so expensive ? The guy is to blame but the hotel should take some of the blame for this incident.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for kidnapping 9-year-old girl he met via online game See in context

This is one SICK guy.... At 3am in the morning she is in the backseat with her feet and hands bound by adhesive tape. At that time of the morning (3am) this guy was taking her somewhere to kill her and dump the body.... That little girl is LUCKY the police arrived when they did. The parents need to educate that little girl on the evil that exist in this world. GREAT JOB BY THE JAPANESE POLICE....

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Posted in: Fireman photographs female in bath; gets chased by parents and drives off with mother on bonnet See in context

What a stupid thing for two people to do, 1-Take a picture of a girl in her home shower. No mention as to weather he knew the girl or if she was a stranger to him.... 2- Jumping and holding on the hood of a vehicle while it's in motion is not a smart thing to do, easy way of getting hurt or killed. But who knows could be the mother also wanted her picture taken in the nude before the guy drove away ..... Hope it was all worth it....

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Posted in: Man shot by police after threatening them with knife See in context

21 feet is the estimated distance a guy needs to be able to pull out a knife and attack a person. At 21 feet is the distance where a police office can safely draw his weapon and shoot the the guy with the knife. But I'm sure the police and the guy were closer to each other when he suddenly pulled out a knife and threatened the police. If he was a real threat the guy should have pulled out his knife and attacked the police and not stand there threatening them. Two to Center Mass works 99% of the time & for that 1% where it dose not work put one in his Head and watch him fall like a Rag Doll. Oh Yeah !!!!

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Posted in: Man shot by police after threatening them with knife See in context

Shot him twice in the stomach ???? What The Hell is that all about, Either the police in Japan are trained to shoot for the stomach or this cop has very bad aim. As a former shooting instructor - Students are trained to double tap center mass / Chest area to eliminate the threat quickly. This cop is lucky the guy didn't stab him with the knife after getting shot.

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Posted in: Woman holding baby hit by truck on crossing; driver arrested See in context

For all the Bozo's that never drove a truck before their are many blind spots on a truck more then on a car, and you should use spell & gramma check before submitting your comment.

Now depending on the height of the truck and the height of the mother the driver may not have seen the women crossing the street. It is possible that the driver did not see the women yet she is still at fault since she was operating the truck. Hope the women and child recover without any lingering health issues.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for tossing woman’s body from bridge into Gunma river See in context

Don't know how many times the four met but if it was the first time strange how three men can decide to kill a woman they just met in person. Granted they met on a social networking site but was this the first time they met ???

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested for beating wife to death See in context

Sometimes you just have to Walk away from an argument - Regroup then try to talk it out in a calm manner. R.I.P

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to molest baby boy mistaken for girl See in context

Now that's a SICK INDIVIDUAL I hope he gets put away in prison for a long time. Hope this will teach the mother of this child to always keep her child close.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up woman’s skirt on train platform See in context

Why put yourself at risk by filming up a girls skirt when there is so much free porn on the internet. I don't get what the thrill might be. Good thing is he got caught.

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Posted in: 34 knives stolen from Don Quijote store in Ibaraki See in context

WHY take (Steal) what is not yours ??? Work for the things that you want. A person is such a SMALL person inside when they steal. I personally do not like people that steal, They just can't be trusted, and they may just steal from family & friends.

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Posted in: Man killed after car crashes into his house; driver arrested See in context

Your home is suppose to be a place where you feel Safe and are Safe. Sad Story.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict man for killing homeless woman in Ueno Park See in context

OK, So lets see if he kills again... Then the court system should be the one to blame...

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

I guess an argument started the chain of events - SO Hideaki Nozu gets his crossbow loads it and points and shoots the first family member, Why then didn't the other three family members run out the house for safety ??? Did they just wait around for their turn to be shot ??? While Hideaki was reloading they could have ran out the house, If by chance he was blocking the front door then attack him.

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Posted in: Man detained in first arrest for illegal reselling of face masks in Japan See in context

Is this really a crime ??? He legally purchased the mask then sold them at a small profit. He was not Hording the mask for himself anyway he may have been selling the mask but at least they were not used.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to steal cash card from elderly man See in context

GREAT job by the elderly gentleman ….. As for the Sex Worker I wonder if she has a Take a Number Machine like in Basket Robins & the Banks ??? Sad to say but she'll get off with a slap on the wrist and then she'll be at it again scamming another elderly person.

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Posted in: Pervert hunter arrested by Tokyo police for less-than-pure intentions See in context

Extortion cases that have taken place in the neighborhood this spring.....How does the police know this ???

So the men / victims of this scam paid these “voyeur hunters"and then reported the incidents to the police, Now that would be dumb If you paid why report it to the police, Don't understand that way of thinking. Anyway hope they catch these hunter's and the guys taking the pictures.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist imprisoned in Australia over child porn possession See in context

Deported to where ??? What country really wants him ??? If Japan is willing to take him back I hope he's put on a Child Predator list, made to register as a Sex Offender and ordered to stay away from children. Most of all I hope he's punished in prison.

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Posted in: Man arrested for confining 3-year-old son in washing machine See in context

Their is a difference between Punishment & Abuse This was Abuse by the sperm donner a real Father does not Abuse there children. A father he is not a Child Abuser he is, I hope he does not turn into a Child Molester.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for stabbing 1-year-old daughter to death See in context

Such a SAD story.

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Posted in: Woman’s body with backpack containing ¥3.25 mil and rocks found in river See in context

I guess she wanted to die and hoping to take her money with her.

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Posted in: 27-year-old man arrested for cutting high school girls’ skirts at game center See in context

“I got a thrill out of cutting their skirts.” What the Hell !!   I know there are WEIRDO's all over the world but Japan probably has sickest Weirdo's in the world.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for assaulting man outside convenience store See in context

I don't know why the 20 year old let himself get beat up by a drunk … Even if you don't know how to fight you can still grab a metal can off the convenience store shelf and hit the other guy in the head & face until he bleeds and hopefully falls to the floor so you can then stomp his head & chest.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping newborn baby’s corpse in drugstore toilet See in context

What a BULL excuse …. No Money to raise the baby … How about if you & your boyfriend get jobs.

I have no money so I'll kill my new born baby and then everything is OK. This is pre-meditated murder,  they both went  into the toilet at 1 p.m. They emerged after about 15 minutes. I doubt they both made a split second decision to kill the baby, this was planed. So the upper part of the babies body was found not the lower part SO what did they do CUT the baby in pieces and flush the pieces down the toilet ???  What a sad story ..... RIP little one.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 5,800 bicycle seats See in context

I think the Smell of the seats is what turned him on about the seats and that was the fun part ...

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for beating girlfriend to death See in context

Being jealous is just not worth it. With all the women in the world why get so attached & jealous over one woman ??  Now this guy has to deal with the legal system and probably do some jail time. He should have just put her belongings outside then put her outside and got a good nights sleep..

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Posted in: Police shoot at vehicle after driver takes off during questioning See in context

As a former police shooting instructor you NEVER fire a warning shot. NEVER discharge your weapons into the air but if you do when that bullets comes down if it hits someone you are responsible and you may face criminal charges. The first thing the cops should have done when they approached the vehicle was have the driver turn off the vehicle and place the keys on the roof of the vehicle.

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