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Posted in: Japanese women categorize male friends by levels of intimacy, from hugging to bathing See in context

I don't know who the girl in the Hot Tub is BUT I'll get in there with her ~(U)~ and turn up the Heat ....

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Posted in: China detains Japanese professor possibly for spying See in context

SO WHAT !!!!

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Posted in: 20-year-old mother arrested for biting one-month-old son See in context

Normally in Japan the girls mother spends time with the daughter helping her deal with the stress of caring for a new born baby .... So where was the girls mother ???? This is the beginning of a serious child abuse case ..

Best case scenario have family members raise the child not the mother....

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Posted in: 3 high school students arrested for assaulting, robbing man See in context

Now these teenagers will get a tongue lashing and they'll have to apologize the man and that will be the end of it. Now what their parents may do to them at home only the parents can decide that.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping high school girl on bicycle See in context

At least he was honest and admitted the string of groping incidents.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

This guy is so Sick he makes this story Funny ....

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Posted in: 7 Vietnamese arrested for stealing cosmetics, health products over 4 years See in context

pwrpeople  Is this a corrupt group or is it a product of the system that needs a major overhaul?

Bottom line is this is a group of ungrateful third world individuals who are thief's and NOT a product of the system.....

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpse of newborn son See in context

This is SO senseless .... Wasn't their a case last week when a 19 year old gave birth at home and threw the baby out the window and her brother found the body ???? Japanese parents need to talk with their children about the Birds & the Bee's and hopefully less cases like this happen.... So the 19 year old told the police there was no crying or movement from the baby when he was born and she thought he was dead. So why not call the police or ambulance instead of putting the baby in a box ???? I bet the family didn't know she was pregnant.

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Posted in: Thief steals $840,000 watch from Japanese man's wrist in Paris See in context

Not the kind of watch you take on vacation with you. Silly tourist ..... Ha Ha Ha

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Posted in: 7 Vietnamese arrested for stealing cosmetics, health products over 4 years See in context

Find them guilty put them in Prison and when they are released send them back to their country.... That's a lot of money that these stores lost just because some foreigners were to lazy to work for there living expenses... It's a shame Japan gave thes people the opportunity to better there live style buy giving them job opportunities in Japan and they pay Japan back by stealing millions of yen in products. Ungrateful pieces of crap.

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Posted in: 32-year-old railway police officer arrested for alleged sexual assault See in context

This dude is SICK and needs to get fired since he can't be trusted as a police officer, and who would ever hired him again for any type of work ???? If he's married get ready for a divorce dude. Future Homeless Man in the making .....

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for murder after throwing newborn boy from window See in context

So the way I intrepid this article "but no one noticed that she had delivered a baby" family members knew she was pregnant,  yet nobody noticed she gave birth. As quoted “the woman won’t stop bleeding” so she was bleeding heavy between her legs and nobody had a clue that she delivered the baby. Does the term Brain Dead family come to mind ??  So she's a minor and will probably get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again... Japan seems to be a Great place to commit Murder....

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting drunk bar customer who later died See in context

"Man arrested for assaulting drunk bar customer who later died" I think this should be some type of Murder charge not assault. Sure alcohol was involved in this incident BUT don't blame the alcohol blame the man drinking the alcohol. Alcohol should never be used as an excuse for the dumb CRAP people do when they drink alcohol. This happened around 11:30pm at that time of the night these guys should have been at home snuggling up with nice warm woman, Not at a bar doing dump stuff.

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Posted in: Principal, another man arrested for allegedly paying for sex with teenage boy See in context

Two men sexually together  / Two men and a boy sexually together …. That's really Nasty & Disgusting.

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Posted in: Woman, mother attacked by intruder in 5th floor apartment in Osaka See in context

I wonder if this is an X husband or boyfriend or just maybe some guy with rape on his mind but was surprised by the women so he cut them. Close your windows and turn on your A/C.

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Posted in: Bogus cop steals ¥7 mil from bank account of 75-year-old woman See in context

Why are their so many pieces of Crap in this world ??? To pray on the elderly is disgusting, you really reached the bottom of the barrel in your life when you pray on the elderly. The elderly should be enjoying their Golden years in peace. Shame on you dude.

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Posted in: Diamonds, precious metals valued at hundreds of millions of yen stolen from Tokyo residence See in context

Banks do have Save Deposits Boxes, But he may not want to pay for keeping his valuables safe. If he has insurance on his stuff he'll never receive full value for the items stolen, and if any cash was taken that's a loss. Oh well what can you say to the guy except Hope you learned a lesson here.

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Posted in: Man forgets wallet with ¥2.8 million in it on Yamanote line; cleaner who found it nabbed See in context

That must be the biggest wallet in Japan to fit that much money in it. Now I've seem people drop thing in the train - cell phones and wallets and the other people notice them but just ignore them. I myself once forgot something in the rack over my seat but reported in and within 10 minutes it was returned to me but the train staff. I can understand the guy wanted to keep the wallet - Finders Keepers Losers Weepers.

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Posted in: University student arrested over killing of woman in Tokyo love hotel See in context

I think Hiromi got lost on her way to the hospital. She left home around 3pm and told her family she was going to a hospital, Now would family be Husband, Children or does she still live with Mom and Dad ?? So she said Hospital but truly meant Love Hotel an understandable mistake.  Seems the Grim Reaper was waiting for her in the hotel room on this particular day. R.I.P. Hiromi.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

For those who do not know not all residential buildings have a building security guard.

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Posted in: Man questioned over corpse found on his boat See in context

So the man was detained last month by the Immigration Bureau for overstaying his visa. Good to know the Immigration Bureau is doing their job now the police have to do their job once the autopsy is complete they can charge this guy with let's say Murder. It's kind of obvious if this boat was anchored for two years with no contact with the owner during the two years and the body was found wrapped in a plastic blue sheet inside a wooden box on the boat it's Murder. Oh wait the person committed suicide then wrapped them self in a plastic sheet and jumped into the wooden box. No I was drunk and I don't remember. Excuses Excuses wonder which one this guy will use.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

I hope this is not another case of being Bullied at school.

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Posted in: Father drowns while trying to save 6-year-old son See in context

The boy lost his footing near the edge of the river and fell in, Miyasato jumped in after him. The boy made it back to the riverbank by himself and was uninjured. I guess his number was up. I feel for the mother and the five children. Sad story...

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Posted in: Father arrested for beating son with wooden bat See in context

I understand that at times you have to discipline a child for things that they may have done, And you have a good understanding with your child sometimes the discipline can just be a firm verbal talk, yet at times you may have to spank your child and that's understandable but hitting them with a Bat that's not discipline that's abuse. In my opinion the father should get the same discipline.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested for killing wife with hammer See in context

OK so they argued the night before, I am sure they argued many others times that's what married people do but I guess this argument was the one that broke the camel back. The son must have mixed feels about this. I hate you for killing my Mother …. I love you for being my Father. Tough situation.

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Posted in: 7 injured after taxi veers into street music event in Nagoya See in context

Well even YOUNG drivers world wide have accidents, Some purposely drive into crowds of people to hurt, kill or maim.  So this may have just been an accident regardless of the age of the driver. I don't think age had anything to do with this accident, Now some drivers young & older have vision issues when it comes to driving at night. Was his vision the problem ???

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Posted in: Woman arrested after threatening police officer with knife in Sendai koban See in context

She wanted to be arrested, Well she got what she wanted. Hope she enjoys it.

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Posted in: Suspect who used toy gun to rob 3 convenience stores arrested See in context

Got Ya !!!

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Posted in: Man arrested over drinking companion's death in Kawasaki See in context

Kawasaki is some what a rough neighborhood. I'm sure the Cops will figure this one out, Crime or accident.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for cutting woman’s hair on bus See in context

Why is it when someone does something out of the NORMAL people (Disillusioned) jump to it's a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE. How about if we forget the MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE nonsense, just cause you cut some strangers hair off does not mean you have a mental health issue. This guy did something that a regular guy would not do. He noticed some nice hair and acted on an impulse to cut some off. We are all human and we have all done some things that afterwards we thought "I shouldn't have done that" so forget that MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE nonsense.

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