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Posted in: Hotel employee held for attempted murder after abandoning her newborn baby in toilet See in context

"she didn’t know how to deal with the situation"

That makes no sense she had 9 months to figure out what to do when the time came. At least the babies health was in good condition, so she took care of herself and the baby while pregnant. What a way for the baby to start it's life ....Being discarded like trash by her own mother.... Sad Story

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Posted in: Company employee robbed of ¥10 mil See in context

Why was he leaving his residence at 09:30 with 10,000.000 yen ?? Did he keep it with him over night at his apartment ?? And who would know he had that much money with him when he left his apartment - His wife ??

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

Seems in the above comments the blame is bouncing all over the place :

extanker stated that a huge percentage of elderly drivers are a hazard....

others stated that 69 is old...

Well depending on how a person takes care of their health 69 is not old people live longer now a days and are in better health then decades ago thanks to medical research.

Only the women driving knows the real cause for the accident.

Any person who operates a motor vehicle is a hazard and can be involved in an accident at anytime, that's why it's called an accident. Now when a person operating a motor vehicle is distracted by a talking on a cell phone, texting, e-mailing, etc etc etc Now those drivers are a danger and I would rather be driven around by an elderly person who is focused on driving then a young person who is talking on a cell phone, texting, e-mailing, etc etc etc ...........

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context


This location has wide sidewalks.

Maybe by Japan standards these are wide sidewalks But not so. Japan sidewalks are very narrow compared to sidewalks in the USA and many other countries. Now these being narrow sidewalks still is no reason for Rieko Ueda, 69 to drive into the children. Time for her to start taking the Train / Bus to where ever she needs to go.

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Posted in: Male patient in his 80s found dead in hospital room with toilet paper stuffed in mouth and nose See in context

This could be a case of suicide, He may have stuffed the toilet paper into his own mouth & nose.

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Posted in: 22-month-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

So where was the mother ??? Why wasn't she holding on the her daughters hand in an area where their are vehicles in motion ??? Parenting at it's worst ...

Togashi was quoted by police as saying he didn’t see his daughter who appears to have been in a blind spot.

he hit Kokoa with the front of his car.

I know there are blind spots on the sides to the rear of a vehicle - But not in front of a vehicle. Something smells fishy about this story. RIP Kokoa

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Posted in: Man, woman killed after their car goes off cliff during police chase See in context

39 and 32 reported missing, Don't get it they are adults why would the police be looking for them ??? Now if it was reported that Ikejima had kidnaped Asami Sato then I could see why the police would be looking for them. A lot of missing information in the write up of this story. 

Sato had consulted with them about a week ago concerning trouble she was having with Ikejima.

And it seems the police did no thing to help her ??? And now she is dead thanks to Ikejima's professional driving skills. Wasted Youth.

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Posted in: Woman kept body of husband in apartment for 4 months See in context

She did not know who to contact -Bull- she just wanted to collect his retirement money. She could have contacted the police and they would make arrangements for removal of the dead body..... I understand he died during the winter (February) but hard to believe it took four months before anyone notice the smell..

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Posted in: Couple arrested over murder of 54-year-old woman in Kawasaki See in context

If the police would have forced the door open when they first visited the apartment perhaps Sachiyo Tsujimura would still be alive. I don't know what the procedures are in Japan but the police never should have left without entering that apartment and checking for signs of life.

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Posted in: 59-year-old woman arrested for killing parents in Fukuoka See in context

Sorry I clicked on POST before I finished writing.

Does the young mother fore see the future and decides to kill her baby before the baby grows up and kills her. Murder or Self Defense ??

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Posted in: 59-year-old woman arrested for killing parents in Fukuoka See in context

Wow This is sad ... To read another story where the children murder the parents. So when a young mother kills her new born baby Is she committing murder or is it  self-defense ???

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Posted in: Mother arrested over attempted murder of 11-year-old son See in context

What is wrong with this women ???? She really wanted him dead, she used a Hammer on his head then stabbed him twice. Not Mother of the year material. Well as a former single father of three Handsome sons who are all college graduates I wish the father of these two boys the best of LUCK in raising these boys. Being a single father is not difficult at all as long as you have a good relationship with your children a good routine & you keep your temper in check it's easy and enjoyable ... Hope this does not scare the little boy for life.

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Posted in: YouTuber gets 2 years in jail for assaulting, confining wife See in context

Well I'm not gonna say what he did was Right nor I'm I gonna say what he did was Wrong but what I will say is if the wife was unhappy with her husband then separate or divorce him. Don't disrespect him that's not the way to treat people or family members. Seems the guy was posting videos as a way of making income to support his family and she was mocking him on social media....Not a good women ah what did she expect would happen when he found out she was the villain making derogatory comments on videos he had uploaded. She should consider herself lucky some other guy might of slid her throat and set her on fire.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning body of infant See in context

Wherever a women gives birth if the child is still born do the right thing and CALL the police and they will respond and bring medical personnel with them. DON'T throw the body in the trash that's so cruel, Now imagine a hungry stray dog finds this baby and starts eating it. This is a story that could of had a better ending.  I wonder the cause of death.

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Posted in: 4 injured after 80-year-old man backs car into them in Osaka See in context


Here we go again. How many is it going to take?

How many is what going to take ??? I don't get it. The pedals on a lot of small car are very close together unlike the larger vehicles manufactured where the pedals are a little further apart. Now I was not at the scene of this accident but pedestrians also have to watch out for vehicles when in a congested area like a supermarket parking lot. Japan is NOT a place with a lot of room to move around in. I'm sure this was a place with little room to move around in safely. The fault for this accident can go in many directions.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man's death at care home goes unnoticed for over 10 days See in context

I understand why the facility was not obligated to make routine checks on this elderly man BUT on the other hand why couldn't one of the staff members do a little extra at work and simply knock on the door and say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening something simple just to get a response from man in the room. Where was his family during the 10 days plus this man was dead ?????

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of older brother See in context

So Yohei Koda argued with his brother over his salary he was earning and lost his temper. Well now your NOT earning a salary and you probably won't ever again earn a salary unless in prison they happen to pay you for want ever prison job you may qualify for and the pay is a few Yen per hour. Enjoy the prison life buddy. Sometimes it's better to just walk away from a heated situation.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of stabbing grandfather See in context

Violence between family members is always a sad thing. It tends to divide the family and it's not something you could put a bandage on to make it better.

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Posted in: Mother, 4-year-old daughter hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

Hiraga was quoted by police as saying he took his eyes off the lights for a second.

Yeah he was to busy texting to look at the signal lights. Daaaaaaaaaaaaa ....

For safety reasons even if the signal light is in your favor before a pedestrian enters the crosswalk they should wait until traffic stops.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police on Saitama street See in context

So I ask you was Tuesday May 28th 2019 National knife Day in Japan ?? This Idiot must of heard the news regarding the Tuesday morning stabbings in Kawasaki and thought it was now his turn to grab a knife and do some damage. GREAT JOB by the police. You never bring a knife to a gun fight, What you bring is a bigger gun then the other guy..

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

NICE JOB on the police officers part. He saved this elderly women a heartache.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of neighbor in Nagoya See in context

Police quoted Takahashi as saying there had been bad blood between himself and the victim and that he had intended to kill him.

Well was Takahashi trying to get the bad blood out of his neighbor when he stabbed him ??  

At least he was honest when he told the police he intended to kill him. I guess they will no longer be neighbor's.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

W.T.F. This guy was having a bad day and thought stabbing people & children would make his day a little bit better. This guy should have been killed on the spot.

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Posted in: Japanese man dies inflight after eating 246 cocaine packets See in context

Toasted Heretic

He didn't bring in poison. Unless the product was cut badly, of course. He tried to bring in (currently) proscribed recreational substances.

This guy was a JACKASS alright he swallowed 246 packets of cocaine and it killed him, yeah it was Poison.

Their is no thing recreational about ingesting something into your body that has the potential to end your life / kill you. You pay a high price when your in the drug business and this guy is a prime example of the price some people pay.

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Posted in: Japanese man dies inflight after eating 246 cocaine packets See in context

The term "MULE" has been used a few times. A mule is a person that transports drugs from point "A" to point "B" without any problems. This guy was a JACKASS who died in route from point "A" to point "B" and didn't deliver. I bet he won't try this stupid stunt again. I don't feel sorry for the guy he bringing poison into Japan and in turn the Poison killed him. ~(U)~

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Posted in: Man assaults wife after learning she trolled his YouTube videos for six months See in context

She betrayed her husbands trust - She got what she deserved. She should never have belittled her husband, She should never have had other people write negative comments about her husband, She should never have told her families business to others.... AKUSAI - DESHO.  So good job on the husbands side. Hopefully she learned not to betray her next husband.

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Posted in: Police arrest 15 phone scam suspects transported from Thailand See in context

GOT YA !!!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of paying 2 high school girls for sex See in context

I Don't know how the police got involved but both the girls are 17 now if they are knowledgeable enough to know about sex and preform sex acts (for Money) they too should be held accountable for their actions. They are old enough to be arrested and charged for prostitution. Granted society labels these girls as minors (BULL S..T) these girls did not have to rendezvous with this man they could have ignored him but they conspired & decided to meet him and do what they did not money. They are far from innocent...Future Red Light District Employee's of the Month...

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Posted in: Australian tourist arrested over graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto See in context

That's not ART that's just some stupid idiot destroying property. Writing the word GHOST is Graffiti not art.

Years ago In New York City the graffiti problem was so bad that anyone caught would have to clean buildings and the city trains to remove the graffiti plus pay a large fine and sometimes do jail time. He should have to clean all the locations he graffiti his name and spend some time in jail then get deported. When you visit a foreign country leave your Bad Habits in your country and respect the country your visiting.  At 23 years of age and he's doing this .... Not much of a respectable future in front of this guy. LOSER

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Posted in: Man, mother go on trial over murder of his wife See in context

If all the unhappy husbands in Japan killed their wife's new prisons would have to be built to accommodate all the unhappy husbands. I guess a simple divorce never crossed his mind. I would rather be a MURDERER then a DIVORCEE he thought.  You have your UPS & DOWNS in a marriage you just have to accept them both. What a FOOL.

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