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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl See in context

This may have happen to this young girl and should not have happened, Hope she is not scared for life. But the big picture here is He was caught, He confessed and if the legal system in Japan does it's job this guy will spend many years in prison where pedophiles are beaten as a daily routine.

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Posted in: 1 cyclist killed, another injured by car going wrong way on national highway See in context

I can't say what the cause of this accident was. No mention of the driver being drunk just driving the wrong way along a national highway. It could just be that simple he was driving the wrong way and hit the two guys on the bicycles Or it could be night blindness, issues focusing on what he's doing, lack of motor skills. Or it could be he just needed three free meals a day, free room & board, free medical so he decided to drive the wrong way and hit someone with his car and go to jail where he'll get three free meals a day, free room & board, free medical. You just never know what a person is thinking.

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Posted in: Man arrested over threat to kill woman after garbage dispute See in context

We are talking Japan now the land where some people have some weird fetishes so - Maybe this guy has a Trash Fetish.

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Posted in: Mother, 1-year-old daughter die after apparent leap from apartment building See in context


You stated "Extreme depression" & lack of sleep.

Not so in my opinion, I raised three boys as a single father and I cherished every moment as a single father.

Sure it was tough at times but that's part of being a parent, You deal with the good and the bad and move forward. Killing yourself and your child is a cowards way out. This baby was one year old so the mother had enough time to get her nurturing routine together and to over the stress of caring for the baby. She was just not a good person or a good mother. 

If person can't deal with being a parent then give your baby to someone who want's it DO NOT KILL YOUR BABY !!!  Their is always Sunshine at the end of the Tunnel.

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Posted in: Police arrest another Chinese man over 7pay fraud See in context

Well it's obvious that the company is responsible for reimbursing the money to the customers who's IDs and passwords were stolen. Negligent on the part of Seven & i Holdings Co to not have proper security measures in place prior to starting this 7pay system. As for the Chinese individuals arrested I say after prison deport them. Japan doesn't need foreigners committing crimes in Japan and making life more difficult for the Japanese people. let the foreigners go back and committee crimes in their own country.

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Posted in: Bangkok court sentences Thai woman to death for 2015 murder of Japanese partner See in context


I don't think Jacky Kennedy married Aristotle Onnassis for his money. She was a Kennedy and very well off. Sometimes opposites due attract.

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Posted in: Man calls police to report beating mother; then his house catches on fire See in context

So 10mins after the call, the police still hadn't arrived at the scene. Probably busy eating donuts on the mean streets of Isumi. Ha Ha Ha.    Not sure but Isumi maybe a country side type of area where houses are far apart and so it takes time reach certain locations.  I guess we all know how the fire started the 50 year old Mamas Boy who hit his mother with a stick started it. Hope the mother and brother have a place to stay. What a heartless son she gave birth to.

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Posted in: Man apparently kills himself after stabbing girlfriend See in context


Their are several ways to stab yourself in the back, and I'll share one with you in case you want to try it out.

You open a door and wedge the handle of a knife between the door and the door jab near the door hinges then you stand with your back in against the knife, reach out pull on the door handle trying to close the door this will tighten the knife in place then just lean back and stab yourself. But I don't think this is the case in this story, She did it.

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Posted in: Bangkok court sentences Thai woman to death for 2015 murder of Japanese partner See in context

So this retired business man from Japan married a Thai women who had her brother in law murder her husband Kazuo Yoshioka (I guess for his money) Not much of a Happy Ending for good old Kazuo. Good thing about countries like Thailand once your sentenced to death it don't take long before they do execute you. Her days are numbered.

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Andrew Crisp:

I was thinking the same thing after reading the story. At 5:55am she called the police so supposedly all this happened prior to the phone call.  I doubt if any two people are gonna wake up early morning and get into such a heated argument that would lead to a murder / suicide. I think she stabbed him in his sleep.

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Posted in: 11-month-old girl dies of heatstroke after mother leaves her in car See in context

A proxy driving service employee drove them home in Nobata's car at around 5 a.m.    

So why didn't the driver help her take the children inside her home as a good gesture  ???  Drunk while caring for your children not the mark of a good mother. At 5am children should be at home in bed asleep not in a car with a drunk mother. Hope she spends lots on lonely night in prison... You can't blame the booze you have to blame the person drinking the Booze. POOR little Kokomi ... RIP

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over intrusion into 85-year-old man’s house See in context

I think they broke into the wrong house and when they realized it was the wrong house to try and mislead the police they just took the mans phone as it were a robbery.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting flight attendant See in context

What can you say ???? He's a pervert .... Their are so many ways to properly approach the opposite sex WHY do something so stupid ???

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Posted in: Man killed in hit-and-run in Aichi Pref See in context

Could be the driver was under the influence when he hit this guy & it could be both the driver and this guy were under the influence. I know it's not the norm in Japan but the best place to drink your booze is in the comfort of your home then you don't have to drive or walk anywhere.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after rear-ending car in Shizuoka See in context

I don't know the cause of the accident since I was not there. An accident is something that happens now the chain of events that leads to an accident that is something that with Attention To Detail could possibly help avoid an accident. anyway this young boy now has to live with the Memory / Fear of the injuries he sustained in this accident. Hope he fully recovers.

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Posted in: Woman fatally stabs mother-in-law, injures husband See in context

"Woman arrested over murder of 92-year-old mother-in-law"

The above Murder Story just happened in Kamakura and now this story.  Beware it seems it's Mother In Law Hunting Season in Japan. Two down many more to go, and the next murdered Mother in Law is ???   


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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

The Freaks do come out at night, Oh I just wanted to kill someone - Well you didn't do what you wanted too you screwed up dude becoming a failure in life is all you accomplished. Enjoy your Prison stay. One less Wacko on the streets of Japan.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of 92-year-old mother-in-law See in context

This is a really sad story a women 92 years of age who has lived some many years & experienced many changes in life is beaten to death by a family member. If she was a nagging mother in law just suck it up why kill her it's not gonna make your life any better. Now comes prison time for Junko.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for strangling ex-girlfriend in hotel room See in context

YEAH :::  Ex-couples do meet up at times and have SEX with each other. It's not Weird or Revolting. Even Ex husbands & wife's meet up and have SEX. Some (not All) of the best Sex I've had was with my Ex's. That's the time when you know she's their for just one thing - Sex, so you just beat it up and she'll come back for more and that's probably what happened here they met for sex but this guy got carried away and killed his Ex. ...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after driving off with husband clinging to car hood See in context

Wow a lot of finger pointing going on in the comments above. They are living apart so in my opinion she never should have gone to his home at all. She should have requested to meet during the daytime in public and she should have had a friend as an escort / witness in case anything went wrong during the meeting.

Now this guy stands in front of her vehicle then he jumped on the hood of the car as she started to drive off  - not a smart thing to do. For her personal safety her driving away was the right thing to do, The wack job didn't have to jump on the hood of the car, it's pretty obvious he has a temper and if she would have stayed this news article may have been about a husband killing his wife.

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Posted in: Shirtless man beats male victim with ashtray and steals cash See in context

This seems kind of funny to me, half naked man beats up another man for his money. Well at least he wasn't naked from the waste down cause then I guess the article would have read pant less man beats another man with his penis (not ashtray) and then takes his money and flees.

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Posted in: Stalker mixed urine into face lotion of object of his affection See in context

Doi has already been arrested before for breaking into his co-worker’s residence, but the terms of his re-arrest for multiple break-ins through January 25 to May 17 have a chilling additional detail.

Now this guy was arrested before for multiple break-ins into his co-worker’s residence. Just wondering how any of these arrest came about. Did he confess then the arrest happened, did the co-worker find him in her house, did a neighbor see him entering the co-workers house & call the police .... Wish the article had more information. So he made a copy of her key ..... This article stated they are co-workers, So are they still co-workers after he's been arrested multiple times in the past ???? He should have been fired from his job after the first arrest. Hope he does prison time & his fellow prisoners mark their territory by smearing human POO all over Takafumi Doi...

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping girl with intellectual disability See in context

She is 15 years of age and he is 29 years old. Now even if she walked along side of him this is still kidnapping she is not old enough to consent to going away with him. This happened Saturday the 20th and they found her Wednesday so for 4 days she was with him in his home with his mother & grandmother present, Hmmmmm  didn't his mother & grandmother get suspicious when he brought this girl home with him & him keeping her in the home for several days ???? Weird family. Hope he didn't force himself on her. And he was jailed for 18 months for a similar incident.... Hope he's put away for life before he escalates to kidnapping and Murder.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for underwear theft after instant, raging attraction to another man See in context

So what was to be the final out come ? Was this pervert wanting the underwear so he could smell them, Rub them on his face, Rub them all over his body, Wear them on his head, Put them in his mouth and chew on them or just masturbate with them in hand. I guess we'll never know what this sick dude wanted them for. I hope he received a good beating when he was discovered by the victims roommate. I wonder if when being taken away by the police if this pervert told the victim  "I'll Be Back"

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

I know the mind set of Japan's society is I don't want to get involved, But when this guy entered through the door and started yelling and spraying the gasoline around that's the time when the people should have gotten involved and tackled this guy before he started the fire. For his action their should have been a reaction from the people inside the studio. Didn't this studio have a security guard posted at the entrance ????

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of woman whose body was found in river See in context

Hope no children were left without a mother over this senseless murder. Japan is not as safe at it once was.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for pouring scalding water over 11-year-old boy See in context

Do on to others as others would do onto you !!! In other words pour scalding hot water over the couple that poured the water over the 11 year old boy. Don't do to others if you don't wanted done to you. Hope they do plenty of prison time.

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Posted in: Former bar host arrested for prostituting his girlfriend in Osaka See in context

If your working as a host in a club, I do believe your suppose to earn money not go into dept. at the club.

Domeki pressured her into it by saying he might be killed if he couldn’t get enough money to pay his debts.

She should have dumped him and found a new boyfriend, His dept. is his responsibility to it off not hers.

Domeki imposed a quota on the woman to earn a minimum of 100,000 yen per day. Domeki took about 5 million yen and spent the money on his own living expenses and gambling.

This guy is a bum a real piece of crap he wanted her to sell herself and earn a minimum of 100,000 yen a day and took 5 million from her for his living expenses. So why didn't he sell himself to Gay men (Bottom up) for the money. I feel for the girl but I guess she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Posted in: Man drives off with another man clinging to hood See in context

When it comes to a lot of incidences involving a automobile, Well it seems the police always charge someone with attempted murder.

" the other man hung onto the hood and was carried along for a few hundred meters before he fell off, breaking his right leg."

Now how is this attempted murder ?? The other guy never should have jumped on the vehicle a Stupid thing to do, and now he has a broken leg cause he was stupid. I don't know what the argument was about but jumping on the hood of a car while moving is not a smart thing to do you place yourself at the mercy of the driver. he's lucky he only suffered a broken leg.

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Posted in: Grape grower gets 18 years for killing wife in Hokkaido See in context

Chie was staying at an acquaintance's home

That's another way of saying she dumped her husband for another dude. Jealousy is probably why he killed her.

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