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Posted in: 24-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-month-old daughter See in context

The best time I ever shared with my children was when they were little children. All 7 of my children are all adults now, But I wish I had more children of a young age to raise and here we are a women blessed with a little baby girl & she kills her. I'm sure it was hard for her living in a shelter and it seems she had no family support but once the smoke cleared and she got herself back on her feet she had years of happiness ahead of her with her daughter. Sad that this seems to occur so often. R.I.P Little One.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill 15-year-old girl at her request See in context

WHAT an IDIOT this guy should have contacted the police and showed them her posted message. She never should have posted such a message or went to the guys house. Glad she changed her mind and ran away. Pretty obvious she needs some help and so does he.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl detained after stabbing sleeping mother See in context

If their was no problems between her and her mother then she needs to be put away in a children's home.

She can't be trusted she just may do this again or something worse.

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An expensive brand name watch is just a accessory that some people use to indicate they are wealthy. Knock on wood for luck - I can purchase a Rolex for every day of the month if I wanted too but I prefer using the Seiko divers watch that I have had since 1982 it keeps great time, it looks good and I found the watch to boot. So why throw money away on a Brand Name watch.

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And so many wonder why the population in Japan is dwindling perhaps one reason is because so many women kill their babies. Sad that she did not seek financial help from the government or her parents, I'm sure they would have loved to have a Grandchild instead now they have a murder of a daughter. R.I.P. little one.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman escapes from detention at Narita airport See in context

A Vietnamese woman escaped while being escorted by a employee hired by a Vietnamese airline - VietJet sounds like it was all planed for her to escape .... Why was she not escorted by an custom or immigration office ????????????? Another illegal roaming the streets of Japan...

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring police officer with machete in interrogation room See in context

NOT SMART ON THE PART OF THE POLICE OFFICER. As a former police officer I can tell you,  YOU AWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SUSPECT NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM ... Because crap like this can happen. Hope all JN cops learn a lesson from this incident....

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Posted in: Man stabbed in convenience store after road rage incident See in context

Unemployed and out late at night : should be home asleep then waking up early and looking for a job not out stabbing people and stealing cell phones. Loser

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