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The problem is global and not just Japan even though globally they are in the worst situation with the population skewed more towards the elderly.

Every country has limited resources to battle the problem. A) the healthcare cost rise significantly and b) there aren't enough caretakers for everyone c) there is no known cure. Two former are due to the same aging problem. There arent't enough young people to replace the old workforce or training for the field. Pulling them from thin air is impossible. Birthrates have been low everywhere and aged outgrew the young.

That's why some plans are to improve efficiency of the staff and help remove their workload so that more can be done. Also people suffering from dementia have to be later treated in care facilities, thus creating a need for more and more carehomes which is difficult due to previous reasons. If early-onset people could stay in their homes even a bit longer, the costs for society and the caretaking staff reduces. That is why visiting doctors are needed, or why help in place (at home) is valued. We try to do the best we can to achieve the most help we can offer for these people. It's not as simple as to just 'put more people to work in healthcare'. Hope this helps.

Sincerely, A dementia assistance researcher from Finland and Japan

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