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doitsujin comments

Posted in: Yuko's style See in context

I hate her.

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Posted in: Bare statistics mask human cost of Japan’s high suicide rate See in context

IvanCoughalot at 07:12 AM JST - 31st March

What a very well-written critique.Not sure about the maths part (6people per hour= 144 >people per day = 52,560per year, rather than 32,000) but that notwithstanding, bravo Mr. >Sidell.

Trains in Japan don't run 24 hours a day.

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Posted in: What can be done to stem the suicide rate in Japan, which surpasses 30,000 each year? See in context

How about giving people a second chance? I find that the Japanese society is quite cold and merciless towards people who failed or did a mistake. If you mess up once, your reputation is gone forever. Game over. That must create a constant fear and pressure to perform well in people.

Secondly, it seems that Japanese media loves to indulge in the past. There are plenty of heroic drama series on TV praising ancient Japanese values. You would see samurai committing suicide to save their honor, etc. - I'm not sure, but is there a real public debate about social topics like this? Hard to believe, given that all you see on TV is food and silly clowns.

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Posted in: Ex-soccer player Honda, wife divorce after 6 years of sexless marriage See in context

I'm sure she has a secret gaijin boyfriend ;)

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Posted in: Blockbuster MMA event Strikeforce comes to Japan via live webcast See in context

The live stream was up. Everything was perfect here!

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Posted in: Blockbuster MMA event Strikeforce comes to Japan via live webcast See in context

Awesome! I'm gonna tune in.

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Posted in: Fishing See in context

I work right next to that pond. Always wondered how people can find fishing there cozy and relaxing.

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Posted in: Yakitori See in context

Oh boy, can food be exciting!! YESSS!!

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Posted in: Toshimaen See in context

Swimmers enjoy themselves at Toshimaen amusement park pool.

How can you swim there? Looks like everyone is just standing around (like on a train).

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Posted in: Maid-detective Saki Fukuda wants to 'clean the world of cigarettes' See in context

Triumvere at 01:07 PM JST - 15th August

I disrespect people's right to smoke. Why? Because when they get cancer, I indirectly have to cover their treatment by paying higher health insurance premiums. Not to mention that they impact the health of other people when smoking close to them. And in Japan that is very likely.

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