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Posted in: AKB48 to hold concerts at Universal Studios Japan every day starting in July See in context

bad move will attract the wrong crowd and further promote the dunbimg down of young impressionable girls

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Posted in: Y45 mil stolen from house while owners away on holiday See in context

probably petty cash for a Doctor

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Posted in: Winning logo See in context

looks like she is a high school student.. so good for her!

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Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners See in context

I saw the video taken from the mobile phone on a TV show today and it looked like the man who was being chased threw a black bag across the street. The attackers came back after fleeing the first time and searched the car and then as the police turned up they fled again. They were speculating on TV that it was drugs-related and that the bag was an important clue. Obviously the police are not giving too much information away in order to catch them. Hopefully!

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Posted in: Madonna to perform in Japan for first time in 10 years See in context

well I will be looking forward to her show

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Posted in: 1 dead, 4 injured after car plows into store in Tokyo See in context

there was no drugs or alcohol detected but he was acting erratic and aggressive just after the's a mystery RIP poor woman

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Posted in: Body of decapitated cat found in Tokyo's Itabashi Ward See in context

this also happened in Kita ku not long ago

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Posted in: Japan overturns midnight dancing ban See in context

I remember the yakuzas used to extort payments from club owners to stop dance raids being carried out. Now the yakuzas have one less reason to threaten them.

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Posted in: Cameron Crowe apologizes for casting Emma Stone in part-Asian role See in context

I wonder if anyone complained when Marlon Brando played a Japanese/Okinawan

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Posted in: Taiji mayor says dolphin hunt will still go on See in context

my local sushi guy says the dolphin meat ends up in kamoboko, the fish sausage

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Posted in: Depp storms off 'Pirates' set in pursuit of wife See in context

she is not good for him and vice versa

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Posted in: Sam Smith cancels Japan gigs over vocal hemorrhage See in context

I'm sad it was really hard to get those tickets too. I feel sorry for people who booked hotels etc for the event.

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Posted in: Fragments of human skull found in supermarket toilet See in context

It's usual to have the some of bones left intact in Japanese cremations. After the cremation the bones are picked out with chopsticks and placed in a box to be taken to the resting place.

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Posted in: 'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa reminisces over his grisly crime See in context

yes he was still "dating" probably unsuspecting foreign girls in the early 90's. My friend saw him out at a restaurant where he was dining with a young blonde woman.

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Posted in: Boy held for trying to kill goat says he was inspired by IS video See in context

I didn't know you could be arrested for "attempting to kill a goat". But anyway what will be his punishment? I hope he will get some help.

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Posted in: Father of TV personality Rola convicted of health insurance fraud See in context

I hope he pays it back

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Posted in: Kawasaki boy told friend on Line he might get killed See in context

DeDe Miura

I had a student before who was a public school teacher in Kawasaki. He said it is a pretty rough area. He said he had to even visit the home of one student who's father was mafia connected. Such a tragic story.

Kawasaki has a large "chimpira" population. I looked at an apartment there near the station but it was quite scary. I'd think twice about bringing up a kid there.

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Posted in: 'Golden horde' of Chinese shoppers descend on Japan See in context

Actually it was nice to see a whole new set of Chinese shoppers, they seemed much younger and fashionable.

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Posted in: AKB48 founder plans Japan48 idol group for Olympics, Phillipines spinoff See in context

Nooooo please don't! The Olympic will attract all the Pedos to Japan.

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Posted in: Mika Mifune, rocker husband Joji Takahashi to divorce See in context

Their "marriage" always made me feel uncomfortable

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

very fanny ....she is getting all the publicity

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

CGB Spender -"Ah the feminists again! Almost as unnecessary as the atheists! When do they realize that women and men are fundamentally different in just about every way."

I know men who are feminine and women who are masculine and some going through sex changes (in Japan) so I judge what people can do on an individual basis. Anyway most intelligent beings would rather not fight especially for corrupt governments,propaganda or religions.

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Posted in: 2 British tourists found murdered on Thai beach See in context

It has been reported that the woman had been raped and that people are not allowed to leave the island.

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Posted in: Tokyo gets a taste of authentic British fish & chips See in context

I've never had a decent "fish and chips" in London. But I will give it a go. Although authentic would be wrapped in newspaper and deep-fried in lard and not to be eaten in the shop.

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Posted in: Man on bike throws cup of urine at woman in 5th such incident since April See in context

well they will have his DNA

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Posted in: 87-year-old cyclist dies after being hit by car in Shiga See in context

An 87 year old lady riding a bicycle at 3.30 am?? Well it must have been unexpected.

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Posted in: Couple stabbed while sitting in car in parking lot See in context

150cm with long white hair and weird!

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Posted in: Tamori's 'Waratte Iitomo' variety program ends after nearly 32 years See in context

He really didn't have much competition...he needed to retire

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Posted in: Grand Hyatt to host '80s disco event See in context

We are family- Sister Sledge

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Posted in: Police caution 158 minors for using Internet to solicit dates, sell underwear See in context

shouldn't that be "used" underwear?

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