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Posted in: Rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar explodes See in context

C rap ...write a real song

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Posted in: How AI is shaping the music listening habits of Gen Z See in context

music listening habits have been hijacked , starting with itunes...then progressively with each media streamer ,thats biased to favour big fat record companies , music will never be the same . Youth attention span is less than the runoff groove on a record ...having a computer select your music ...nup. !... I like tactile ...hold ,feel, read who plays what ,who wrote what, and listen to the order the artist wants you to hear it . Yuppari ! and while Im at it .... Rap is not music ..When I interviewed Spike Milligan ...he referred to it as "C...rap ".

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Posted in: After Beatles, AI to bring Edith Piaf voice back to life for biopic See in context

Yes I agree with Roy , its Ok for The Beatles as John did actually sing that song but was masked by the piano , the AI treatment separated the voice from the piano , but using AI to create something that was never done is cheating ... trust a major record company to milk money from a deceased artist is pityful and dishonest. Yes ...let the artist rest in analogue Peace....

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

Roppongi looks good then !

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Posted in: Biggar bows out, but insists Wales' future is bright See in context

Dan Biggar will always be remembered for his unique kicking style, which he eventually changed. It takes great determination and effort to alter something as intrinsic as kicking technique, as it becomes part of your DNA from the early days of kicking the rugby ball. Not only was he an exceptional kicker, but also a talented No 10 for Wales, showcasing his passion on the field. Although that heartbreaking pass may have been tough, it doesn't diminish the thrilling moments he brought to fans. Thank you, so long Captain Dan, for your outstanding contributions and dedicated service to Wales and the game of Rugby. You will be missed.

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Posted in: Sweet emotion in Philadelphia as Aerosmith starts its farewell tour, and fans dream on See in context

wow ... what a terrific show it must have been.. despite a few glitches.. I remember seeing and meeting them at the Budokan with my buddy JJ from the band "Say When"..in Tokyo one year in the 90s...Steve and Joe were in great form powerful , emotional and inspirational ..sad to see them finish it up .

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Posted in: Japanese fishermen, locals seek halt to Fukushima water release See in context

what sort of fool would believe ANY government. these days ? they all "guild the lily" and lie wherever nessecary... If you can stack cars in a vertical car park in roppongi , then you can store water on land !

Im so sorry for the lively hoods of the fishermen and woman in the Fukushima Ocean area ...just coming good after the devastation and now another kick in the guts !

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Posted in: 100-year-old gingko trees may get ax for Tokyo redevelopment project See in context

Pathetic ...its about money not environment .Japan is losing its charm and world respect for their recent defience of peoples wishes ..fukushima water release is gross and abhorent ...what do you tell your kids when they eat fish ..we deliberately released poison into mother Ocean ..and now cutting down sacred trees..Whats next a facebook amuzment park in Ise Jingu ....wake up people !

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Posted in: City Pop: the soundtrack to Japan's boom years goes viral See in context

I must dig out my "PINK CLOUD" CDs .they were a rockin band ! ...right on CHAR ..super guitarist ..!!

so was "Fence of Defence" .... Masatoshi Nishimura ... 80s were great in japan ...bring em back hayaku !

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Posted in: Kyocera concept car See in context

Nice mag wheels , the shape looks like something Goofy would drive !

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Posted in: Tommy Lee Jones gives pandemic advice as coffee-loving alien in Japanese commercial See in context

I love it !

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Posted in: Empty Japan stadiums could soon hear the sound of app-lause See in context

We just had a Rugby League football game here in Australia with no crowd, they added in some SFX of crowd..it was cheesy and some people hated it .... it might work with Soccer but most think that adding canned laughter and applause should be reserved for game shows ... and the likes. No crowd means you can hear the referee and calls from the players ... I reccon thats gold ! But in Japan fans sending in their cheers they recorded ... well I guess you have hikari speeds on internet but what quality will recordings be ? and of course you'll end up horsing around with your phone longer than actually enjoying watching the game ..

Ive been to Rugby games in Tokyo , when a kicker is attempting a goal conversion you could hear a pin drop ..

theres noone shouting out LOLLI LEGS !!! Good on ya Yamaha for putting it together but I dont think I would enjoy that ... Diet sessions ...yeah bring it on , I would enjoy shout ing out at them !

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Posted in: Joseph caught in middle of spat between World Rugby and JRFU See in context

I am appalled sazar are still running rugby in our apart of the world , they are biased and unfair. Fancy kicking out japan in the very year they host one of the best rugby world cups ever ...in Japan. I support Joseph and his views ... Get with it sanzar or go play with the 6 nations. RUgby is flourishing in Japan and we love the Blossoms and the Sun wolves ..please don't be so urusai ...Yuppari

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Posted in: Abe lays wreath at Australian war site in Darwin, 75 years after bombing See in context

Good on ya Abe ! Hajimete tokubetsu !

thank you

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Posted in: Mie nights See in context

The Dahlias are the biggest Ive ever seen anywhere , just ask my Dar !

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Posted in: Lift-Off Film Festival​ returns to Tokyo​ on April 18 See in context

What ever happened to the Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival...it was one of the worlds greatest sci fi festival ... I rememeber the Shibuya Pathenon theatre ... it was back in the 1990 s oh well ..

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Posted in: Warning area expanded as Mt Shinmoe continues powerful eruptions See in context

Excellent Foto !! well done

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Posted in: Review: Jimi Hendrix studio archives plucked for new album See in context

Rock on Jimi !

ebisen...go buy it ..don't rip it... You critisizing the Hendrix estate , pitiful , in the next breath your advocating piracy ? All those tracks need to be mixed and mastered ..that all costs .. Dude

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup 2019 mascots See in context

OMG ..WTF???? next there will be a girlie group called nice ruck !

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Posted in: Brigitte Bardot slams #MeToo 'publicity-seeking' actresses See in context

Good on ya Brigitte, !

we could all learn much about sexual harrasment from Brigitte, I reccon she must have been "hit on " in her time ..finally someone comes out and talks sense about this issue

Hollywood is full of switch hitters and charletans, do anything to improve their chances ..in film game

Harvey Weiner is just a predator in a power position , and should be bannished , Im not sure about the rest of the people who have been attacked. Next we will hear the pope has been fondling people . anyway Good on ya Brig

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Posted in: Regulator urges release of treated Fukushima radioactive water into sea See in context

Do you just love the Mayor's comments Yukiei Matsumoto, mayor of Naraha town near the Fukushima plant, Fuketa said, "It is scientifically clear that there will be no influence to marine products or to the environment" following the water release. O honto ni ? ...outa sight outof mind ? more lies from government officials.

The next thing will be two headed octopus's and glow in the dark wakame coming out of the kuroi current .

Its the main body of water for fishing along japan's east coast ..sounds a bit nieve to me ...

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Posted in: Marvel joins long tradition of Hollywood productions flubbing details when setting scenes in Japan See in context

agree ..thats wierd Marvel should be inconsiderate about design for a Japanese "look", when they know that japan is always a good market .. I guess the production designer hasnt spent much time in Roppongi in the good old days . And I agree strongly with Toasted Heretic, 007 You only live twice is a beautiful example of charming Japan in the 60s ... I love that film and watch it every time theres a Bond festival on TV.. "Do You like Japanese Sake Mr Bond or would you prefer vodka martini ?" ..."oh no I like Sake ... especially when its served at the correct temperature 98.4degrees farenheit like this is !" .."for a European , you are exceptionally cultivated ".... thats cool !

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Posted in: Osaka High Court rules Takahama nuclear reactors can restart See in context

I thought Japanese government was smarter than this ! One more nuclear accident and that's it for life in nihon...gommen

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Posted in: Japan's rugby team bank on business of winning See in context

Right on saitamasimon,

Bring on the sun wolves and promote them. ! Ikimasho asobimasho masho masho

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Posted in: ANA expands customer service center hours and languages See in context

Also good to see ANA flying into Australia again..... Good work Zen Nikku

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Posted in: Does kangaroo meat work with Japanese seasonings? See in context

I often travel into outback Oz , I've eaten at roo shooters camps ..it's good .. One guy who has been shooting Roos for over 30 years told me , he has never seen a kangaroo with cancer ! Unlike when he worked in the meat industry in an abattoir, cattle can have cancerous growths on them ...think about that next time you eat a burger from lot fed cows ! In short , I don't eat it often , but it is delicious and sustainable .. And humainly produced. If you've not tried it ..don't knock it ...there are more kangaroos than people in australia ... They are not endangered.. Or in other people's countries ...and certainly not like whales. It kept Australian Aborigines fed and tooled for 40,000 years ..so please think again and give it a whirl !

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Posted in: Japanese rugby star Goromaru made a ninja master See in context

He is a very good goal kicker .with a cool style .! I wonder who will take on the duties for the "Sun Wolves "when they enter the Super Rugby in February 2016 .....who knows ? Maybe Shintaro might step up ...or okami no gensai either way we sure look ford to seeing them in action...I hope to read more rugby stories here on japan today ikimasho !,

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Posted in: Kanna Hashimoto does 'stupid-cool' tricks for commercial, requiring over 600 takes to get it right See in context

lucky they didnt use film .....

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Posted in: No trace of 7 Japanese divers missing off Bali See in context

I too have snorkelled there , several years ago , the currents are swift , the under drag is dangereous , we went along a gap between Nysa lembongan and Nysa penida , I'm not sure what it's called , but it was scary we hugged the rocky edge and could see dark shadows below us.. The warm water of the north meets cold upwelling s , they say the tiger sharks sit there and feed on things washing thru ...I was told later that many divers get into trouble there. As they cruise along and then get sucked down into the abys of the deep ...it's perilous. I sure hope this channel didn't take this group.. I just left bali and yes the rain was biblical at times .

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Posted in: Japanese becoming increasingly sophisticated wine consumers See in context

Visited kofu Yamanashi last year , lucky to be invited to try wines at a local Winnery, was pleasantly surprised, imported some to australia to accompany Japanese food .. Unfortunately it wasn't exciting enough . Kochu is subtle and delicate and goes really well with seafoods But , a good Hunter valley verdello Was more exciting to the palate for customers even tho, I strongly reccomend you try the Koshu it's interesting as is the history of the grape in japan... There seems too much wine dumped into japan , for less than than ¥600 you can buy terrific Spanish , Chilean French even Aussie wine . No wonder there are so many drunks ....cheers. Hic

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